Body acupuncture and acupuncture combined treatment of convulsions

Body acupuncture and acupuncture combined treatment of convulsions

Convulsions are common emergent states of organic or functional abnormalities of the central nervous system in children.

The clinical manifestations are sudden loss of consciousness, gaze, upturned or strabismus in both eyes, head tilted back, facial muscles and limbs showing tonicity or clonic convulsions.

It usually resolves itself after a few seconds to several minutes, and there are recurrent or persistent attacks.

There are two types of infectious and non-infectious according to the cause. Acupuncture is mainly used for the former.

  Acupuncture is used to treat convulsions. Modern reports first appeared in the mid-twenties.

Since the founding of the PRC, articles in this regard have been published.

In terms of treatment, body acupuncture is also the main method. High fever and convulsions combined with pricking blood can improve the curative effect. Acupuncture combined with massage can also achieve better results.

Absolutely, more in-depth research on the objectiveization of curative effect. By comparison with drugs, the time to cough is obviously better than acupuncture.

At present, the effective rate of acupuncture to control convulsions is above 95%.

  [Treatment]Body acupuncture (a) (a) Acupoints: Acupoints: Shuigou, Yintang, Houxi Tolau Palace, Yongquan, Hegu.

  Acupoints: Quchi, Shao quotient, four seams, Dazhui, Zusanli.

  (2) The main method of treatment is to take the main points, take 2 or 3 points each time, and add points according to the changes of the condition.

All needles were inserted by rapid puncture.

Gully, the needle tip penetrates up to a depth of 0.5 at a 30-degree angle?
1 cm, using a high frequency, large twist twist method.

If the effect is not obvious, add other points.

Among them, the Houxi acupoint can penetrate to Laogong obliquely, twist and add a small lifting, and then stimulate the needle.

The same method was used in the remaining points, leaving no needles.

In addition, Yintang, Shaoshang, and four seams can be punctured with triangular needles, and the amount of bleeding is generally as large as mung beans to soybeans.

If the convulsions persist, the needle can be left.

1-2 times a day.

  Body acupuncture and massage (a) acupoints: acupoints: divided into 2 groups.


Acupuncture points: Quchi, Hegu, Shixuan, Dazhui, Taichong, Yingxiang; 2.

Massage acupoints: 膻 中, body column, acupuncture points within 2 inches.

  Acupoints: Phlegm, stunned, dizzy, Kalo Palace, Fenglong, Mouthpiece, impose Fengfu, Lianquan.

  (2) The main acupuncture points of the treatment method are combined with body acupuncture and massage.

Acupuncture operations: Quchi, Hegu and acupoints, rapid acupuncture, no needle retention, and the remaining points were punctured with triangular needles.

Massage operation: The doctor holds the child’s limbs with his left hand, making the palms of the children large or small, and the small fishes as the point of focus. At the positions of the above points, perform slight rubbing (using egg white as a lubricant), and wait for local dense, The thin thorns contained in the skin.

1-2 times a day.
  Body Acupuncture (No. 2) (A) Acupoints: Baihui.

  Acupoints: Shixuan, Quchi, Dazhui, Ditch, Taichong, Interline, Four Seams.

  (2) The main method of treatment is the main acupoint, and according to the disease, acupoints are added.

Baihui, use the 28 number 1.

5 inch stainless steel needles, pierce the needle body 2/3 along the scalp, and leave the needles for 6 hours.

Acupoints, in addition to four slit points and ten Xuan acupoints to puncture blood.

The remaining points were strongly stimulated without leaving needles.

1 time daily.
  Ear acupuncture (1) Main point for acupuncture: round 6.
  Acupoints: screen tip, margin.

  (2) Governing the acupoint area first by disinfecting with 2% iodine tincture, and then using 75% alcohol to remove iodine, No. 28 0.

The 5-inch millimeter needle wheel has 6 acupoints. Hold the ear and the tip of the needle with your left hand, and twist the needle handle several times with your right hand.

