Jade Bird: Microfiber Yoga Towel (Grape Purple)

Jade Bird: Microfiber Yoga Towel (Grape Purple)

Market price: 160.

00 Brand Name: Beijing Jade Bird Specifications: Length: 1.

8 meters wide: 63 centimeters: Weight: 500 grams Product color: Grape purple Load-bearing safety: 200 Applicable people: All product materials: 100% microfiber cloth towels, using international high-tech nano-microfiber DTY (fineness 0.

1Dtex, fineness is only 1/10 of fine silk) finely woven, the amount of water absorption and speed is 10 times that of cotton towels, and the durability is 4 times that of cotton towels.

Soft and comfortable feel, bright color, no breeding of bacteria, no odor, no ball, no hair loss, no shreds.

  Product introduction: Jade Bird Microfiber Yoga Towel, also known as portable yoga mat, because the towel is light in weight, easy to hit, outdoor yoga, mountain yoga, seaside yoga, hot yoga, etc. If it is not convenient to bring ordinary PVC yoga mats,You can bring a towel, tile it on the ground or grass, or on the beach. You can do yoga on it, and you can easily do yoga on it. Because the microfiber towel has super absorbent capacity, the effect of hot yoga is more obvious.With.

  Note: Use neutral detergent, wash the shades separately.