Detox health regimen for six centenarians

Detox health regimen for six centenarians

Many people think that only beautiful women need to detox frequently.

Of course, everyone (especially the elderly) needs detoxification.

This is because the most important thing for people to get sick is that the body contains various toxins.

If these toxins are removed or reduced, the human body will remain healthy and have the effect of prolonging life.

The following is a detoxification regimen for six centenarians.

  1 fasting detox health method.

At the age of 107, Elder Jiang Deqing of Yonggang Village, Yongzhou County, Chongqing, was still mentally stunned, clear-headed, and had no hearing loss.

When she was over a hundred years old, someone asked her about the secret of longevity. The old man replied with a smile. She always drank two to three days a year and drank only water, so that she could get the effect of clearing her intestines and detoxification.

  Expert comment: If people fast every 1?
In 3 days, the food residues and stools inside the tandem can be eliminated, thereby detoxifying and promoting beauty, and prolonging life.

During the fasting process, people can have some fresh fruit and vegetable juice every day. In the days after the fasting, they should eat less and eat more. Do not overeat.

So as not to destroy the detox effect brought by fasting.

  2 scraping detoxification health method.

The 104-year-old Li Shuzhen, a 104-year-old man from Liwan District, Guangzhou, had to shave once a month for about 30 minutes each time, until the color of the front skin became purplish red.

She believes that scraping can remove toxins from the body.

If you fall asleep after scraping at night, you will feel particularly comfortable the next day.

  Expert Comments: Scraping is based on the theory of TCM skin.

The treatment of scraping and wiping the skin with a device (such as a scraping plate, horns, jade, etc.) on the relevant parts of the skin to make the local skin red and congested.

Chinese medicine thinks.

This therapy has the effects of detoxifying and eliminating evils, dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, relieving qi and pain, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

If people often scrape.

Further improve the effect of conditioning the energy, relieve fatigue, and enhance immunity.

  3 Laxative detoxification method.

Laxative detoxification is very popular among centenarians.

The well-known longevity painter Wang Kangle (aged 100 years old) highly respects this method of health.

He never urinates and has a regular bowel movement every day.

Wang Kangle believes that people should not even urinate, and they should urinate every three or four hours.

He said that if a person’s urine is smooth and clean during urination, it means that the body’s water metabolism is normal.

  Expert comment: Under normal circumstances, a balanced ratio should be maintained between the daily intake of nutrients and excreted waste.

However, in real life, due to factors such as stressful work, high psychological pressure, irrational diet, and less exercise, many people will have fewer bowel movements.

Human excretion formaldehyde contains many toxins.

These toxins are inherently harmful to health if left in the body for a long time.

Therefore, it is one of the important methods of detoxification to develop good bowel habits and timely discharge of urine and urine.

  4 fasting eat fruit detox health method.

The famous demographer, economist and educator Ma Yinchu (aged 100 years old) has a unique dietary habit of eating no meals and eating only the right amount of fruit on two days a Wednesday.

This diet is unique among centenarians in developing countries.

  Expert comment: If a healthy adult can fast for a day at regular intervals (usually 1 week to 1 month), and only drink water and eat the right amount of fruit at this moment, it can effectively clear the internal product of the bodyResidual food residues and bowel movements can prevent various diseases such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, and colorectal cancer.

Many fruits have detoxifying effects. For example, the potential galactic acid and fiber replacement in apples can help the body to expel waste from the body more smoothly.
Grape toxic flavonoids, resveratrol and other nutrients can help the body clear the garbage accumulated in the liver, transformation, stomach and kidney.
  5 massage detox health method.

The 107-year-old Wang Yichen of Chibi City in Hubei Province has a very regular life.

Every morning, he massages the acupuncture points of heaven and the sun on the bed, and then gets up.

After breakfast he has to walk for 15 minutes.

He believes that this can eliminate toxins accumulated in the liver.

  Expert comment: Massage can regulate the human digestive system, nervous system and body fluid circulation system.

So as to gradually detoxify beauty, relieve tendons and bones, eliminate fatigue and prevent diseases.

Tianting Acupoint is located between the two eyebrows. It has the effects of clearing the meridians, promoting blood circulation and regulating qi, reconciling yin and yang, relieving wind and relieving the table, and refreshing the brain.

The temple is located in front of the auricle.

Above the extension line of the outer corner of the eye, it has the effects of relieving fatigue, invigorating the spirit, relieving pain and refreshing the brain.