Acupuncture points are added for those with severe symptoms, the method is the same as above.

Twice the ears each time, on both sides, 1-2 times a day.

Experts remind me that drug whitening is more assured_1

Experts remind me that drug whitening is more assured

In spring, when you look in the mirror, you will find that your skin tone is obviously dull or even black, and the spots on the nose and cheekbones are particularly dazzling.

Whitening has always been the highlight of skin care.

Among the whitening products launched this year, our skin experts have recommended several cosmeceutical products for everyone. Then friends will ask, what is cosmeceutical product?

  The difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics: What is the same “makeup” name, what is the difference between placing it in a pharmacy and placing it on the counter?

In fact, the biggest difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics is that their formulas always try to be streamlined and contain no pigments, fragrances, preservatives or even surfactants, and the content of active ingredients is higher, targeted and effective.Sale of cosmetics.

It is different from the cosmetics on the counter: 1) Pharmacy cosmetics are under the supervision of the drug regulatory agency and require stricter requirements. After multiple inspections, cosmetics of unknown origin cannot enter the drug store.

  2) As long as the pharmacy is equipped with a pharmacist, the practitioners are also graduated in medicine, and can provide consumers with free and professional medical and cosmetic consulting services.

  3) “Go to the pharmacy to buy skin care products”. Now some consumers may feel more confused, but some people have already begun to try, and even in some more open cities, they have become a fashion for urban women.

This has a lot to do with the promotion of manufacturers. The pharmacy itself is safe and a trustworthy image is also a key factor for consumers to accept it.

  4) Pharmacy cosmetics is a combination of “medicine” and “makeup”. This does not refer to its ingredients, but to its sales channels. Why is it that “medicine” and “makeup” are sold together?

Because many skin diseases can not be solved by external products alone, and some non-serious skin problems do not need or consumers are unwilling to go to the hospital, when buying cosmetics in the pharmacy, you can ask the pharmacist to recommend some drugs for internal use.
  Closer to home, let’s return to the problem of combating melanin. Tang mainly reminds everyone that while ensuring effectiveness, the current dark spot suppression products have given safety and naturalness first.

In order to avoid harm to the skin, the products for upgrading and prevention generally adopt natural ingredients that have no irritation to the skin and no complications. Active ingredients can be extracted from plants, which can be absorbed faster, and also have better metabolism.

Jade Bird: Microfiber Yoga Towel (Grape Purple)

Jade Bird: Microfiber Yoga Towel (Grape Purple)

Market price: 160.

00 Brand Name: Beijing Jade Bird Specifications: Length: 1.

8 meters wide: 63 centimeters: Weight: 500 grams Product color: Grape purple Load-bearing safety: 200 Applicable people: All product materials: 100% microfiber cloth towels, using international high-tech nano-microfiber DTY (fineness 0.

1Dtex, fineness is only 1/10 of fine silk) finely woven, the amount of water absorption and speed is 10 times that of cotton towels, and the durability is 4 times that of cotton towels.

Soft and comfortable feel, bright color, no breeding of bacteria, no odor, no ball, no hair loss, no shreds.

  Product introduction: Jade Bird Microfiber Yoga Towel, also known as portable yoga mat, because the towel is light in weight, easy to hit, outdoor yoga, mountain yoga, seaside yoga, hot yoga, etc. If it is not convenient to bring ordinary PVC yoga mats,You can bring a towel, tile it on the ground or grass, or on the beach. You can do yoga on it, and you can easily do yoga on it. Because the microfiber towel has super absorbent capacity, the effect of hot yoga is more obvious.With.

  Note: Use neutral detergent, wash the shades separately.

Laying in bed for 9 minutes

Laying in bed for 9 minutes

Comb your fingers for one minute. Use your fingers from your forehead to the back of your head to comb them in order to enhance blood circulation in the head and increase blood flow in the brain. It can prevent cerebral vascular disease and make it dark and shiny.

  Laying in bed in the morning is a common problem for girls. Teach you how to do these laying beds to ensure you are refreshed and effective!

