Initial exposure: Yoga instructor is mostly Mr. Nan Guo

Initial exposure: Yoga instructor is mostly Mr. Nan Guo

The reporter recently discovered in an interview that when more and more people seek tranquility from yoga in order to escape the impetuous atmosphere of the city, yoga itself becomes impetuous.

  -Fitness consultants: There are only a dozen good coaches in Shanghai. According to Wen Wei Po, “Shanghai now has almost two or three hundred yoga instructors, but only a dozen are really good.

Most coaches come quickly.

At the Shanghai Yoga Fitness Club on Wanping South Road, fitness consultant Wei Limin told reporters.

According to him, there are only two or three institutions for training yoga instructors in the Shanghai military army, but almost all fitness centers have yoga classes.

  -Crash Course: Can be completed in 5 days According to reports, in order to meet the needs of the market, yoga instructor training has almost no biology, and the cycle cannot be shorter: 20 lessons in one to two months is already longNow, if you choose intensive training, you can also graduate after completing 30 lessons in 5 days.

  The content of the training course includes yoga knowledge, breathing methods, basic movements, course planning and teaching techniques.

According to Wei Limin, even if only the first three items are studied, only 20 to 30 class hours are enough for an ordinary person to complete the entry level.

  Wei Limin himself became a coach after practicing yoga for six years, but he is also currently setting up such a crash coach training class. In his training class, less than 20% of the books have a yoga foundation, and more than 50%The book is a physical or aerobics instructor sent from various fitness centers, and will also serve as a yoga instructor after school.

  -Academic papers: There is a quick result of spraining the neck with the coach. Many coaches teach yoga as aerobics, only movements, not breathing.

Song Qing, a yoga instructor at Noble Center, said that for yoga, good looks are secondary, and regulating breathing is the most important.

But now many coaches themselves do not master the breathing method of yoga, they can only work hard on the movements; scholars have become dizzy, even for practitioners, a fitness center in Shanghai has experienced a coach with a textbook to practice a handstand, which has sprained the textbook.Something like that on the neck.

  -Large class teaching: Sometimes even the coach can’t hear anything. Wei Limin and Song Qing both said that aerobic exercises are the more lively, the better, yoga is the opposite. Small classes with less than 10 people can guarantee the quality of teaching.

However, too many fitness centers in Shanghai treat yoga as an ordinary fitness class. Large-class teaching is common. At most, there are even 50 scholars in a class. They learn the same content regardless of the basics.The coach couldn’t hear anything.