[How to make a large slice of beef hot pot]_The correct way_How to make

[How to make a large slice of beef hot pot]_The correct way_How to make

Beef hot pot is very common at our table. When we entertain distant guests, there will surely be a famous dish of beef hot pot at the dinner.

There is a reason to say that it is a famous dish. The taste must be very good. People who have eaten it will never forget it.

What is the practice of large beef hot pot, I believe many people will be curious.

I will introduce it at the beginning, interested friends can try it.

Beef hot pot is a dish. The main ingredients are beef, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and chives.

You can remove the pork leg bones and put them in the pot, and boil the soup with white radish.

50 grams of sharp red pepper and 200 grams of white radish.

1,000 grams of skinned beef.

50 grams of vegetable oil, 3 grams of salt, 8 grams of MSG, 5 grams of chicken essence, 10 grams of oyster sauce, 20 grams of hot pepper sauce, 20 grams of cooking wine, 20 grams of ginger, 50 grams of garlic seeds, 5 grams of star anise, 5 grams of cinnamon, whole dried peppers30 grams, 2 grams of pepper, 20 grams of red oil, 10 grams of sugar, 500 grams of fresh soup.

Method 1, burn the skinned beef, wash it, cook it in the pot until it breaks, remove it and cut it into 4 cm long, 2.

5 cm wide and 0.

5 cm thick tablets are ready for use.

2. Cut the tip of red pepper and cut into 1 cm length; cut the garlic seeds; cut the ginger into thick slices; peel the white radish and cut into thick slices of the same size as the beef.

3. Place the pot on a hot fire and sauté the oil until it is 60% hot. Stir-fry the beef until the skin is bubbly, add spices, ginger slices, stir-fry the whole dried peppers, cook the cooking wine, and fry the water.Add fresh soup, add refined salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, oyster sauce, hot girl chili sauce to taste, add sugar and hue, pour into the pressure cooker for 12 minutes, then select spices, whole dried pepper, ginger slices for use.

4. Place the hot pot on the hot pot, add the red oil, add the garlic seeds, and the red peppers ring the fragrant, pour the beef with the juice into the pot, and then collect the thick soup.Within.

Tip 1, dipping sauce can be customized according to personal taste.

2. Amaranth meat must be cooked to prevent the entrance of harmful substances such as parasites and bacteria.

3, be careful to burn your mouth, it is best to remove the dipping sauce and put it in a bowl before eating to prevent burns to the mouth and esophagus.

4. If necessary, add noodles and cook as staple food.

Cooking Techniques 1. Douban sauce has salt, so be sure to use a moderate amount of salt.

If you add less, you can add more. If you add more at a time, it can’t be restored. 2. If you don’t plan to eat hot pot, then in the last step, just put the radish on the stove and boil the radish.