Dredge the stress source of middle-aged men

Dredge the “stress source” of middle-aged men

In the psychological clinic, the top source of stress for men aged 30-50 is work and interpersonal pressure, followed by economic pressure, marriage and family pressure.
In addition to these three mountains, one’s health and physical decline, the health of the elderly, and the pressure of children to study are all sources of stress for middle-aged men.
  There are also some middle-aged men who have been under pressure for a long time. Although no obvious source of stress can be found, some sudden life events can also be the trigger of mental illness.
Therefore, in this case, special attention should be paid to its emotional fluctuations and various physiological indicators.
  Form of “stress source” Workaholics The normal working time of an average person is 8-10 hours, which is the human health load.
If you work for more than 12 hours, it will cause stress to the human body.
  Extreme Loss The emotional response derived from feelings of loss can lead to pessimism, disappointment, lack of confidence, and even cynicism.
Career pressure is most harmful to white-collar men.
If you can’t withstand this pressure, you will often feel a sense of loss, which is often referred to as “gray psychology”.
  Difficult to bear high pressure white-collar men’s personality and the characteristics of the time marriage, breeding competition.
Being in an atmosphere of fierce competition for a long time will make them extremely nervous, distressed and disappointed, and cause their emotions to fall.
  Family crisis The working environment, social environment, and the value choices and emotional relationships among family members may hide and trigger family crises.
Even when there is no reason for conflict, stress can come to you through your family.
This makes many middle-aged men depressed and upset, and sometimes anxious and upset.
  Strike against disease Disease is the easiest to depress people’s minds, and some will lose their confidence in life.
The stress of illness comes from losing health concerns and losing confidence in recovery.
  贪欲过高   如果对金钱、财富之类心存过高欲望,那就是贪心,使脑神经长期紧张,正常的心脑运动节律加快,产生一种与正常生理机能不协调的节拍,就会伤Brain, sadness, hurt body.
  自我疏导”压力源”   工作张持有度   如果你被紧张的工作压得喘不过气来,最好立即把工作暂放,或者放慢一下,短时间的轻松休息后,可能你会做得更it is good.
  Reasonably arrange work and rest time Strictly implement the work and rest system established by yourself, so that life, study, and work can be carried out regularly.
  Pay attention to fostering a good mentality Strengthen psychological cultivation and develop the habit of psychoanalysis.
Consider making friends with a psychiatrist in order to get their help often.
  Get enough sleep Don’t offend the laws of nature, otherwise you will be avenged by the laws of nature.

Female meditation yoga beauty and health

Female meditation yoga beauty and health

Yoga is popular in women’s life to a certain extent. The charm of yoga is to make women healthier and the body to have a slight relaxation. In yoga, teachers began to ask scholars to perform meditation exercises to relax the body.Reach the efficacy of yoga.

  One form of exercise that is prevalent in the United States is “meditation.”

Take 10 to 40 minutes of meditation every day to focus your attention on one breath, a word or an image, and you can train yourself not to think about the past and the future, or to focus on the current moment and surpass it by fully accepting the reality.

Meditation can not only exercise the body, but more importantly, it can change people’s internal emotions and achieve a true “cultivation.”

  Meditation can help people reduce stress.

Regular meditation regulates the nerves of the brain and relaxes the stressed brain.

Therefore, it is easier for meditators to reach a calm and happy state than ordinary people.

Well-known leader Heather Graham once practiced meditation under the guidance of a doctor, practicing 20 minutes a day after waking up and 20 minutes in the afternoon. She said: “In the past I used to worry about things for a long time because of small things.Is meaningless.

Meditation has taught me that inner peace is the most important thing. If you have this peace, you have everything.

“Some brain and nervous system experts use sophisticated imaging techniques to test and make it more exciting. In deep meditation, the brain and the body also experience subtle changes. Meditation can train the brain and reshape the brain.The brain rebuilds balance when facing mental problems such as depression and excessive excitement.

  Meditation also plays a major role in functional illness.

Many medical studies have proven that meditation can prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, prostate disease, prevent, reduce or control pain caused by cancer, chronic diseases such as cancer, and improve human immunity.

Some researchers have said that the more the meditator’s technology surpasses, the better his immune system functions.

Joan Cabernet Zern opens the first meditation decompression clinic.

He has used meditation to help over 1.