Elderly people can rub their palms, and then stick the palms on these two points for massage.

You should apply a little force during the massage to make the acupoint slightly painful.

In addition, often rubbing Zusanli, Guanyuan and other acupoints, you can also press the nourishing vitality to eliminate the role of toxins in the body.

  6 tea detox health method.

In addition to drinking tea, 108-year-old Fan Xiangxiu, Gaoqiao Township, Taohua County, Hunan Province, likes to drink tea (a famous snack in Hunan).

She often puts the same amount of mung beans, sesame, peanuts and tea in a bowl, squeezes them into a paste with a wooden stick, and then puts the paste in boiling water and takes it.

According to the elderly herself, she has insisted on accepting tea for nearly 70 years.

  Expert comment: Tea is rich in antioxidants such as tea polyphenols and catechins, which can effectively eliminate toxins in the human body, and has the ability to prevent cancer (such as cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, etc.), regulate blood lipids,Reduce blood sugar, enhance immunity and other effects.

After tea leaves and some foods with health-care effects are brewed with boiling water for a long time, they can gradually detoxify and maintain health.

Tea is made from a mixture of tea leaves, sesame, peanuts and mung beans.

Its strong tea flavor, mellow and delicious, with detoxification and beauty, refreshing and quenching thirst, refreshing and relieving heat, strengthening the spleen and stomach, intestinal laxative, and nourishing lungs and nourishing qi.
  Tips: Massage ears can prolong life. In ancient times, some traditional Chinese medicine created a lot of methods to prolong life by massaging ears. Among them, the “Ear-Ear Method” is one of the most significant and easy to implement methods.

People can use this method to keep in good health every morning after waking up. The specific method is: take a seated position, put your right hand on top of your head, and pull your left ear from above, and you should continuously pull 14 times.

Then, place your left hand on top of your head, and pull your right ear from above. You should continue to pull 14 times.

This method has the effect of guiding the blood flow in the brain, promoting blood circulation in the auricle, regulating viscera function, enhancing immunity, preventing tinnitus, hearing loss and other diseases.

Don’t let your face love hormones

Don’t let your face “love” hormones

The medication became “Guan Gong” in January. Ms. Ma, in her early 40s, had itchy skin on her face one month ago and had small patches of redness.
After checking the information online, she found that the situation was very similar to the symptoms of some dermatitis, and she immediately went to the pharmacy to buy a tube of ointment.
At the beginning, “immediately”, not only did it not itch, but the small erythema also seemed to show signs of receding.
Ms. Ma was overjoyed and insisted on smearing every day.
However, the situation is not long, and the medication has not been eradicated for several weeks. It seems to be more serious: there is a faint red thread on the face, and the entire face can be described by the word “transparent red”, and the skin becomes better than beforeThe erythema was roughened and roughened.
Ms. Ma hurried to the dermatology examination of the hospital and was told that she had “hormonal-dependent dermatitis”. The culprit was the tube of ointment.
  Improper use of “losing face” After long-term and extensive use of hormonal topical drugs, the skin will be hormone dependent, which is called “hormonal-dependent dermatitis”.
Hormone topical drugs have many side effects on the skin. Of the whole body skin, facial skin is the most sensitive to hormones and has the most side effects.
  For example, Ms. Ma’s skin telangiectasias after long-term use of such topical medications, that is, “bloodshot” symptoms on the skin, and some people even have dark spots and wrinkles. This makes the skin’s condition very poor,Some patients will stop using hormones, but dermatitis may occur as soon as they are stopped. At this time, patients use hormones for external use . This will start and end again, forming a “strange circle”.
  The minor cause of “hormonal-dependent dermatitis” that Ms. Ma is suffering from is the corticosteroid ointment she has been using for a long time.
This kind of medicine is the most commonly used external medicine in dermatology. It has the advantages of convenient use, low price, good effects on various dermatitis and eczema, etc., and it is welcomed by patients.
Many patients with dermatitis and eczema are considered minor illnesses, so there is no need to go to the hospital for treatment. It is enough to go to the pharmacy to buy a tube of this kind of topical ointment and apply it, even on facial skin diseases related to “face”Consider their potential hazards, which often have serious consequences.
  In patients who have been diagnosed with “hormonal-dependent dermatitis”, hormones are generally discontinued immediately and treatments such as cold facial spraying are used.
For individual patients with severe illness, a gradual reduction method can be adopted, and oral anti-allergic drugs or traditional Chinese medicine can be used for treatment.
If necessary, infusion treatment.
Patients usually avoid bitter and spicy foods while avoiding alcohol.

