4 slimming porridge detox, dampness and dampness in spring

4 slimming porridge detox, dampness and dampness in spring

Introduction: Porridge is a good food for weight loss. Girls who want to lose weight can consider all kinds of slimming porridge.

Not only can control your own calorie supplement, but also can absorb the sufficient amount of nutrients your body needs.

The following editors recommend 4 health-saving slimming porridge products, so that you can easily eat out without getting fat.

  Red bean barley porridge ingredients: red beans 60 grams (186cal), barley kernels 60 grams (210cal), red dates 12 (120cal), water amount, a total of 516cal.

  Practice: 1.

After washing the red beans and coix seed, soak them in water for 30 minutes.


Wash the red dates, cut them in half, and remove the seeds.


Add soaked red beans, barley kernels and red dates to the soup pot, pour in an appropriate amount of water, and cook over low heat until cooked.

  Editor’s comment: Red beans and barley kernels are beneficial for water and dampness, can help you eliminate edema, and then use red dates instead of sugar, is an ideal diet food.

Simple and easy to try anytime, and this porridge is more suitable for dinner or dessert.

  Sanren beauty porridge materials: 250g of rice, 4 black bone eggs, 30g of peach kernels, 50g of sweet almonds, 50g of white nuts, 30g of Chinese wolfberry, appropriate amount of rock sugar, and a small amount of salt.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the goji berries for later use.

Peach kernels, almonds, etc. are ground into fines and set aside.


Before the rice was washed, put it in the casserole, add peach kernel, almond powder and ginkgo, moderate amount of water, boil over high heat and use wenhuo congee.


When the porridge is ready, break into the eggs, add wolfberry, sugar, and salt and mix well.

  Editor’s comment: This porridge can moisturize the bowels, delay aging, and is a very nutritious porridge.

MM to lose weight can also try, can not only be able to lose weight, long-term eating but also further health care.

  Buckwheat salty porridge materials: 1 cup of hulled buckwheat grains, 8 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of shrimp, 1 pound of oysters, 1 tablespoon of celery grains, 3 small grains of shallot, 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of MSG, a small amount of sesame oil.

  Practice: 1. Wash buckwheat kernels and soak in hot water.

  2. Hot oil pan, sautéed red shallots, boiled shrimp and boiled water, add soaked buckwheat grains, add oyster seasoning after buckwheat grains are cooked, sprinkle with sesame oil after rolling, sprinkle with celery grains.

  Editor’s comment: Buckwheat can deposit in the wide intestine, diarrhea is cloudy, and it is rich in supplementary fiber. The taste is also very delicious.

Weight loss MM can be eaten often.

  Mulberry porridge ingredients: three mulberries, six dollars for rice, and moderate sugar.

  Method: Wash the mulberries and wash them.

Simmer rice with moderate amount of water, boil over high heat and add mulberry.

  Editor’s comment: Mulberry is rich in trace elements and vitamins, which can nourish the intestines and blood; together with mulberry, it can nourish liver and kidney, nourish yin and nourish blood, and is very effective for constipation. It can also fight aging and prolong life.

The method is simple, even the MM who can not cook can often eat.

Analysis of divorce

Analysis of divorce

When women are weak, it is a social custom for husbands to divorce their wives. When women start to grow stronger, their husbands also have the idea of divorcing their wives.

In addition to the fact that I have made multiple cases of husbands and divorces, I began to think about this question: Maybe men can only afford women they can afford?

Maybe they are unwilling to accept challenges from women?

Maybe . Interpretation of the mood: Withered roses in spring . When I rushed to the consultation center, she was already squatting by the flower bed, like a blooming peony, which was particularly eye-catching.

  Before speaking, Ono was already in tears, and she was facing painful consequences. One of the choices: whether to go back to Shanghai after May Day, or to fly back to the north to reunite with her parents as soon as possible.

  Since meeting Li Yu a few years ago, Ono’s heart is no longer his own. He smiled and acted for him.

In Ono’s eyes, Li Yu is a good young man without shortcomings: He is gentle, gentle, considerate, hard-working, and everything is good. As long as he looks at him, she can be excited for a long time.