  Comb your fingers for one minute. Use your fingers from your forehead to the back of your head to comb them in order to enhance blood circulation in the head and increase blood flow in the brain. It can prevent cerebral vascular disease and make it dark and shiny.

  Gently rub the ear wheel for one minute with both fingers to gently rub the left and right ears until the fever is comfortable. Because the ears are covered with acupuncture points throughout the body, the channels are cleared through the meridians, especially for tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness and other symptoms, which have preventive effects.

  Rub your nose with your thumb for one minute, tap your teeth and roll your tongue, reset the roots and gums, and activate your teeth.

Rolling the tongue allows the tongue to move freely and increases its sensitivity.

  Extension and flexion of the limbs through the extension and flexion movement for one minute, the blood quickly returns to the whole body, provides sufficient oxygen and blood for the cardio-cerebral system, can prevent acute and chronic heart and cerebrovascular diseases, and strengthen the muscles of the limbs and small joints.

  Gently rub the navel for one minute with the palms of both hands alternately rubbing the navel for one minuteAlternate with palms of both hands

Qingmo also has a refreshing effect.

  The abdomen and anus can be repeatedly contracted for one minute to raise the anus, which can enhance the contraction of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, and prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  Stepping on the soles of the feet for one minute and alternately stepping on the soles of the feet with the feet to make the soles feel warm.

It can accelerate the whole body blood circulation after stroking the soles of the feet, and has the effects of living meridians, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and reassuring the mind.

  Turn left and right for a minute and turn gently on the bed to move the large spine joints and waist muscles.

Change skin care in spring and summer

Change skin care in spring and summer

The weather is not cold, but the skin always loves something wrong this season.

The reporter learned from the hospital’s dermatology department that the number of patients in the dermatology clinic increased, especially patients with skin allergies accounted for about 30% of the outpatients. Jiang Yi, director of the dermatology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, believed that the recentMore allergies.

Spring is blooming, and people who love beauty take off their heavy winter clothes.

After trying some clothes at the mall, some people developed allergies of varying degrees.

  As soon as the jeans are worn, the whole body is itchy and the weather is warm. When there are discount activities in the mall, many beauty people begin to put on summer clothes.

However, some people tried to wear panties in the mall, and it did n’t take long for their skin to start to itch. When they caught a piece of red, Miss Sun directly put on the newly bought jeans, and the next day they felt the skin below the waist, especially with theThe skin that touches the wrinkles of the legs of the jeans is the most itchy. Is it a new jeans allergy?

Available in a tightly packed package and looks quite clean.

  Reason: Jiang Yi, director of the dermatology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, believes that the production and replacement of clothing is very cumbersome, such as cotton and linen in raw materials. In the planting process, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used to prevent pests and plant viruses.Various chemical residues will remain in cotton and hemp fibers.

Existing harmful substances such as phosphors and free formaldehyde in new clothes can cause skin irritation, eye discomfort, and cough.

  Suggestion: When you choose clothes, smell and look at the colors.

If the clothes emit a pungent odor, it means that the residual amount of harmful substances such as formaldehyde is relatively high, it is best not to buy.

When choosing colors, it may be best to use light tones, so that the risk of formaldehyde exceeding the standard will be less.

Citizens do n’t immediately put on new clothes when buying new clothes. No matter what kind of clothes they are, there is too much bacteria and harmful substances on them. It is best to open the new clothes in a timely manner to dry for 1-2 days, or soak in water, add clean and wash before wearingSo as not to cause allergic problems.

  Allergic reactions caused by pollen fly flocculation have recently declined. A layer of sycamore tree hairs is always paved on the ground of the main road in Nanjing. Just in the past few days, the tongs of French tongs have floated down and fell down. After some people were disturbed by the hairs, they felt their necks.The neck, face and eyes are uncomfortable. People who are allergic in nature suffer even more when they go out. Master Wu, a citizen, recently had rhinitis, pharyngitis and allergic dermatitis.