Home fitness

Home fitness

The RD family fitness method is currently a popular set of fitness exercises in the United States.

In the past 20 years, because of this fitness exercise without equipment, no venue, resetting is easy and effective, so it is actively praised by millions of people in the United States.

There are about 8,800 middle schools and elementary schools in the United States have listed this set of fitness exercises as a compulsory physical exercise program, and use the body test standards in the fitness method as the main reference basis for student fitness evaluation.

  Basic action one. The number of curled ups you can do in a minute of curled ups (or sit-ups) is a test of the abdominal muscles’ stretch and endurance.

Strong abdominal muscles can prevent pain in the lower spine and maintain a good posture.

The method is to hold your chest roughly crosswise; your legs are bent, the heel is 12-18 inches from your hips, your feet are flat, your toes are hooked to the bottom edge of the furniture (or one is sitting on the other’s feet), and your upper body is facingLie on your back; when you get up, stretch your upper body forward until it fits your thighs; stretch your head forward, trying to touch the furniture hooked on your toes.

This series of actions requires uninterrupted efforts to repeat for 1 minute.

  Second, push-ups push-ups can exercise the strength and endurance of the muscles of the upper limbs, shoulders and tibia.

The coordination of these forces is conducive to maintaining good posture and avoiding chest and hump.

Women and children under 10 years of age: knees on the ground, lower legs, head to knees straight; palms flat, fingers forward, support under the shoulders, palms as wide as shoulders.

Then touch the ground with dark volts, and then use your elbows to stretch your arms straight. In this continuous movement, note the number of times that it has been stretched within 1 minute. Men and children over 10 years old: The movements are basically the same, except that both knees must leaveOn the ground, the entire main shaft dries in a straight line, and the toes touch the ground.

  Third, sit flat and stretch this exercise can exercise the spine, hip and leg flexibility.

Good flexibility helps prevent spinal base pain and lower back and leg injuries.

To do this, take off your shoes and socks, sit on the floor, stretch your legs forward, and fold them, with your heels 5 inches apart, and your feet against the wall; stretch your hands forward and try to touch the opening.

Please note that you must not bend, do not use too much force, and relax your muscles again. This lasts for 5 seconds. Write down the distance between your fingertips and the wall.

  Four or three minutes of step jumping This is the most alternative method, mainly to exercise the heart’s response to persistent activities.

A strong, efficient heart not only plays an important role in maintaining physical endurance and mentality, it also reduces the risk of heart damage.

The method of stepping is to place a small bench or a newspaper on the floor, about 12 inches in height. First, place the right foot on the bench, the left foot on the floor, and then both feet exchange positions-the left foot stool.Step on the ground with your right foot, and do this alternately, doing 24 alternations per minute, with an average of 2-3 seconds to complete.

A certain sport is good for heightening

A certain sport is good for heightening

In the human body, bones, like other organs, are constantly undergoing metabolism. When the internal or external environment changes, the structure will also change.

When people exercise (sports food), blood circulation speeds up, metabolism is strong, growth hormone secretion increases significantly, epiphysis (that is, the part of long bone division), muscles can get sufficient nutrition, can promote the development of the body, the body willGrow taller and taller to refresh.

  What sports can you try to grow up as a teenager (youth food)?

There are three main types: the first type is lower limb movement.

Including rope skipping, high jump, pole vault, long jump, vertical jump, single foot jump, biped jump, stairs climbing, mountain climbing, walking, walking, skating, roller skating, skiing, etc.

  The second type is compression.

Includes aerobics, fitness (fitness food), rhythmic exercises, freehand exercises, stick exercises and pull-ups on single and double poles, draping, swinging, looping, chest extension, kicking, swinging, pressingExercises such as legs stretching and summer swimming are also good events for local extremities.

  The third type is systemic exercise.

Including basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, badminton and other ball sports and rowing.

  Outdoor sports can guide young children (children’s food) higher than indoor sports.

There are certain sports activities that are particularly conducive to growth and are worth promoting.

  One is kicking the shuttlecock.

This is a national style game with a game nature.

Because it is not restricted by the venue, it can be performed indoors and outdoors, and the time can be freely arranged, so it is very popular with children and teenagers.