40,000 people relieved the pain caused by the disease.

  Meditation is actually a very simple matter.

On the grass in the park, in spacious indoor venues, or on comfortable chairs, all are places suitable for meditation.

There are various ways of meditation, including: meditation (cross-legged sitting), casual meditation (straight or slightly reclined on the seat), slow walking meditation (at the beginning of each stepIt is easy to slow down, and then completely unaware of your own pace), transcendental meditation (repeatedly repeating a Brahma syllable), music meditation (close your eyes and transfer music to sleepiness), etc.

The time required for meditation can vary from minutes to an hour depending on individual habits.

With the development of society, meditation as a culture changes at the same time.

It is no longer a mystery or even a very popular lifestyle.

Interpreting a lover’s character from a smile


Interpreting a lover’s character from a smile

From the radian of the corner of the mouth, you can see that when a character is crying or laughing, various expressions appear. This is due to the muscle movement of the jacket.

  Like other muscles, facial muscles become stronger as they are used more often.

The strength of the facial muscles can be polished from the usual corner of the mouth.

The person who usually rises at the corner of his mouth is a person who laughs often, is cheerful and lively, loves to speak and has a straightforward personality. The idea of “being with people” (affinity desire) is strong and social.

Because they are full of smiles, they are regarded as “enthusiastic people” and naturally attract many people.

Good temperament, can interact with people, but also has moody, not enough specific side.

  People with drooping corners often feel depressed.

Negative to everything, not interested in or caring for things around him, rarely showing moods of anger and sorrow.

It is difficult to be understood by others and be friends with them.

  People who mumbled hard at the corners of their mouths showed signs of depression.

Although it is not usually easy to speak, once you start criticizing or overcoming people, it will be like a flood dyke.

  A person with a sharp pointed mouth has a lot of things in his heart to say, and there is no way to not tell others. The content is mostly emotional or dissatisfied.

Even if you speak, it’s just playful words, there is nothing to say, and even important things, and the attitude is not very solemn.

  The corners of the mouth are slack and sag, which is a sign of no tension.

There is no quick response to the positive actions of others.

  Distinguishing happy laughter from false laughter is just “smile”, there are dozens of smiles, bitter smiles, mockery and so on.

“Laughter” was originally intended to relieve tension and tension, but like sneer or merciful laughter, it was “laugh” that appeared on unpleasant occasions.

According to different smiles, subtle psychological situations can be polished.

  ”Wow ha ha ha” who laughed, said that he was cheerful and relaxed.

This is also the case for bold and laughter.

It is just that laughing under unnatural circumstances can make people feel other consequences, such as intentionally showing that they are amazing and making them feel bold.

Some people look bold on the outside, but have a strong sense of inferiority and anxiety in their hearts. They want to hide with a big laugh, which is a twisted personality.

  Pouting laughter makes people feel his superiority.

This kind of laugh sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable.

This kind of person may be easy to despise others, and without any concealment, not subtle the subtlety of the psychological, is a person who is alone.

Even if you make a mistake, you will pretend to be “nothing to do with me.”

  The laughter is usually a docile person.

They are cautious and conservative and will help behind others.

If you laugh so informally, there is something to laugh at.

  Not surprisingly, people often laugh.

This complimentary smirk is an act of impressing others (called a catering action).

A smile with the meaning of “I will obey you” means feeling uneasy or worried, and the thoughts of “Please help me” and “Please care about me”.

In addition, there is the message of “I want to be your friend”.

  Is it a smile from the heart? You only need to pay attention to your eyes and your whole body.

Unnatural or purposeful smiles, usually with a smile on the corners of your mouth, but no eyes.

In addition, there was no excitement.

  Redness or whiteness in the face indicates anxiety. Redness in the bladder is evidence of anxiety.

May be upset because “the lie was broken down”, “shameful to say abominable words”, “struck by the pain” and startled . too many people suddenly have a red tide when speaking in front of others!!When you feel angry or disgusted, or when you are excited about something, your face turns red.

Once you find that your face turns red, or someone points out that your face is red, it usually turns redder.

When the face turns red, most of them will turn red from the ears.

Even if he could not see any change in his face, he could see whether his heart was shaking at the ears.

  People who are prone to reddening tend to shake their minds and are therefore likely to cringe.

If you create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, the advantages of being good at listening to others will be more obvious.