  Reason: At the turn of spring and summer, pollen, dust and flying flocculation in the air, Director Jiang Yi believes that these things generally cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, twisting, throat cough, or skin redness, itching, and other symptoms.

Especially at the beginning of the spring and summer alternation, the skin is often in a sensitive state to be excited. If you are not careful, you may have headaches, itching and tightness, and it may also cause erythema, wind masses, pimples, etc.Scratching can lead to rough skin and dandruff.

  Suggestions: Citizens should pay attention to the following aspects in their lives: drinking water regularly, maintaining adequate sleep, paying attention to strengthening nutrition, frequently massaging the skin and skin, maintaining a comfortable mood, and using appropriate cosmetics.

Once skin irritation occurs, first stop all cosmetics, allow the skin a buffer time, wash your face with water, do not use or try to use skin care products, generally, after a few days, the redness will disappear, if the situation does not improve, should be as soon as possibleSeek medical attention and don’t use drugs in disorder, so as to prevent your illness from worsening your life and work.

Ginger is the best way to cure sore throat


Ginger is the best way to cure sore throat

Chinese medicine believes that ginger is a good medicine that can cure sore throat.

Now that the seasons change, people are susceptible to colds.

Too many people are often accompanied by a sore throat when they catch a cold. This does not prevent the use of ginger to relieve the pain.

Ginger is the best choice for sore throat and often works immediately.

  The ingredients in ginger kill the cold-causing virus.

You can cut the ginger into ginger and put it in a cup, pour it in boiling water for about 5 minutes, and filter out the ginger soup.

If you don’t like the spicy flavor of the ginger soup, add some honey.

  The effect of ginger water is similar to mint water. Mint leaves are chopped, brewed with boiling water, and filtered mint water is useful for treating nasal congestion and throat pain.

Similarly, honey can be added to mint water to taste.

Bitter Gourd Soybean Chicken Pot Heat Relieves Heat

Bitter Gourd Soybean Chicken Pot Heat Relieves Heat

Cantonese people use bitter gourd as a soup in summer. Because of its bitterness, it is refreshing and not greasy. After eating, it feels cool and comfortable.

At the same time, it is bitter, but it does not pass on the bitterness to other materials that are added to the soup or sauce, and absorbs its odor, making the soup particularly refreshing and delicious.

Today’s soup is good for chicken feet with bitter gourd and soy beans. It also has the effect of clearing heat, cooling off heat and moisturizing, suitable for all ages.

  Materials: 500 grams of bitter gourd, 100 grams of soy beans, 3 pairs of chicken feet, 150 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking system: Wash everything.

Bitter gourd diced, soy beans soaked, chicken feet removed, cracked, pork lean cut into pieces.

Put the clay pot together and add 2500 ml of water (about 10 bowls). After boiling the fire, change to a clay pot for about 2 hours, then add salt.
For 4 people.

Essential reading: Three breathing methods of yoga

Essential reading: Three breathing methods of yoga

The breathing of yoga advocates uses the entire lungs to breathe. The lungs resuscitate excess cosmic energy to the body, promote the heart’s blood circulation, and send energy to all parts of the body through the bloodstream.

It gently massages the tibia and the organs in the abdomen, enhances its function, fully relaxes the body and mind, and has obvious substitute benefits for human health.

Proper yoga practice must begin with breathing exercises, not with asanas.

There are several methods of correct yoga breathing: Chest breathing method: When slowly inhaling, inhale the gas into the upper area, the sternum and ribs are expanded, and the residual should be kept small.

As you inhale, your abdomen should tighten inward.

When exhaling, slowly remove the turbid air from the lungs, and the ribs and tibia return to their original positions.

  Abdominal breathing method: When inhaling, slowly inhale the fresh air into the bottom of the lungs with the nose, transfer the deepening of the inhalation, the diaphragm between the upper and lower and the abdomen will descend, the internal organs will move downward,Will slowly rise like a balloon.