When kicking the shuttlecock, the legs, feet, waist, waist, knees, knees, and other parts are fully moved, which can accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, promote metabolism, increase lung capacity, and improve visceral function.

The emergence of potato emergence, nursery soil, hazelnuts, sturdy structures, response to rose gum, rose acres?

  The second is skipping rope and leather belt.

These activities are suitable for children’s fitness heightening activities, do not require pending venues and equipment, simple and exquisite, and can also produce a unique “pass meridian, long bones, warm viscera” effect.

Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the root of the human body. There are 6 meridians and many acupoints at the confluence of the feet. Therefore, skipping ropes and jumping leather tendons can evacuate the meridians, promote blood circulation, and promote children’s lower limb bone growth.

Beware of children’s sleeping position affects tooth development

Beware of children’s sleeping position affects tooth development

Having a good tooth can benefit you for life. In some western countries, you can even judge a person’s education level by whether he has a good tooth.

Therefore, parents should be alert to their children’s bad habits.

  Bad habit 1: Tongue licking habitually During a tooth change, children often lick their loose deciduous teeth or newly-growing permanent teeth, thereby forming a bad habit of tongue sticking or tongue sticking out.

The tongue often forms a partial opening and closing between the upper and lower teeth, and a gap appears between the teeth.

  Bad habit 2: If you bite your lips frequently, you may cause anterior teeth reverse (tooth + occlusion), and your jaw will protrude forward.

The fracture of the lower lip caused the upper front teeth to bulge, the lower jaw to retract, and the teeth were exposed.

  Bad habit 3: Lateral chewing children are prone to lateral chewing habits in the late stages of deciduous tooth development. Due to the replacement of deciduous teeth, the normal chewing function of the teeth is affected, so they can only chew with another poke.

This can cause asymmetry in the development of the left and right sides of the face, and the complication of infrequent chewing is that the washing of certain foods is more likely to accumulate tartar, and dental caries and other periodontal diseases appear.

  Bad habit 4: Biting things Many children like to scratch their fingernails or bite the corners, bedding angles, pacifiers, etc., because they are usually fixed somewhere in the teeth when biting these substances, so it is easy to form small opening and closing deformities in the teeth.

  Bad habit 5: Some children are used to sleeping with their elbows, palms, etc. under their face when they sleep, or they often support the blusher on one side, which is normal for children ‘s face development and facial symmetry.Have an impact.

  Bad habit 6: The random teeth are longer and the teeth are gradually widened, and the food is more easily embedded in the teeth.

In addition, if the toothpick for tooth extraction is not hygienic, bacteria may enter after the mucous membrane of the gum is removed during tooth extraction, which may cause infection.