Students found that as long as Li Yu was there, there would be Ono not far away.

  Li Yu is a typical only well-off baby son in a well-off family in Shanghai. He has a strong petty bourgeoisie and pays attention to the quality of life. He is as clean as a girl.

Of course, he can feel that there are more tails and shadows behind him. No matter how restrained he is, it is difficult to resist the girl’s enthusiastic attack. Soon they will “pat”.

A Sven-held Shanghai man and an excited and restless northern girl walking in the shade of the campus, like ice cream on a hot summer day, are delicious.

  Their love was unequal in the beginning. Ono saw him as everything in his life, but in Li Yu’s heart, this love was only the enlightenment of his life. It felt good, but it was far from the unforgettable heart.

After half a year, the first test came. After graduation, Li Yu insisted on returning to his hometown in Shanghai, and Ono had no room to follow him to Shanghai.

Ono didn’t want to leave Li Yu for a moment, but the parents and family were experienced, and they could feel the thinness and casualness of their son, so their relationship had always been in doubt.

When they saw Ono like a sail full of wind, it was impossible for them not to sail, and they had to let it go.

  Back to Shanghai is an important turning point in their relationship and the inevitable result of this love.

Li Yu loves his own life more. He cannot stay in the north for Ono, and Ono does not hesitate to give up everything for love, let alone go to Shanghai?

Ono heads south for love, and the love tragedy begins.

  Living in a middle-class family in Shanghai seemed to Ono like he had entered the alien world.

As a result of the North Orange planting, she could not adapt to everything except Li Ye’s feelings.

While waiting for a job, Ono worried about making several phone calls a day, making Li Yu very annoyed, and he was slightly negligent, and Ono chased more and more closely.

Li Yu doesn’t care much about Ono’s career. He wants to make some achievements by his own efforts, but Ono doesn’t care about Li Yu’s achievements. What she thinks is how to make love shine.

Only for half a year, Li Yu felt that he was about to be choked by Ono’s love. He said to Ono: We are appropriate, let’s break up . Ono seems to be ready. She just cried and sobbed silently, saying:I have a hunch, sooner or later there will be such a result, I will not rely on you, I just want to have a chance to feel, will your love return . Li Yu is also sad, but there is no way to force himself, they agreed, Ono movedGo home, rent a house nearby and live alone, let the distance test the “love” of both parties.

For two years, Ono turned into a “call girl”. Li Yu visited when she had a temperament, and occasionally called her back. Every few months, Li Yu would ask Ono if he was ready to divorce, and every time he asked,Ono’s heart hurts like a knife.

Her hopes are being lost every day. When going through the holidays, Li Yu hurriedly said that if he did not divorce again, he would no longer come to see her.

  When Ono came to me, he hadn’t seen Li Yu for a week. Ono didn’t know whether he should divorce or continue to wait for the love that had been so angry.

I asked Ono, knowing that love would never return, why begging for more harm.

Ono raised his wrist to show me, and said, “If there is no hope at all, why would he buy me such a valuable gift?”

That dangling bracelet emits a dazzling white light, saving the last love fantasy.

I told her: the bracelet is a memorial to forget, and he wanted to use it to cushion the tragedy of the abandoned.

  Ono, like every visitor, had an answer in his heart before he came. They came to seek confirmation and support.

  Ono actually knows that this is an irreversible love, and dragging it down will hurt each other too much.

Ono did not resent Li Yu very much, she just refused her fate.

Ono decides to divorce, and the rest is simple. She just ca n’t decide who to spend the holiday with, Li Yu and her family, or return to the north with her parents?

I know she went to ask Li Yu, and he answered right and cool: What does it matter where to eat!

But Ono said, I really want to eat this last holiday meal, and I ‘ll call them mom and dad for the last time, and make the couple at the last minute at the end of spring . Then, tomorrow, will it be more hurt and more painful?

Now that he was so heartless, what was that kind of lingering for!

  Ono said he would go back and think about it.In the evening, Ono told me her decision. She was already on the plane and she decided to go back to the north for the festival.

But my holiday was not a good one, because I care about Ono and the infatuated woman she encountered like her.

