[How much sugar is added to whipped cream? How much sugar is added to whipped cream]

[How much sugar is added to whipped cream? How much sugar is added to whipped cream]

Because the price of animal cream is much lower than vegetable cream, animal cream is generally selected when making desserts. In fact, animal cream is also called light cream.

And because there is no sugar in the light cream, you need to add some sugar to pass the light cream.

However, in the process of passing whipped cream, there is a certain limit to adding sugar. The following article will introduce to you in detail how much sugar to add when passing whipping cream.

This is mainly a matter of personal preference. You can send it as low as 20 grams, and it is not recommended to exceed 50 grams.


Light cream generally refers to animal cream that can be used to send mosaic flowers. The small content is generally 30%?
36%, after being solidified, the cream on the cake is decorated.


Compared to plant butter, animal whipped cream itself does not contain sugar, so add sugar when passing.

Appropriately the same as vegetable cream, but the melting point is lower than vegetable cream. It can be used to make cream cake, ice cream, mousse cake, tiramisu, etc. If you add some when making bread, it will also make the bread softer.

Storage: Unopened cream can be stored for one year at -18 ° C and two weeks at 2 ° -7 ° C.

Unwhipped cream cannot be thawed and frozen repeatedly during storage.

Otherwise, it will affect the quality of the cream.


The temperature before the cream is higher than 10 ° C, and lower than 7 ° C will affect the stability and volume of the cream.

After gently shaking the cream, pour it into the mixing tank. The temperature of the liquid cream should be between 7 ° C and 10 ° C, and the capacity should be between 10% and 25% of the mixing tank.

The volume of whipped cream will increase by 1?
2 times, that is, 100ml of whipped cream, can reach 200ml after passing.

According to the pastry chef’s experience, add 15 grams of powdered sugar for every 50 grams of plant whipped cream and 30 grams of powdered sugar for every 50 grams of animal whipped cream.

Light cream passing steps: 1. Place frozen light cream at 0?
Thaw at 3 ° C; skip this step for liquid whipped cream.

2. Prevent whipping cream in dry containers without water or oil.

3. Place the container in ice water.

4. After adding the powdered sugar, use an electric whisk to beat.

5. The whipped cream can be used as cake decoration.