Distinguish physical fitness

Distinguish physical fitness

Core Tip: Choosing Chinese herbal medicine tonic is an important means of treating diseases and strengthening the body, but it must not be abused.
  Old Chinese medicine advises everyone to properly choose proprietary Chinese medicines according to their own physique and the degree of qi, blood, yin and yang in the body.
  1. Qi deficiency constitution: The proprietary Chinese medicine for tonic Qi deficiency constitution is to enhance the body’s ability to move, especially the functions of the lungs and spleen.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lung is the main body, the spleen is the basis of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry.
Lung Qi is less lazy, while breathing is asthmatic, prone to sweating, and cold.
Deficiency of the spleen can lead to loss of appetite, fullness of the abdomen, bleeding from the stool, and even swelling, prolapse, or drooping of the organs.
Spleen and lung qi deficiency can be manifested as weakness in the limbs, prone to fatigue, pale tongue, thin white fur, and weak pulses.
Qi deficiency syndrome is common in various chronic diseases.
For those who have been diagnosed with Qi deficiency, no matter what kind of disease, you can choose Sijunzi Pills, 9g each time, 3 times a day; Huangqi oral liquid, 1 each time, 3 times a day; Buzhong Yiqi oral liquid, each time1 stick, 3 times a day; Shenling Baizhu oral solution, 1 stick each time, 3 times a day.
  2. Deficiency of blood: TCM believes that the main blood of the heart, the blood of the liver, the blood of the spleen, and the blood of the spleen. The blood deficiency syndrome is closely related to the heart, liver, spleen, and the three internal organs, and the main bone of the kidney and TibetanSince sperm and blood can alternate, blood deficiency syndrome has a certain relationship with the kidney.
The main clinical manifestations are pale, pale lips, dizzy heads, palpitations, insomnia, and insomnia. Women who have more dreams in the heart have less menstrual periods, and have less color, or even amenorrhea.
Blood deficiency syndromes are common in various anemias, hematological diseases, advanced cancers, and slowly wasting diseases.
Angelica tonic blood cream can be used 10ml each time, 3 times a day; compound gelatin paste, 10ml each time, 3 times a day; longan paste, 10ml each time, 3 times a day.
  3. Qi and blood deficiency constitution: Qi traditional Chinese medicine believes that Qi is the blood handsome, blood is the gas mother, Qi deficiency can be blood deficiency, blood deficiency can not be carried by gas, Qi will be floating and nowhere to go, so clinical symptoms of Qi and blood deficiency, Can have loss of appetite caused by qi deficiency, pale claw nails, palpitations and insomnia.
Qi and blood deficiency syndromes can be seen in a variety of chronic diseases.
You can choose Bazhen cream, 10ml each time, 3 times a day; Shenqi Ajiao slurry, 10ml each time, 3 times a day; Ejiao Angelica mixture, 10ml each time, 3 times a day; Guipi cream, 1 stick each time, 3 times a day.
  4, yin deficiency constitution: most of the yin deficiency constitution is lung, kidney, stomach yin deficiency, kidney yin is the basis of a yin fluid, there are moisturizing viscera, nourish visceral bones and bones, inhibit hyperactivity of Yang, to maintain normal growthFunctional activities such as development and reproduction, kidney yin loss, physical organs lose their nourishment, and often suffer from hyperthyroidism.
Heart and kidney health, lung and kidney mutual benefit, liver and kidney homology, spleen and kidney complementation, deficiency of kidney and yin can lead to its visceral disease. Clinically, dry cough and sputum, shortness of breath, dry mouth and throat, and even low afternoon fever can be seen.Upset fever, hot flashes, night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, dizziness, dry stools, short urine, etc. are the main manifestations.
The yin deficiency syndrome is the same as the blood deficiency syndrome, which is mostly a manifestation of body fluid depletion, but the blood deficiency is mostly without heat, and the yin deficiency is body heat. There should be a focus on the use of proprietary Chinese medicine.
Lung yin deficiency nourishes yin and nourishes and moistens lung dryness; yin deficiency nourishes kidney yin and fills the marrow; stomach yin deficiency nourishes stomach yin.
You can choose Liuwei Dihuang Oral Liquid, 1 stick each time, 3 times a day; Shengmai Yin, 1 stick each time, 3 times a day; Yangxinyin Oral Liquid, 1 stick, 3 times a day; Lily GujinOral liquid, 1 stick each time, 3 times a day; American ginseng snow clam oral liquid, 1 stick each time, 3 times a day.
  5. Yang deficiency: Like Yang deficiency, Li Yang deficiency is mostly manifested as a decline in physical activity.
However, those with qi deficiency have no chills, and those with yang deficiency have more symptoms.
Kidney-yang is the root of yang-qi. It has the functions of warming the limbs, evaporating water, and promoting reproductive development. Therefore, yang deficiency is more common in kidney-yang deficiency, which is mainly manifested by complexion (white light), whiteness, coldness, and lack of energy., Waist and knees cold, impotence and yin, frequent nocturnal emission, frequent urination, long urination, uncleanness, frequent nocturia, women with thinness, infertility in the palace, or oliguria, palpitations, shortness of breath, sputumWait, pale tongue and white fur, weak pulses, are caused by yang deficiency can not be warm, should be treated by warming the kidney and yang.
People with yang deficiency often have sexual dysfunction, so it is best to use yang medicine, especially animal organs, which are not only rich in high-quality protein, but also contain certain natural hormones, which can stimulate sexual function.Rule by shape “effect.
Poultry testicles can be used 4 times a day, 3 times a day; Quanlu Wan, 9g each time, 3 times a day; ginseng velvet pills, 9g each time, 3 times a day; Nengrong Zhengyang oral solution, each time1 stick 3 times a day; Shenrong Wenshen Pill, 9g each time, 3 times a day.
  6. Physical constitution of yin and yang deficiency: Those who have yin and yang deficiency have both heart and foot heat caused by yin deficiency, red sweats, insomnia, and dreams, etc., and have yang deficiency (white light), white, cold, cold, cold spirits, and sexual desire.Decrease, women’s cold infertility, thinning away, etc., are mostly late stages of some chronic diseases, such as chronic nephritis, chronic renal failure, various tumors and other more serious diseases.
Chinese patent medicine therapy can help correct yang, improve symptoms, help fight diseases, and drive out evil spirits.
You can choose Xianling Dihuang Bushen granules, 10g each time, 3 times a day; Xianshen oral liquid, 1 stick each time, 3 times a day; Cordyceps Shuangshen wine, 30ml each time, 3 times a day; Zhenrong Dan mixture10ml each time, 3 times a day; Qixian Bushen Capsules, 4 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

