Causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy

Causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy

The pathogenesis of abdominal pain in pregnancy is mainly cell block and dysfunction of qi and blood.

If you do n’t pass, it hurts to be true, and if you do n’t, it hurts.

Common types are blood deficiency, deficiency, and qi depression.

  First, pregnant women with blood deficiency have corpuscular blood deficiency, or excessive blood loss, or insufficient blood source for spleen deficiency, and blood deficiency is deprived of blood cells, causing abdominal pain.

Medical `Education Network Collection and Arrangement 2. Deficiency cold pregnant women have yang deficiency, yin and cold endogenous, can not produce blood and blood, and their blood vessels are lost to warmth. It also causes qi and blood to run poorly, their blood vessels are blocked, and abdominal pain occurs.

  Third, qi stagnation pregnant women are usually depressed or emotionally injured, qi stagnation causes poor blood flow, cell blockage, and pain when they do not pass, which leads to abdominal pain.