  Psychological exploration: This is a sign of civilization when men are concerned about their feelings of marriage.

In the eyes of women, men have always paid more attention to “sex” rather than feeling.

Many of the questions asked by female college students during the lecture were “Why boyfriends always go straight to the subject”.

As the saying goes: Women ask for men, interlayer paper, men ask for women, interlayer mountain.

These phenomena are understandable in an era of poverty that only requires wives and offspring. In today’s big cities in China, the male middle class is beginning to pursue the spiritual feelings of marriage, love and sex.It is a transcendence of the materialized society, and it is also the appearance of paying attention to the quality of life.

  To get along with “feeling men” safely is to understand them, they are a family that desires emotions and more spiritual independence.

They are more of a new generation of only children or freelancers, middle managers of foreign companies and other middle classes with annual salary between 100,000 and 300,000.

The stressful work pressure removed the veil of their gentlemen, and their modest salary gave them a psychological space longing for independence and freedom.

Their progress is that they no longer treat women as weak and have higher requirements for women.

  Their characteristic is that they want to be concerned, but they are not willing to be relied on. They care about independent psychological space.

They also need passion, but oppose the control of that primitive, alive love.

They don’t like the lingeringness of women, and they are not accustomed to tyrannical domineering. The yearning for the two is intelligent, gentle, and simple.

  It’s very sensible to get along with sensory men.

Although they have requirements, once they get along in harmony, they live a passionate and intelligent life.

Although, this is a bit of a hassle for women who are spoiled by men.

Causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy

Causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy

The pathogenesis of abdominal pain in pregnancy is mainly cell block and dysfunction of qi and blood.

If you do n’t pass, it hurts to be true, and if you do n’t, it hurts.

Common types are blood deficiency, deficiency, and qi depression.

  First, pregnant women with blood deficiency have corpuscular blood deficiency, or excessive blood loss, or insufficient blood source for spleen deficiency, and blood deficiency is deprived of blood cells, causing abdominal pain.

Medical `Education Network Collection and Arrangement 2. Deficiency cold pregnant women have yang deficiency, yin and cold endogenous, can not produce blood and blood, and their blood vessels are lost to warmth. It also causes qi and blood to run poorly, their blood vessels are blocked, and abdominal pain occurs.

  Third, qi stagnation pregnant women are usually depressed or emotionally injured, qi stagnation causes poor blood flow, cell blockage, and pain when they do not pass, which leads to abdominal pain.

Eat 3 cloves of garlic every week to protect the prostate

Eat 3 cloves of garlic every week to protect the prostate

The British “Daily Mail” recently reported that British nutritionists and medical scientists have launched a special 50-page recipe-“Prostate Protection Recipes”.

  Experts believe that foods that can prevent or stop the growth or spread of prostate cancer include garlic, onions and other allium vegetables, as well as broccoli and cauliflower.

A study found that male participants who ate multiple allium vegetables ate less than this type of vegetables and had a half-lower risk of prostate cancer.

The effect of shallots on preventing prostate cancer is particularly outstanding.

Men should eat at least 3 cloves of garlic or at least 3 onions, scallions, dried shallots, leek or chives at least 3 times a week.

  Studies have also shown that cruciferous foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage all help prevent the spread of the prostate.

It is best eaten raw or cooked a little.

  Tomatoes also have a role in heart disease and prostate cancer.

Studies have found that eating tomato sauce pasta every day for 5 weeks can reduce the level of a protein associated with prostate cancer growth by 1/5.

Among them, lycopene plays a key role.

So men had better eat tomatoes every day.

  Other beneficial foods include: deep-sea fish, peas, beans, lentils, and tofu.

Foods that should be eaten in large quantities include fatty foods such as cream cakes and red meat.

Fried shrimp with cashew nut and kidney and spleen


Fried shrimp with cashew nut and kidney and spleen

As the saying goes, with its shape and shape, cashews have won the favor of many people because of their kidney-like appearance.

Chinese medicine believes that cashew nuts can nourish the lungs, reduce phlegm, and nourish the kidney and strengthen the spleen. Of course, the nutritive value of cashews is not only a kidney tonic. The rich protein and high-quality unsaturated fats in it bring great nutritional value.Introduce a dish made with cashew nuts — fried shrimp with cashew nuts.