Dredge the stress source of middle-aged men

Dredge the “stress source” of middle-aged men

In the psychological clinic, the top source of stress for men aged 30-50 is work and interpersonal pressure, followed by economic pressure, marriage and family pressure.
In addition to these three mountains, one’s health and physical decline, the health of the elderly, and the pressure of children to study are all sources of stress for middle-aged men.
  There are also some middle-aged men who have been under pressure for a long time. Although no obvious source of stress can be found, some sudden life events can also be the trigger of mental illness.
Therefore, in this case, special attention should be paid to its emotional fluctuations and various physiological indicators.
  Form of “stress source” Workaholics The normal working time of an average person is 8-10 hours, which is the human health load.
If you work for more than 12 hours, it will cause stress to the human body.
  Extreme Loss The emotional response derived from feelings of loss can lead to pessimism, disappointment, lack of confidence, and even cynicism.
Career pressure is most harmful to white-collar men.
If you can’t withstand this pressure, you will often feel a sense of loss, which is often referred to as “gray psychology”.
  Difficult to bear high pressure white-collar men’s personality and the characteristics of the time marriage, breeding competition.
Being in an atmosphere of fierce competition for a long time will make them extremely nervous, distressed and disappointed, and cause their emotions to fall.
  Family crisis The working environment, social environment, and the value choices and emotional relationships among family members may hide and trigger family crises.
Even when there is no reason for conflict, stress can come to you through your family.
This makes many middle-aged men depressed and upset, and sometimes anxious and upset.
  Strike against disease Disease is the easiest to depress people’s minds, and some will lose their confidence in life.
The stress of illness comes from losing health concerns and losing confidence in recovery.
  贪欲过高   如果对金钱、财富之类心存过高欲望,那就是贪心,使脑神经长期紧张,正常的心脑运动节律加快,产生一种与正常生理机能不协调的节拍,就会伤Brain, sadness, hurt body.
  自我疏导”压力源”   工作张持有度   如果你被紧张的工作压得喘不过气来,最好立即把工作暂放,或者放慢一下,短时间的轻松休息后,可能你会做得更it is good.
  Reasonably arrange work and rest time Strictly implement the work and rest system established by yourself, so that life, study, and work can be carried out regularly.
  Pay attention to fostering a good mentality Strengthen psychological cultivation and develop the habit of psychoanalysis.
Consider making friends with a psychiatrist in order to get their help often.
  Get enough sleep Don’t offend the laws of nature, otherwise you will be avenged by the laws of nature.

Female meditation yoga beauty and health

Female meditation yoga beauty and health

Yoga is popular in women’s life to a certain extent. The charm of yoga is to make women healthier and the body to have a slight relaxation. In yoga, teachers began to ask scholars to perform meditation exercises to relax the body.Reach the efficacy of yoga.

  One form of exercise that is prevalent in the United States is “meditation.”

Take 10 to 40 minutes of meditation every day to focus your attention on one breath, a word or an image, and you can train yourself not to think about the past and the future, or to focus on the current moment and surpass it by fully accepting the reality.

Meditation can not only exercise the body, but more importantly, it can change people’s internal emotions and achieve a true “cultivation.”

  Meditation can help people reduce stress.

Regular meditation regulates the nerves of the brain and relaxes the stressed brain.

Therefore, it is easier for meditators to reach a calm and happy state than ordinary people.

Well-known leader Heather Graham once practiced meditation under the guidance of a doctor, practicing 20 minutes a day after waking up and 20 minutes in the afternoon. She said: “In the past I used to worry about things for a long time because of small things.Is meaningless.

Meditation has taught me that inner peace is the most important thing. If you have this peace, you have everything.

“Some brain and nervous system experts use sophisticated imaging techniques to test and make it more exciting. In deep meditation, the brain and the body also experience subtle changes. Meditation can train the brain and reshape the brain.The brain rebuilds balance when facing mental problems such as depression and excessive excitement.

