Analysis of divorce

Analysis of divorce

When women are weak, it is a social custom for husbands to divorce their wives. When women start to grow stronger, their husbands also have the idea of divorcing their wives.

In addition to the fact that I have made multiple cases of husbands and divorces, I began to think about this question: Maybe men can only afford women they can afford?

Maybe they are unwilling to accept challenges from women?

Maybe . Interpretation of the mood: Withered roses in spring . When I rushed to the consultation center, she was already squatting by the flower bed, like a blooming peony, which was particularly eye-catching.

  Before speaking, Ono was already in tears, and she was facing painful consequences. One of the choices: whether to go back to Shanghai after May Day, or to fly back to the north to reunite with her parents as soon as possible.

  Since meeting Li Yu a few years ago, Ono’s heart is no longer his own. He smiled and acted for him.

In Ono’s eyes, Li Yu is a good young man without shortcomings: He is gentle, gentle, considerate, hard-working, and everything is good. As long as he looks at him, she can be excited for a long time.

Students found that as long as Li Yu was there, there would be Ono not far away.

  Li Yu is a typical only well-off baby son in a well-off family in Shanghai. He has a strong petty bourgeoisie and pays attention to the quality of life. He is as clean as a girl.

Of course, he can feel that there are more tails and shadows behind him. No matter how restrained he is, it is difficult to resist the girl’s enthusiastic attack. Soon they will “pat”.

A Sven-held Shanghai man and an excited and restless northern girl walking in the shade of the campus, like ice cream on a hot summer day, are delicious.

  Their love was unequal in the beginning. Ono saw him as everything in his life, but in Li Yu’s heart, this love was only the enlightenment of his life. It felt good, but it was far from the unforgettable heart.

After half a year, the first test came. After graduation, Li Yu insisted on returning to his hometown in Shanghai, and Ono had no room to follow him to Shanghai.

Ono didn’t want to leave Li Yu for a moment, but the parents and family were experienced, and they could feel the thinness and casualness of their son, so their relationship had always been in doubt.

When they saw Ono like a sail full of wind, it was impossible for them not to sail, and they had to let it go.

  Back to Shanghai is an important turning point in their relationship and the inevitable result of this love.

Li Yu loves his own life more. He cannot stay in the north for Ono, and Ono does not hesitate to give up everything for love, let alone go to Shanghai?

Ono heads south for love, and the love tragedy begins.

  Living in a middle-class family in Shanghai seemed to Ono like he had entered the alien world.

As a result of the North Orange planting, she could not adapt to everything except Li Ye’s feelings.

While waiting for a job, Ono worried about making several phone calls a day, making Li Yu very annoyed, and he was slightly negligent, and Ono chased more and more closely.

Li Yu doesn’t care much about Ono’s career. He wants to make some achievements by his own efforts, but Ono doesn’t care about Li Yu’s achievements. What she thinks is how to make love shine.

Only for half a year, Li Yu felt that he was about to be choked by Ono’s love. He said to Ono: We are appropriate, let’s break up . Ono seems to be ready. She just cried and sobbed silently, saying:I have a hunch, sooner or later there will be such a result, I will not rely on you, I just want to have a chance to feel, will your love return . Li Yu is also sad, but there is no way to force himself, they agreed, Ono movedGo home, rent a house nearby and live alone, let the distance test the “love” of both parties.

For two years, Ono turned into a “call girl”. Li Yu visited when she had a temperament, and occasionally called her back. Every few months, Li Yu would ask Ono if he was ready to divorce, and every time he asked,Ono’s heart hurts like a knife.

Her hopes are being lost every day. When going through the holidays, Li Yu hurriedly said that if he did not divorce again, he would no longer come to see her.

  When Ono came to me, he hadn’t seen Li Yu for a week. Ono didn’t know whether he should divorce or continue to wait for the love that had been so angry.

I asked Ono, knowing that love would never return, why begging for more harm.

Ono raised his wrist to show me, and said, “If there is no hope at all, why would he buy me such a valuable gift?”

That dangling bracelet emits a dazzling white light, saving the last love fantasy.

I told her: the bracelet is a memorial to forget, and he wanted to use it to cushion the tragedy of the abandoned.

  Ono, like every visitor, had an answer in his heart before he came. They came to seek confirmation and support.

  Ono actually knows that this is an irreversible love, and dragging it down will hurt each other too much.

Ono did not resent Li Yu very much, she just refused her fate.

Ono decides to divorce, and the rest is simple. She just ca n’t decide who to spend the holiday with, Li Yu and her family, or return to the north with her parents?

I know she went to ask Li Yu, and he answered right and cool: What does it matter where to eat!

But Ono said, I really want to eat this last holiday meal, and I ‘ll call them mom and dad for the last time, and make the couple at the last minute at the end of spring . Then, tomorrow, will it be more hurt and more painful?

Now that he was so heartless, what was that kind of lingering for!

  Ono said he would go back and think about it.In the evening, Ono told me her decision. She was already on the plane and she decided to go back to the north for the festival.

But my holiday was not a good one, because I care about Ono and the infatuated woman she encountered like her.

  Psychological exploration: This is a sign of civilization when men are concerned about their feelings of marriage.

In the eyes of women, men have always paid more attention to “sex” rather than feeling.

Many of the questions asked by female college students during the lecture were “Why boyfriends always go straight to the subject”.

As the saying goes: Women ask for men, interlayer paper, men ask for women, interlayer mountain.

These phenomena are understandable in an era of poverty that only requires wives and offspring. In today’s big cities in China, the male middle class is beginning to pursue the spiritual feelings of marriage, love and sex.It is a transcendence of the materialized society, and it is also the appearance of paying attention to the quality of life.

  To get along with “feeling men” safely is to understand them, they are a family that desires emotions and more spiritual independence.

They are more of a new generation of only children or freelancers, middle managers of foreign companies and other middle classes with annual salary between 100,000 and 300,000.

The stressful work pressure removed the veil of their gentlemen, and their modest salary gave them a psychological space longing for independence and freedom.

Their progress is that they no longer treat women as weak and have higher requirements for women.

  Their characteristic is that they want to be concerned, but they are not willing to be relied on. They care about independent psychological space.

They also need passion, but oppose the control of that primitive, alive love.

They don’t like the lingeringness of women, and they are not accustomed to tyrannical domineering. The yearning for the two is intelligent, gentle, and simple.

  It’s very sensible to get along with sensory men.

Although they have requirements, once they get along in harmony, they live a passionate and intelligent life.

Although, this is a bit of a hassle for women who are spoiled by men.