When exhaling, the abdomen is inwardly tightened towards the spine, and the diaphragm is raised naturally, completely exhausting the turbid air in the lungs, and the internal organs recover.

  Complete breathing method: It is a correct and natural breathing that combines chest breathing and abdominal breathing.

When gently inhaling, first inhale the air to the bottom of the lungs, the abdominal area rises, and then the air fills the middle and upper parts of the lungs. At this time, the transition from abdominal breathing to chest breathing.

When you have inhaled to the maximum capacity of both lungs, you will notice that the abdominal wall and lower ribs are extended and only slightly moved.

Exhale, in the reverse order, first relax, then relax, then exhale, then intentionally tighten the abdominal muscles inward, and gently contract the lungs.

The entire breathing is a very smooth movement, like a wave that gently moves from the abdomen to the middle of the chest and then to the upper half of the chest, and then fades away.

  After a period of asana with the correct breathing method, pay attention to the changes of your body and mind, and your body will tell you the true feelings.

If you have good Tremella, please refrigerate it and lose nutrition after eating it all at once

If you have good Tremella, please refrigerate it and lose nutrition after eating it all at once

Tremella fuciformis, also known as white fungus, is not only a valuable tonic, but also a medicine for righting and strengthening. It is known as the “crown of bacteria”.

Chinese medicine believes that Tremella has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, nourishing lungs and promoting fluids, and refreshing qi.

In addition, tremella vitamin D can prevent calcium loss and is very beneficial to growth and development.

Tremella has the effect of removing melasma and freckles on the face. Women’s long-term food can nourish skin and skin, and the effect is comparable to bird’s nest.

  However, the practice of Tremella is much simpler than bird’s nest. Cold salad, porridge, and soup are similar. Tremella and jujube, lotus seeds, wolfberry, longan and other foods work better together.

  It may be that the good white fungus should be used up at one time, and the rest should not be stored in the refrigerator for refrigerating, otherwise the white fungus will be fragile and cause a lot of loss of nutrients.

Cooked white fungus should not be left for too long. Under the decomposition of bacteria, the nitrate contained in it will be reduced to nitrite, causing serious harm to the human body. Therefore, no matter how delicious the white fungus food is, it cannot be eaten.
Tremella is usually foamed with cold or warm water. The time is 2-3 hours, which is based on complete foaming. After foaming, pick up impurities from the roots and wash with water once to cook.

A few tips to quit smoking easily

A few tips to quit smoking easily

To many people, smoking is just a personal habit. It is unknown that smoking is essentially a tobacco-dependent disease.

There are many ways to quit smoking. In the boring quitting process, using some tips in a timely manner may make your quitting journey more complicated.


hzh{display:none;}  照镜子检查牙齿是否发黄  窍门1、在随身携带的小镜子上贴上自己肤色黯淡、牙齿发黄的照片。Seeing it, maybe some of your smoking hands flinched.

  Tip 2: Put the money you want to buy in a piggy bank, one day, one month, one year. Use the money to reward yourself, buy a piece of Chinese clothing, buy some luxury goods, or change your lifestyle to enjoy life.

  Tip 3. Find something (other than food) in your hand.

In your spare time, try to do something, some do handicrafts, home repairs, gardening, and even crossword puzzles.

  Tip 4. Discard negative thoughts.

Look forward to a better life without tobacco, and don’t focus on how difficult it is to quit smoking.

  Tip # 5: Collect all your cigarette butts in a large transparent glass bottle and take a look every day to cultivate your aversion to smoking.

  Tip 6. Do not carry tobacco and its counterparts, and place them in a place that is not easily accessible.

Throw away all tobacco, lighters and other smoking equipment.

Create a clean, fresh, smoke-free environment at home and at work.

  Tip 7. Choose a smoke-free environment.

Enjoy outdoor activities or go to non-smoking places such as libraries, museums, cinemas, shops or churches.

Go to a restaurant for dinner and try to sit in a smoke-free area of the restaurant.

  Tip 8. Go to the dentist and remove the plaque left by smoking to keep your teeth white.