Maybe his temper is a little bit urgent.

People who find that their blushes will not hide, are lively and emotionally ups and downs, which is a relatively clear personality.

  Those who turned pale showed strong fear and anxiety in their hearts.

For example, when the situation that affects the lives of oneself and others or whether to stay or not is so serious, not only will the face turn red, it will turn pale.

If you feel uneasy, your face will turn pale.

If your face becomes white because you are angry, it is a symbol of anger. If you do n’t want a method, the consequences will be serious.

5 Tips To Easily Settle Your Picky Baby

5 Tips To Easily Settle Your Picky Baby

1. Most parents who manage refrigerator cabinets know that food and nutrition affect health, but refusing to buy unhealthy food may require better self-control.

Don’t let your child be full of fried foods, pickled foods, processed foods, sweets, sugary drinks, etc., because these foods contain a lot of aunts, salt, sugar and additives, which will not only affect growth and development, but also become a child’s health killer.

Think about it, how can children refuse to be tempted when refrigerators and food cabinets are full of sweets, biscuits, soft drinks, and instant foods?

  Try to change the environment and place fresh and natural healthy foods, such as low-fat fresh milk, low-sugar yogurt, low-fat bread, sweet potatoes, multi-grain biscuits, whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, so that children naturally come into contact with fresh and natural ingredients, therebyBecome a habit that can overtake unhealthy food over time.

  2. Add creativity to food to prepare healthy food and bring creativity!

If the parents feel that the healthy diet is monotonous, boring and unpalatable, then the child may also have the same reaction. How can the child receive a healthy diet?

Parents can try to change the type, shape, color, cooking method, and even the choice of tableware, which may have unexpected results.

In addition, children like to decide things on their own. Involving children in food preparation and design can also improve food acceptance.

  3, adjust the atmosphere to arrange for some children to run around during breaks or play toys while watching TV, in this case, not only destroy the atmosphere created, and the child does not know what they ate, norKnow how much to eat.

This can easily lead to children not recognizing the need for meals and switching to snacks.

  After arranging the appropriate replacement time and fixed replacement space, parents should insist on but not destroy the atmosphere, ask the child to abide by the rules of substitution, let him understand the essence of substitution, and concentrate on eating.

  Correcting with your family is a good learning situation, but you must avoid criticizing food or picky eaters in front of your children, killing them to learn good alternative etiquette and imitating eating behaviors.

In the process of changing your child’s behavior, remember not to use snacks as a reward or exchange condition, such as giving a candy after eating, so as not to lose power and damage the healthy food environment that has been hard to build.

  4. Parents put down their preferences. The diet of young children has always been a big problem for many parents when they raised their children. If you can put down the pressure and face it with ease and correct attitude, you can avoid falling into a tense situation of parent-child relationship.

  In terms of food selection and cooking arrangements, please give up your preference for food first, and try to arrange 6 kinds of fresh and natural foods (milk, grain rhizomes, meat fish beans and eggs, vegetables, etc.) in your child’s environment.Fruits and fats), make healthy meals for kids to choose from.

If the food is rejected by the child, don’t be discouraged and angry, follow the child, use other foods of the same category first, and then use some creativity to change the supply model to increase the child’s acceptance of the food.

  It is the parent’s responsibility to create a pleasant and healthy eating environment for the child!

In such an environment, children have been exposed to a variety of healthy foods since childhood, and they have naturally developed a diet that is not partial to food, replacing the basis for future health.

  5, choose the green light food with the “go green light, stop red light, yellow light be careful” concept to remind you to choose healthy food.

  Green light foods contain essential nutrients for the human body, which are good for health and suitable for daily selection, including natural and original foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and rice.

  Yellow light food contains essential nutrients for the human body, but the content of sugar, oil or salt is slightly higher, and it should be replaced as appropriate, such as fried rice, burger, etc.

  Red light food only provides instant food, sugar, fat and salt are too high, and other nutrients are very small, which can only be satisfied occasionally, such as soda, chocolate, donuts, potato chips, etc.

Bedtime Yoga Shapes the Perfect Curve

Bedtime Yoga Shapes the Perfect Curve

Before going to bed is a good time to exercise. Losing weight and doing yoga before bed can effectively thin legs and arms, so that excess meat disappears without trace!