Ingredients for cashew fried shrimp: 150 grams of shrimp, 100 grams of cashew, lily, celery, 1 egg white, a small amount of ginger and garlic, salt, cooking wine, water starch, broth, cooking oilAfter cleaning, add egg white and a small amount of salt. Scratch and marinate for a while. Peel the lilies and wash them. After washing the celery, unload the knife and cut into sections. Slice the ginger and garlic for later use.Lily simmer for 1 minute, remove and add cold water to soak; 3, pour oil in the pan and heat, add cashew nuts to fry until golden brown, remove, and put the shrimp gently to disperse, until the shrimp is fully cooked4. Put out the excess oil in the pot, leave a small amount of base oil, add garlic and ginger slices to sauté after heating, add celery, lily, stir fry, add shrimp, cooking wine, salt,Boil the broth and pour in water starch. 5. Sprinkle cashew nuts and stir well before serving.

1. Cashew nuts are high-quality fatty acids and vitamins that can restore vitality. Cashew nuts, also known as sassafras tree, chicken cashew nut, and siesta nut, are kidney-shaped nuts with rich nutritional value. They can be eaten as snacks and can also be prepared.It becomes a delicious dish and can also be used for medicinal purposes. It is one of the four famous dried fruits in the world.

Chinese medicine believes that cashews are sweet, flat and non-toxic.

Can cure cough, upset, thirst.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” cloud: cashew nuts treat thirst, moisturize the lungs, remove annoyance, and remove phlegm.

Cashew nuts are precious dried fruits and advanced additives. They contain 21% protein, 40% oil content, and high vitamin content.

Cashew nuts contain mostly unsaturated fatty acids, and unsaturated adults are mainly composed of monounsaturated fatty acids, of which oleic acid accounts for 67% of total fatty acids.

4%, linoleic acid accounted for 19.

8%, monounsaturated fatty acids can reduce the content of cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipoproteins in the blood, increase the content of high density lipoproteins, have no polyunsaturated fatty acids causing cancer, and promote potential adverse reactions such as lipid peroxidation.Very toxic to the heart and brain blood vessels.

In addition, the content of vitamin B1 is second only to sesame and peanut, which has the effect of replenishing energy and eliminating fatigue, and is suitable for people who are tired easily.

Second, cashews are mostly used for cooking and can also be used for soups. Cashews are sweet, crisp and delicious. The most common way is to eat snacks like peanuts. The most common way to eat cashews is to cook them in boiling oil.Dish.

For cooking, there are cashew chicken, cashew shrimp, cold cashew celery yuba, cashew fried scallops and so on.

It doesn’t seem to be common to use cashews for soup, but cashews are also a good soup material for too many vegetarians. They are commonly used like peanuts and chestnuts.

Such as vegetable cashew nut soup, pumpkin cashew nut soup, burdock cashew nut soup, lotus root cashew nut soup, gastrodia cashew nut mushroom soup and so on.

However, cashews are mainly accidental energy sources, so it is best not to eat more than 30 grams of cashews daily to avoid excessive energy intake.

How to wear for pregnant women to be beautiful and healthy

How to wear for pregnant women to be beautiful and healthy

Recently, the love crystallization of Chen Huilin and her husband Liu Jianhao emerged one month earlier. Some analysts pointed out that wearing high heels during pregnancy is likely to cause Chen Huilin’s premature delivery, which immediately attracted the attention of many expectant mothers who like to dress up.

The disadvantages of pregnant women wearing high heels are many: First, it increases the tendency of the body’s center of gravity to move forward, and it is easy to fall, resulting in a sprained foot or a miscarriage, and premature birth.

Changes in the center of gravity will increase the burden on the muscle groups such as the abdomen, legs, etc., make people prone to fatigue and cause adverse pregnancy reactions.

The second is to cause the front of the body to tilt and the pelvis to tilt, causing changes in the pelvic diameters, which is not conducive to the normal progress of delivery.

