Change skin care in spring and summer

Change skin care in spring and summer

The weather is not cold, but the skin always loves something wrong this season.

The reporter learned from the hospital’s dermatology department that the number of patients in the dermatology clinic increased, especially patients with skin allergies accounted for about 30% of the outpatients. Jiang Yi, director of the dermatology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, believed that the recentMore allergies.

Spring is blooming, and people who love beauty take off their heavy winter clothes.

After trying some clothes at the mall, some people developed allergies of varying degrees.

  As soon as the jeans are worn, the whole body is itchy and the weather is warm. When there are discount activities in the mall, many beauty people begin to put on summer clothes.

However, some people tried to wear panties in the mall, and it did n’t take long for their skin to start to itch. When they caught a piece of red, Miss Sun directly put on the newly bought jeans, and the next day they felt the skin below the waist, especially with theThe skin that touches the wrinkles of the legs of the jeans is the most itchy. Is it a new jeans allergy?

Available in a tightly packed package and looks quite clean.

  Reason: Jiang Yi, director of the dermatology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, believes that the production and replacement of clothing is very cumbersome, such as cotton and linen in raw materials. In the planting process, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used to prevent pests and plant viruses.Various chemical residues will remain in cotton and hemp fibers.

Existing harmful substances such as phosphors and free formaldehyde in new clothes can cause skin irritation, eye discomfort, and cough.

  Suggestion: When you choose clothes, smell and look at the colors.

If the clothes emit a pungent odor, it means that the residual amount of harmful substances such as formaldehyde is relatively high, it is best not to buy.

When choosing colors, it may be best to use light tones, so that the risk of formaldehyde exceeding the standard will be less.

Citizens do n’t immediately put on new clothes when buying new clothes. No matter what kind of clothes they are, there is too much bacteria and harmful substances on them. It is best to open the new clothes in a timely manner to dry for 1-2 days, or soak in water, add clean and wash before wearingSo as not to cause allergic problems.

  Allergic reactions caused by pollen fly flocculation have recently declined. A layer of sycamore tree hairs is always paved on the ground of the main road in Nanjing. Just in the past few days, the tongs of French tongs have floated down and fell down. After some people were disturbed by the hairs, they felt their necks.The neck, face and eyes are uncomfortable. People who are allergic in nature suffer even more when they go out. Master Wu, a citizen, recently had rhinitis, pharyngitis and allergic dermatitis.

  Reason: At the turn of spring and summer, pollen, dust and flying flocculation in the air, Director Jiang Yi believes that these things generally cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, twisting, throat cough, or skin redness, itching, and other symptoms.

Especially at the beginning of the spring and summer alternation, the skin is often in a sensitive state to be excited. If you are not careful, you may have headaches, itching and tightness, and it may also cause erythema, wind masses, pimples, etc.Scratching can lead to rough skin and dandruff.

  Suggestions: Citizens should pay attention to the following aspects in their lives: drinking water regularly, maintaining adequate sleep, paying attention to strengthening nutrition, frequently massaging the skin and skin, maintaining a comfortable mood, and using appropriate cosmetics.

Once skin irritation occurs, first stop all cosmetics, allow the skin a buffer time, wash your face with water, do not use or try to use skin care products, generally, after a few days, the redness will disappear, if the situation does not improve, should be as soon as possibleSeek medical attention and don’t use drugs in disorder, so as to prevent your illness from worsening your life and work.