  Meditation also plays a major role in functional illness.

Many medical studies have proven that meditation can prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, prostate disease, prevent, reduce or control pain caused by cancer, chronic diseases such as cancer, and improve human immunity.

Some researchers have said that the more the meditator’s technology surpasses, the better his immune system functions.

Joan Cabernet Zern opens the first meditation decompression clinic.

He has used meditation to help over 1.

40,000 people relieved the pain caused by the disease.

  Meditation is actually a very simple matter.

On the grass in the park, in spacious indoor venues, or on comfortable chairs, all are places suitable for meditation.

There are various ways of meditation, including: meditation (cross-legged sitting), casual meditation (straight or slightly reclined on the seat), slow walking meditation (at the beginning of each stepIt is easy to slow down, and then completely unaware of your own pace), transcendental meditation (repeatedly repeating a Brahma syllable), music meditation (close your eyes and transfer music to sleepiness), etc.

The time required for meditation can vary from minutes to an hour depending on individual habits.

With the development of society, meditation as a culture changes at the same time.

It is no longer a mystery or even a very popular lifestyle.

Interpreting a lover’s character from a smile


Interpreting a lover’s character from a smile

From the radian of the corner of the mouth, you can see that when a character is crying or laughing, various expressions appear. This is due to the muscle movement of the jacket.

  Like other muscles, facial muscles become stronger as they are used more often.

The strength of the facial muscles can be polished from the usual corner of the mouth.

The person who usually rises at the corner of his mouth is a person who laughs often, is cheerful and lively, loves to speak and has a straightforward personality. The idea of “being with people” (affinity desire) is strong and social.

Because they are full of smiles, they are regarded as “enthusiastic people” and naturally attract many people.

Good temperament, can interact with people, but also has moody, not enough specific side.

  People with drooping corners often feel depressed.

Negative to everything, not interested in or caring for things around him, rarely showing moods of anger and sorrow.

It is difficult to be understood by others and be friends with them.

  People who mumbled hard at the corners of their mouths showed signs of depression.

Although it is not usually easy to speak, once you start criticizing or overcoming people, it will be like a flood dyke.

  A person with a sharp pointed mouth has a lot of things in his heart to say, and there is no way to not tell others. The content is mostly emotional or dissatisfied.

Even if you speak, it’s just playful words, there is nothing to say, and even important things, and the attitude is not very solemn.

  The corners of the mouth are slack and sag, which is a sign of no tension.

There is no quick response to the positive actions of others.

  Distinguishing happy laughter from false laughter is just “smile”, there are dozens of smiles, bitter smiles, mockery and so on.

“Laughter” was originally intended to relieve tension and tension, but like sneer or merciful laughter, it was “laugh” that appeared on unpleasant occasions.

According to different smiles, subtle psychological situations can be polished.

  ”Wow ha ha ha” who laughed, said that he was cheerful and relaxed.

This is also the case for bold and laughter.

It is just that laughing under unnatural circumstances can make people feel other consequences, such as intentionally showing that they are amazing and making them feel bold.

Some people look bold on the outside, but have a strong sense of inferiority and anxiety in their hearts. They want to hide with a big laugh, which is a twisted personality.

  Pouting laughter makes people feel his superiority.

This kind of laugh sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable.

This kind of person may be easy to despise others, and without any concealment, not subtle the subtlety of the psychological, is a person who is alone.

Even if you make a mistake, you will pretend to be “nothing to do with me.”

  The laughter is usually a docile person.

They are cautious and conservative and will help behind others.

If you laugh so informally, there is something to laugh at.

  Not surprisingly, people often laugh.

This complimentary smirk is an act of impressing others (called a catering action).

A smile with the meaning of “I will obey you” means feeling uneasy or worried, and the thoughts of “Please help me” and “Please care about me”.

In addition, there is the message of “I want to be your friend”.

  Is it a smile from the heart? You only need to pay attention to your eyes and your whole body.

Unnatural or purposeful smiles, usually with a smile on the corners of your mouth, but no eyes.

In addition, there was no excitement.

  Redness or whiteness in the face indicates anxiety. Redness in the bladder is evidence of anxiety.

May be upset because “the lie was broken down”, “shameful to say abominable words”, “struck by the pain” and startled . too many people suddenly have a red tide when speaking in front of others!!When you feel angry or disgusted, or when you are excited about something, your face turns red.