The third is to increase abdominal pressure, reduce blood flow in the abdominal cavity, affect blood supply to hypertension, make vitamins and nutrients inadequate, and affect development.

Fourth, it leads to foreleg arch, hind leg tension, easy to cause back muscle strain, chronic back pain, and toe joint pain due to the whole body weight concentrated on the forefoot, which affects blood circulation in the foot and exacerbates lower limb edema.

However, flat shoes are not the best choice for pregnant women.

Many flat shoes lack support, and the vibration will directly spread to the feet when walking, which will also cause fatigue, leg pain, and back pain.

Pregnant women should wear soft-soled shoes or travel shoes with a heel of about 2 to 3 cm.

These shoes have good elasticity, which can change with the shape of the foot, reduce the body burden of pregnant women, and prevent unsafe factors such as falling.

In addition, pregnant women should not wear dark-colored tops with buttons and other hard accessories. In summer, the best material is cotton with strong hygroscopicity and good feel.

Because after mid-pregnancy, pregnant women mainly take chest breathing and breathe deeply.

If the top is too tight, it will definitely affect chest breathing activity.

Some women still wear tights after pregnancy, which can cause nipple depression and affect breastfeeding in the future.

Correction of breasts increases during pregnancy. Bras should be replaced in time. Do not use undersized bras.

Pants should choose a belt with a waist, so the elasticity can be adjusted freely, and the trousers belt cannot be tightened too tightly, so as to prevent the enlarged uterus from rising and protruding forward, resulting in an overhanging abdomen, which leads to an abnormal fetal position and difficult delivery.

Narrow pants (such as jeans) tightly bind the waist and legs, affecting lower limb blood circulation, obstructing the blood circulation of the uterine placenta, affecting the normal development of the fetus, and should not be worn.

Underpants should not be too tight, it is best to replace shorts that can completely cover the belly and hips, used by pregnant women.

Socks should not be worn too tightly, so as not to affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs, which will increase the venous pressure of the lower limbs and cause varicose veins.

Initial exposure: Yoga instructor is mostly Mr. Nan Guo

Initial exposure: Yoga instructor is mostly Mr. Nan Guo

The reporter recently discovered in an interview that when more and more people seek tranquility from yoga in order to escape the impetuous atmosphere of the city, yoga itself becomes impetuous.

  -Fitness consultants: There are only a dozen good coaches in Shanghai. According to Wen Wei Po, “Shanghai now has almost two or three hundred yoga instructors, but only a dozen are really good.

Most coaches come quickly.

At the Shanghai Yoga Fitness Club on Wanping South Road, fitness consultant Wei Limin told reporters.

According to him, there are only two or three institutions for training yoga instructors in the Shanghai military army, but almost all fitness centers have yoga classes.

  -Crash Course: Can be completed in 5 days According to reports, in order to meet the needs of the market, yoga instructor training has almost no biology, and the cycle cannot be shorter: 20 lessons in one to two months is already longNow, if you choose intensive training, you can also graduate after completing 30 lessons in 5 days.

  The content of the training course includes yoga knowledge, breathing methods, basic movements, course planning and teaching techniques.

According to Wei Limin, even if only the first three items are studied, only 20 to 30 class hours are enough for an ordinary person to complete the entry level.

  Wei Limin himself became a coach after practicing yoga for six years, but he is also currently setting up such a crash coach training class. In his training class, less than 20% of the books have a yoga foundation, and more than 50%The book is a physical or aerobics instructor sent from various fitness centers, and will also serve as a yoga instructor after school.

  -Academic papers: There is a quick result of spraining the neck with the coach. Many coaches teach yoga as aerobics, only movements, not breathing.

Song Qing, a yoga instructor at Noble Center, said that for yoga, good looks are secondary, and regulating breathing is the most important.

But now many coaches themselves do not master the breathing method of yoga, they can only work hard on the movements; scholars have become dizzy, even for practitioners, a fitness center in Shanghai has experienced a coach with a textbook to practice a handstand, which has sprained the textbook.Something like that on the neck.

  -Large class teaching: Sometimes even the coach can’t hear anything. Wei Limin and Song Qing both said that aerobic exercises are the more lively, the better, yoga is the opposite. Small classes with less than 10 people can guarantee the quality of teaching.

