Ginger is the best way to cure sore throat


Ginger is the best way to cure sore throat

Chinese medicine believes that ginger is a good medicine that can cure sore throat.

Now that the seasons change, people are susceptible to colds.

Too many people are often accompanied by a sore throat when they catch a cold. This does not prevent the use of ginger to relieve the pain.

Ginger is the best choice for sore throat and often works immediately.

  The ingredients in ginger kill the cold-causing virus.

You can cut the ginger into ginger and put it in a cup, pour it in boiling water for about 5 minutes, and filter out the ginger soup.

If you don’t like the spicy flavor of the ginger soup, add some honey.

  The effect of ginger water is similar to mint water. Mint leaves are chopped, brewed with boiling water, and filtered mint water is useful for treating nasal congestion and throat pain.

Similarly, honey can be added to mint water to taste.