Once you find that your face turns red, or someone points out that your face is red, it usually turns redder.

When the face turns red, most of them will turn red from the ears.

Even if he could not see any change in his face, he could see whether his heart was shaking at the ears.

  People who are prone to reddening tend to shake their minds and are therefore likely to cringe.

If you create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, the advantages of being good at listening to others will be more obvious.

Maybe his temper is a little bit urgent.

People who find that their blushes will not hide, are lively and emotionally ups and downs, which is a relatively clear personality.

  Those who turned pale showed strong fear and anxiety in their hearts.

For example, when the situation that affects the lives of oneself and others or whether to stay or not is so serious, not only will the face turn red, it will turn pale.

If you feel uneasy, your face will turn pale.

If your face becomes white because you are angry, it is a symbol of anger. If you do n’t want a method, the consequences will be serious.

5 Tips To Easily Settle Your Picky Baby

5 Tips To Easily Settle Your Picky Baby

1. Most parents who manage refrigerator cabinets know that food and nutrition affect health, but refusing to buy unhealthy food may require better self-control.

Don’t let your child be full of fried foods, pickled foods, processed foods, sweets, sugary drinks, etc., because these foods contain a lot of aunts, salt, sugar and additives, which will not only affect growth and development, but also become a child’s health killer.

Think about it, how can children refuse to be tempted when refrigerators and food cabinets are full of sweets, biscuits, soft drinks, and instant foods?

  Try to change the environment and place fresh and natural healthy foods, such as low-fat fresh milk, low-sugar yogurt, low-fat bread, sweet potatoes, multi-grain biscuits, whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, so that children naturally come into contact with fresh and natural ingredients, therebyBecome a habit that can overtake unhealthy food over time.

  2. Add creativity to food to prepare healthy food and bring creativity!

If the parents feel that the healthy diet is monotonous, boring and unpalatable, then the child may also have the same reaction. How can the child receive a healthy diet?

Parents can try to change the type, shape, color, cooking method, and even the choice of tableware, which may have unexpected results.

In addition, children like to decide things on their own. Involving children in food preparation and design can also improve food acceptance.

  3, adjust the atmosphere to arrange for some children to run around during breaks or play toys while watching TV, in this case, not only destroy the atmosphere created, and the child does not know what they ate, norKnow how much to eat.

This can easily lead to children not recognizing the need for meals and switching to snacks.

  After arranging the appropriate replacement time and fixed replacement space, parents should insist on but not destroy the atmosphere, ask the child to abide by the rules of substitution, let him understand the essence of substitution, and concentrate on eating.

  Correcting with your family is a good learning situation, but you must avoid criticizing food or picky eaters in front of your children, killing them to learn good alternative etiquette and imitating eating behaviors.

In the process of changing your child’s behavior, remember not to use snacks as a reward or exchange condition, such as giving a candy after eating, so as not to lose power and damage the healthy food environment that has been hard to build.

  4. Parents put down their preferences. The diet of young children has always been a big problem for many parents when they raised their children. If you can put down the pressure and face it with ease and correct attitude, you can avoid falling into a tense situation of parent-child relationship.

  In terms of food selection and cooking arrangements, please give up your preference for food first, and try to arrange 6 kinds of fresh and natural foods (milk, grain rhizomes, meat fish beans and eggs, vegetables, etc.) in your child’s environment.Fruits and fats), make healthy meals for kids to choose from.

If the food is rejected by the child, don’t be discouraged and angry, follow the child, use other foods of the same category first, and then use some creativity to change the supply model to increase the child’s acceptance of the food.

  It is the parent’s responsibility to create a pleasant and healthy eating environment for the child!

In such an environment, children have been exposed to a variety of healthy foods since childhood, and they have naturally developed a diet that is not partial to food, replacing the basis for future health.

  5, choose the green light food with the “go green light, stop red light, yellow light be careful” concept to remind you to choose healthy food.

  Green light foods contain essential nutrients for the human body, which are good for health and suitable for daily selection, including natural and original foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and rice.

  Yellow light food contains essential nutrients for the human body, but the content of sugar, oil or salt is slightly higher, and it should be replaced as appropriate, such as fried rice, burger, etc.

  Red light food only provides instant food, sugar, fat and salt are too high, and other nutrients are very small, which can only be satisfied occasionally, such as soda, chocolate, donuts, potato chips, etc.