However, too many fitness centers in Shanghai treat yoga as an ordinary fitness class. Large-class teaching is common. At most, there are even 50 scholars in a class. They learn the same content regardless of the basics.The coach couldn’t hear anything.

Breast Enhancement Program for Adolescent Girls

Breast Enhancement Program for Adolescent Girls

Women suffer from malnutrition because of earlier puberty.

Experts recommend at least one meat meal per week.

  After adolescent girls enter puberty, the ovaries and adrenal cortex begin to synthesize estrogen, a small amount of androgens and progesterone, and many changes in the body begin to occur, such as sudden height growth, increased body fat, increased body fat, and the body becomes plump, which are normalPhysiological phenomenon.

  The breast enhancement fitness program uses combined equipment to practice. For beginners, especially female beginners, combined equipment is the most effective and safe exercise method. Be sure to keep your chest up when doing some exercises.

  Upper chest tightness: (Upward oblique push chest combination instrument) During the oblique push chest exercise, the hands should be held as narrow as possible, and the weight should not be too large.

For the sake of beauty, the muscles of the upper chest should not be too large. It is mainly to improve the quality of the muscles and thus the traction of the upper chest.

  Plump chest: (Parallel push chest combination instrument) During this exercise, the elbows, wrists and shoulders are at the same horizontal position and the weight is medium.

Fully experience the feeling of muscle contraction when pushing forward, and then slowly return to the original position, the movement is not easy.

Try to keep breathing evenly during exercise.

Three to four groups at a time, 15-18 times per group.

  Increase the chest circumference: (You can use the lower oblique push chest combination equipment) This exercise is slightly stronger. The muscles of the lower chest can directly affect the circumference of the chest, making it more straight and upright.

When pushing down, fully experience the feeling of muscle contraction, and then slowly return to the original position. It is not easy to go too fast when the movement is restored. Try to keep breathing evenly during exercise.

Three to four groups at a time, 10-12 times each.

  Cleavage sculpture: (two-dimensional cross-tension training) standing between the two handles, slightly flexing the arms, with the right foot in front and the left foot in the back, usually fully compressed.

The arcs of the hands are drawn together towards the bottom, the elbows are slightly flexed, the hands are crossed below, changing the front-back relationship, fully experiencing the feeling of muscle contraction, and then slowly returning to get the maximum strength of the chest muscle.

  After adolescent girls enter puberty, it is completely normal for the body to gain weight slightly.

It plays an important role in sexual maturity and menarche, so there is no need to consider it.

If the body is obviously fat due to bulimia, you can appropriately reduce your diet, eat less sweets and snacks, and actively participate in physical exercise at the same time is the correct way to lose weight.

Don’t blindly follow other people not eating, all vegetarian, rely on vitamin intake, otherwise, it will cause harm to the body and cannot be recovered.

Different whitening formulas reduce skin age

Different whitening formulas reduce skin age

As a woman, you must recognize your own facial problems. Acne, moisturizing, sun protection, whitening, and anti-aging are required courses for facial care.

So, how can we make the pink and delicate face never fade?

Xiao Bian will now provide you with all kinds of beauty and skin care information, so that the beautiful face is always there, so that your youth will always be permanent!

  Age whitening, as the name suggests, is to point out different whitening schemes according to different ages.

However, what we want to say today is not your actual age, but the physical age of the skin, the so-called “muscle age”.

Due to differences in skin texture and damage, skin age is not equal to physiological age.

To make a smart age whitening plan, first understand your skin age!

  Test your skin age. If you answer YES, you will get 1 point. If NO, you will not score. Start now!


After washing my face and putting on lotion, I felt that the moisture was immediately absorbed.


Fine wrinkles appear on the eyes, especially when laughing.


The pores on the nose, even without blackheads, are very large.


Bags under the eyes were formed now, and the swelling became more serious after staying up late.


In winter, if you only use the lotion, you will feel less moisturized.


Problems with pigmentation and racial unevenness, dull skin tone, and poor complexion.


The skin is very dry, but oily and severe.


