Four children having cold and fever diet

Four children having cold and fever diet

(1) Sucrose porridge: Wash the blue fresh sugarcane and squeeze 100 ml of juice, 100 grams of rice, cook with water to make porridge, eat 2-3 times a day.

  The last thing to highlight is that for children who have a loss of appetite when they have a fever, do not force them to eat. They should be allowed to eat naturally. When they feel obese, they should not eat water during the period, and they should pay attention to water supply.

  (2) Watermelon Juice: Fresh watermelon, deseed to pick the coriander, squeeze the juice, and frequently serve tea.

If the fever is not accompanied by other symptoms, you can eat a small amount of cold drink such as ice watermelon juice to help cool down and diuretic.

  (3) Oatmeal porridge: 30 grams of Ophiopogon, decoction and juice.

Use 100 grams of previous rice, add the right amount of winter wheat juice and rock sugar when cooking half-cooked.

  In this cloudy and sunny season, children are most likely to have a fever and a cold. Here are some special dietary methods that will help your child have a fever. You can choose according to the specific situation.

  (4) a lotus leaf porridge: a fresh lotus leaf, wash about 500 ml of soup, use the filtered lotus leaf water to add the previous 100 grams, the amount of white sugar to cook porridge, eat morning and evening.