Find the object, choose the one that feels clear

Find the object, choose the one that feels clear

Two subjects, it is difficult to choose Xiao Qing’s expression of embarrassment when she entered the consulting room.

Xiaoqing said she was divorced for one year, and her ex-husband wanted to remarry again.

However, an accomplished real estate agent is now pursuing her.

  ”Why divorce your ex-husband?

“” He’s so childish, being with me is like being with his mother. ”

I don’t know what responsibility is.

“” What attracts you to him?

“” Humor, relaxed.

“What is the real estate attraction for you?”

“” Profound!

I love his words so much.

The most important thing is that it is not vague and can be implemented.

He came here with one’s own thoughts, and has achieved little success.

There is also something uncomfortable with him: he has not divorced his wife, he has given me less time, and is busy every day.

Xiaoqing also told me that she had lived alone since the divorce.

“The most uncomfortable is loneliness.

I always felt a very familiar man, walking around with his huge body, thinking of disappearing without it?

“When it comes to Xiaoqing crying.

  Treatment: Feeling who overcomes the sense of security realizes that for Xiao Qing, who has not yet learned to be alone, the real estate agent is not suitable for her.

Xiao favors because of the freshness, but forgets that life needs to live down.

But this fact has to be derived from her, and I can only do guidance.

  I asked Xiaoqing to close her eyes and imagined that there were two people sitting in front of her: one was her ex-husband and the other was a real estate agent.

“Look, who of the two of them makes you feel more secure?

Xiaoqing thought quietly, “My ex-husband.

“They are somehow different?”

“The ex-husband is smiling, very clear and very kind.

The face of real estate developers is very vague and unclear.

“” Imagine yourself holding the two of them, who makes you feel more solid? ”

“” Still ex-husband.

“I asked Xiaoqing to open her eyes and ask her if she would like to be separated from them and cause a final appearance.

Xiaoqing agreed.

  Three months later, Xiao Qing came to my consultation room, and she looked much refreshed.

She said the real estate developer had no courage to talk to his wife about divorce.

“He always wanted to send money to my card to dispel his guilt.

Where am I to spend this money?

“It didn’t take long before the ex-husband came to her.

Xiao Qing and her ex-husband seriously dealt with.

After another three months, Xiaoqing called and said she would remarry her ex-husband.   Conclusion: Finding what you need most In the above case, the main confusion of the protagonist Xiaoqing is that he doesn’t know exactly what he wants.

In the face of her ex-husband, Xiao Qing feels that humor is important; in the face of real estate developers, Xiao Qing also thinks that thought and money are also important.

But she didn’t understand what she cared about most.

When I helped her discover her fear of loneliness and her thirst for security, she found relative peace.

If she just blindly turns around the needs of the periphery, Xiaoqing will have a hard time making a choice.

Therefore, it is important to find the need that is most central to you.