After washing the face, the skin surface is rough and has no silky feeling.


Use skin care products casually without paying special attention.


The pores on the front are getting thicker and oval.


Decree lines are obvious, and sagging skin is important for cheeks.


Often fall asleep after 12 o’clock, often carnival or work all night.


Have a smoking habit, or have been smoking for more than three years.


I don’t like outdoor sports and have little passion for fitness.


Stressful and susceptible to bad moods.
  Test results: 1-5 points: muscle age is about 25 years old.

  5-10 points: Muscle age is about 30 years old.

  10-15 points: muscle age over 40 years.

  Muscle Age 25 Moisturizing Basic Care + Sun Protection This is the time when puberty reaches its peak.
For skin that has not yet become obese, the skin tone at this time will generally be more uniform, so people hope that the skin color will be more fair.

Therefore, at this age, it is recommended to use moisturizing products to keep the skin adequately hydrated and nutritious; when choosing a whitening product, you need to choose a product that is gentle and can lighten the skin at the same time; also need to use sunscreen products during the dayAvoid skin irritation caused by solar radiation.

  Whitening key: Choosing to use sunscreen products every day is a matter that needs to be taken seriously at every age and cannot be ignored, especially for younger skin, the sooner you start sunscreen, the more you can save whitening capital for your skin.

At the same time, cell dysfunction and pigment accumulation caused by external stimuli and own emotional stress are the most commonly encountered problems in whitening care.

Therefore, at this stage, attention should be paid to improving mood and stress, and avoiding pigmentation problems caused by it, in order to bring fair, clean and plump skin tone.

  Product recommendation 1.

Magnolia Oily Skin Brightening Liquid ¥ 130 / 150ml has a skin-friendly formula and carries a high concentration of skin care essence to help improve skin permeability and hydration.

Contains high-concentration skin care essence to make your skin whiter and more permeable.


Clarins Clear Whitening Sunscreen Moisturizing Milk SPF 20 / PA ++ 500 / 50ml Day care products with moisturizing and smooth skin effect, make your skin bright, comfortable and non-glossy.

Prevents air pollution and ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin, making the appearance more durable and beautiful.


?H2O + Water Whitening Moisturizing Spray ¥ 280 / 177ml balances skin moisture, maintains radiance and evens skin, and helps the skin to better absorb the essence and cream afterwards.


Freeplus pure white beauty liquid 280 / 30ml inhibit melanin formation, prevent sun spots and pigmentation medicinal whitening beauty liquid.

The moisturizing lotion quickly penetrates the skin and makes the skin appear transparent.


Fancl Cheese Basic Mask ¥ 210 is rich in beauty vitamins, which can activate skin cells and make skin firmer and youthful.

Highly locked in water, effectively activates and tightens skin, driving away yellow air and dullness.

  Skin Age 35 Brightening Nourishment + Anti-Aging Care The skin at this stage has begun to mature from youth.

Due to changes in the body’s physiology and daily labor, sometimes the skin becomes uneven in color and appears dull.

Therefore, for skin lesions that have exacerbated wrinkles and sagging, traditional whitening products may not be able to achieve the desired effect. In addition to maintaining moisturization and nutrition, you also need to choose more full-effective whitening and brightening products.For practical needs, use anti-free radical and repairing essences, and use some anti-aging products; increasing the use of products that can improve skin hydration and elasticity is also a good choice.

If skin spots appear, you need to choose a whitening and brightening product that is rich in improving the melanin metabolism of the skin.

  Whitening key: Please stick to sunscreen products during the day; at the same time, you can use the foundation you like to cover the dullness and blemishes of the skin; using a foundation with sun protection function can achieve a dual effect.

In work and life, you need to learn to adjust the pace of work, learn to adjust your mindset, and maintain a happy mood. Products that can effectively prevent various pigmentations and make your skin fair, healthy, and flexible.

  Product recommendation 1.

Sisley Whitening and Brightening Moisturizing Cream ¥ 1300 / 50ml makes the skin crystal clear and fair, prevents skin from dehydration, and makes the skin soft and elastic.

After use, the skin can be long-lasting, smooth, moisturized, pure, bright and silky delicate.


