Don’t let your face love hormones

Don’t let your face “love” hormones

The medication became “Guan Gong” in January. Ms. Ma, in her early 40s, had itchy skin on her face one month ago and had small patches of redness.
After checking the information online, she found that the situation was very similar to the symptoms of some dermatitis, and she immediately went to the pharmacy to buy a tube of ointment.
At the beginning, “immediately”, not only did it not itch, but the small erythema also seemed to show signs of receding.
Ms. Ma was overjoyed and insisted on smearing every day.
However, the situation is not long, and the medication has not been eradicated for several weeks. It seems to be more serious: there is a faint red thread on the face, and the entire face can be described by the word “transparent red”, and the skin becomes better than beforeThe erythema was roughened and roughened.
Ms. Ma hurried to the dermatology examination of the hospital and was told that she had “hormonal-dependent dermatitis”. The culprit was the tube of ointment.
  Improper use of “losing face” After long-term and extensive use of hormonal topical drugs, the skin will be hormone dependent, which is called “hormonal-dependent dermatitis”.
Hormone topical drugs have many side effects on the skin. Of the whole body skin, facial skin is the most sensitive to hormones and has the most side effects.
  For example, Ms. Ma’s skin telangiectasias after long-term use of such topical medications, that is, “bloodshot” symptoms on the skin, and some people even have dark spots and wrinkles. This makes the skin’s condition very poor,Some patients will stop using hormones, but dermatitis may occur as soon as they are stopped. At this time, patients use hormones for external use . This will start and end again, forming a “strange circle”.
  The minor cause of “hormonal-dependent dermatitis” that Ms. Ma is suffering from is the corticosteroid ointment she has been using for a long time.
This kind of medicine is the most commonly used external medicine in dermatology. It has the advantages of convenient use, low price, good effects on various dermatitis and eczema, etc., and it is welcomed by patients.
Many patients with dermatitis and eczema are considered minor illnesses, so there is no need to go to the hospital for treatment. It is enough to go to the pharmacy to buy a tube of this kind of topical ointment and apply it, even on facial skin diseases related to “face”Consider their potential hazards, which often have serious consequences.
  In patients who have been diagnosed with “hormonal-dependent dermatitis”, hormones are generally discontinued immediately and treatments such as cold facial spraying are used.
For individual patients with severe illness, a gradual reduction method can be adopted, and oral anti-allergic drugs or traditional Chinese medicine can be used for treatment.
If necessary, infusion treatment.
Patients usually avoid bitter and spicy foods while avoiding alcohol.