5 Tips To Easily Settle Your Picky Baby

5 Tips To Easily Settle Your Picky Baby

1. Most parents who manage refrigerator cabinets know that food and nutrition affect health, but refusing to buy unhealthy food may require better self-control.

Don’t let your child be full of fried foods, pickled foods, processed foods, sweets, sugary drinks, etc., because these foods contain a lot of aunts, salt, sugar and additives, which will not only affect growth and development, but also become a child’s health killer.

Think about it, how can children refuse to be tempted when refrigerators and food cabinets are full of sweets, biscuits, soft drinks, and instant foods?

  Try to change the environment and place fresh and natural healthy foods, such as low-fat fresh milk, low-sugar yogurt, low-fat bread, sweet potatoes, multi-grain biscuits, whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, so that children naturally come into contact with fresh and natural ingredients, therebyBecome a habit that can overtake unhealthy food over time.

  2. Add creativity to food to prepare healthy food and bring creativity!

If the parents feel that the healthy diet is monotonous, boring and unpalatable, then the child may also have the same reaction. How can the child receive a healthy diet?

Parents can try to change the type, shape, color, cooking method, and even the choice of tableware, which may have unexpected results.

In addition, children like to decide things on their own. Involving children in food preparation and design can also improve food acceptance.

  3, adjust the atmosphere to arrange for some children to run around during breaks or play toys while watching TV, in this case, not only destroy the atmosphere created, and the child does not know what they ate, norKnow how much to eat.

This can easily lead to children not recognizing the need for meals and switching to snacks.

  After arranging the appropriate replacement time and fixed replacement space, parents should insist on but not destroy the atmosphere, ask the child to abide by the rules of substitution, let him understand the essence of substitution, and concentrate on eating.

  Correcting with your family is a good learning situation, but you must avoid criticizing food or picky eaters in front of your children, killing them to learn good alternative etiquette and imitating eating behaviors.

In the process of changing your child’s behavior, remember not to use snacks as a reward or exchange condition, such as giving a candy after eating, so as not to lose power and damage the healthy food environment that has been hard to build.

  4. Parents put down their preferences. The diet of young children has always been a big problem for many parents when they raised their children. If you can put down the pressure and face it with ease and correct attitude, you can avoid falling into a tense situation of parent-child relationship.

  In terms of food selection and cooking arrangements, please give up your preference for food first, and try to arrange 6 kinds of fresh and natural foods (milk, grain rhizomes, meat fish beans and eggs, vegetables, etc.) in your child’s environment.Fruits and fats), make healthy meals for kids to choose from.

If the food is rejected by the child, don’t be discouraged and angry, follow the child, use other foods of the same category first, and then use some creativity to change the supply model to increase the child’s acceptance of the food.

  It is the parent’s responsibility to create a pleasant and healthy eating environment for the child!

In such an environment, children have been exposed to a variety of healthy foods since childhood, and they have naturally developed a diet that is not partial to food, replacing the basis for future health.

  5, choose the green light food with the “go green light, stop red light, yellow light be careful” concept to remind you to choose healthy food.

  Green light foods contain essential nutrients for the human body, which are good for health and suitable for daily selection, including natural and original foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and rice.

  Yellow light food contains essential nutrients for the human body, but the content of sugar, oil or salt is slightly higher, and it should be replaced as appropriate, such as fried rice, burger, etc.

  Red light food only provides instant food, sugar, fat and salt are too high, and other nutrients are very small, which can only be satisfied occasionally, such as soda, chocolate, donuts, potato chips, etc.