Chanel Whitening Day Emulsion SPF10 / PA ++ 650 / 50ml A daytime emulsion that combines the three functions of moisturizing, protecting and whitening to make the gloss uniform.

It can effectively resist UVB and UVA ultraviolet rays, protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and prevent the formation of melanin.


Clinique Crystal Whitening Sunscreen Cream SPF30 + / PA +++ ¥ 395 / 30ml uses a new cell maturation technology to prevent the skin’s black cuticle, thereby preventing harmful external irritation that may cause dark spots / brown spots and skin tone problems.


Dior Xuejingling Whitening and Brightening Spot Essence Pen ¥ 630 greatly enhances the uniformity of the skin, accurately targets local pigmentation, and reduces the color difference between the overall skin and the pigmentation, so that the skin shows unprecedented clarity and uniformity.

  Skin age 45 full-featured whitening and firming products + enhance skin cell vitality At this stage, the skin is more mature, the skin begins to show obvious signs of aging, and simple whitening will not achieve the effect of rapid whitening and brightening.
Therefore, it is important to choose a full-effect whitening product to keep the skin moisturized, transparent and even.

At the same time, it is recommended to use products that increase skin elasticity and firmness to promote collagen synthesis; choosing products containing vitamin E or phytohormones and other components can also promote the young vitality of skin cells and improve the dullness of the skin to a certain extentThe problem of uneven color.

In addition, if the skin is dull for a long time, it is recommended to use an essence or skin cream that increases the metabolism of the overall skin cells to enhance the signal transmission between skin cells and activate the skin’s health as a whole.

In life, you need to pay special attention to healthy eating habits and not overeat. At the same time, you need to add calcium and a variety of minerals with good bioavailability to adjust the overall metabolism of the body to keep the body at a healthy level.  Whitening key: At this time, the skin structure has been damaged to varying degrees, cell function has declined, and pigments have been deposited into the skin over the years, which cannot be replaced by ordinary means.

Therefore, elderly skin needs to be repaired and whitened in the same way. In order to whiten the skin, it can repair aging or early interventional treatment in time to improve the whitening and anti-aging effect.

  Product recommendation 1.

La Mer Whitening Cleansing Foam ¥ 700 / 125ml breaks water molecules into small positively charged molecules through magnetized electric gemstones, easily adsorbs dirt on the face, excess sebum and residual makeup, without having to rub the skin excessively.


Elizabeth Arden Pure Essence Condensate ¥ 720 / 50ml Refined pure vitamin C continuously acts on the skin physics, leaving the skin fully radiant and free from fine lines.

Innovative capsule encapsulation technology, whitening effect at night is outstanding, effectively preventing fine lines left over the years.


Laneíge whitening and clearing repair cream ¥ 315 / 50ml Whitening complex and arbutin inhibit melanin formation and prevent pigmentation, leaving skin clear and bright.

Absorbs quickly and provides a whitening effect.

Keeps skin moisturized, leaving skin soft and comfortable.


Guerlain Royal Orchid Ultra-Perfect Repair Lotion ¥ 2200 / 30ml The magical effect beyond imagination will restore the skin’s youthful vitality, reshape the contours of the face, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restore the skin to a clear and radiant appearance.


Sisleya Anti-Wrinkle Revitalizing Brightening Serum ¥ 3000 / 30ml restores the skin’s clear, pure and radiant.

Eliminates pigmentation caused by age and sunlight, enhances the skin’s natural luster and overlap.

FILA Fila brand introduction

FILA Fila brand introduction

FILA is the top three sports brands in the world, mainly engaged in the development of elegant sports related products such as tennis, snow skiing, golf, yoga, and racing.

The bright and bold design style, outstanding elegance and unique product effects make FILA unique in the world’s top sports brands and have a global reputation.

  The brand was founded by the FILA brothers in BIELLA, Italy in 1911, and has a history of nearly 100 years.

In the 1970s, FILA expanded its sportswear business with a diversified strategy.

In the following years, he successively developed golf, tennis, fitness, yoga, running and skiing series, and finally broke through the backbone of the world famous sports brand.

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