Is your health a red light to you?

Is your health a red light to you?

Radiation from the computer screen, poorly seated posture, and keeping a close eye on the computer screen. Although these are not like the life and death symbols in “The Eight Dragons”, they make you irritably irritable, but they erode your body little by littleAfter a few months, you will experience the following symptoms.

  ● Neck, shoulder, and wrist soreness If you use the same posture office or the Internet continuously for several hours every day, you will definitely be confronted by the collective protest of the neck, shoulder, and wrist because you make the neck and shoulder muscles tense, and even the wristThe nerves of the joints were oppressed.

  Therefore, these will use the following weapons to protest you: sore neck and shoulders; intermittent tingling of fingers and palms, tingling (some thumbs, index and middle fingers are more numb), and the feeling of tingling is in sleepFractures occur immediately after waking; palms, wrists, or forearms often feel pain; uncomfortable and painful when fractured thumbs; fingers and hands are weak in severe cases.

  ● Some women think that if you stare at the computer screen without rest, at most, your eyes will be stunned the next day, and the more serious is that myopia is deepened, in fact, you are too young to see the temper of your eyes.

  After being oppressed for a long time, your eyes will use “dry eye disease” to protest, specifically, stinging, dryness, foreign body sensation, itchy eyes, red eyes, fear of light, tears, etc., and severe corneal opacities and ulcers, Vision loss, and even blindness.

Because when you stare intently at the computer, the number of blinks per minute changes only as normal, the function of the tear film is affected, the eyes become dry, and over time, they become “dry eye disease.”

  ● If skin allergies are asked whether the most important thing for eyebrows is their own skin or work, I believe that 99% of people will choose skin.

But once they work, most of them have left their skin behind.

The static electricity generated by the screen radiation is most susceptible to dust, and as the screen temperature rises, a chemical called “triphenyl phosphate” will spill out. This is a flame retardant and an allergen.

Therefore, if you face the screen for a long time, the skin will quickly lose moisture, freckles, blackheads, and rough and yellow skin, and severe skin allergies and itching.

  ● The increase of “fire” beauty is similar to the appearance of Crayon Shin-chan’s blush and thick neck. What happens when OL sits for a long time is the oil on the toilet.

Rough skin, poor elasticity, freckles, irritability, and minor hemorrhoids are all the causes of constipation.

Even so, long-term constipation can easily cause colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids, hypertension, diabetes, and so on.

  ● The birth of a lifebuoy dinosaur is remembered by many OL crushes. With the computer and the Internet, there is a sense of achievement of “strategic planning, winning thousands of miles away”. Sitting in a chair can work and play.

However, people’s laziness is inertia, the more lazy the more they do not want to move. Over time, the lower body circulation and metabolism are poor, there will naturally be more life buoys on the small belly, and the slight forces of the thighs and buttocks will also quietly counterattack.Can’t get in.