  1. Arm balance fracture step1 Sitting on the bed with legs crossed, raising head and chest, straightening spine, hands on feet.

  Step2 Lift your hands to both sides to half the height, palm down, and keep breathing evenly.

  Step3 Twist one hand upwards, palms up, so repeat alternately twisting in opposite directions and repeat 15 times.

  2, bridge step1 sitting on the bed, legs open with shoulder width, bending, about 30 cm from the pedal.

Straighten back up, fingertips forward, upper body slightly tilted back.

  Step2 With all the limbs forced, it will be lifted forward from the ground and its thighs, waist and shoulders on the same plane, stop for 10-15 seconds, and then lower.

repeat three times.

  3, rabbit-style step1 sitting cross-legged on the bed with both feet stretched backwards, fingers crossed fists.

  The main shaft of step2 is bent forward until the forehead touches the ground, and the arm is tilted upward, so it forms a 90-degree angle with the ground.

Stop for 10-15 seconds and repeat three times.

  4. Cross your arms and make a fist. Step1 Sitting on the bed with your legs crossed, your back is straight, your hands are twisted forward and your fingers are crossed.

  Step2 Slowly tilt your arm upwards over the top of your head to the back of your head, and feel the spine extending from your fingertips to your fingertips. Raise your head gradually, keep breathing slowly, repeat three times.

  5, plate step1 prone on the bed, feet separated with shoulder width, feet feet hooked, toes point to the ground, both hands bent elbows on the top, chin point to the ground.

  Step2 Use your limbs to tighten your abdomen, lift your body up, and keep it on the same plane from head to toe, taking care not to tilt your hips.

After stopping for 10-15 seconds, repeat three times.

Eating shiitake mushrooms can prevent colds

Eating shiitake mushrooms can prevent colds

Shiitake contains mushroom ribonucleic acid, which has a protective effect against cold viruses.

  Colds can occur all year round, especially the elderly, infants, and frail people who are more vulnerable to the cold.

There are many ways to prevent colds. Among them, drinking mushroom soup to prevent colds is a very convenient and acceptable method.

  Eating shiitake mushrooms regularly can promote metabolism, make people full of energy, and make them less prone to colds.

It is said that Bohemians living in the Czech Republic have natural immunity to colds, which is related to their frequent consumption of shiitake mushrooms in the mountains.

The reason why shiitake mushrooms can prevent colds is inseparable.

Through research, scientists have found that mushroom mushrooms contain mushroom ribonucleic acid, which can stimulate human reticular tissue cells and leukocytes to release interferon, and interferon can destroy the virus in the human body and strengthen the body’s resistance to influenza virus.

Lentinula purine in Lentinula edodes also has a substituted antiviral function.

In addition, scientists have also discovered that betel nut-shaped particles on the spores of shiitake mushrooms can stimulate the cold virus to form a thick wall. After this thick wall is formed, the cold virus is lost and makes peopleAbility to develop cold symptoms with other animals.

Therefore, in the cold-prone season and the flu epidemic, the intake of shiitake mushrooms should be appropriately increased, and those who are susceptible to colds should pay more attention.

  There are many ways to eat shiitake mushrooms. They can be eaten alone or with pork, chicken, duck, etc .; they can be cooked and roasted to make delicious alternatives, and they can also be cooked and cooked to make them delicious.soup.

The latest research from the United States points out that drinking chicken soup often can improve the body’s immune system, make cold viruses recover from the body as soon as possible, and help people drive away the flu.

  The specific method is: chop 1/2 chicken (about 500 grams) into pieces, scald and remove blood water, lift up and wash for later use;
15 shiitake mushrooms are softened, washed, drained and cut into half; put the washed chicken pieces in a saucepan, add an appropriate amount of water and seasoning such as onion, ginger, cooking wine, etc. Cover the pot and simmer for 40 minutesAfter a few minutes, add shiitake mushrooms and a moderate amount of salt, continue to simmer for 20 minutes, add MSG, and serve.

For patients with qi deficiency who suffers from repeated colds and sweating disorders, 10 jujubes will be added for soup.

  Shiitake contains potassium, and patients with hyperkalemia and those who are taking digitalis should eat less or not.

How seven types of food make children smart

How seven types of food make children smart

Want to make your baby smarter?

Then you must not miss the following 7 foods that make your baby eat more and more clever: First, foods that can stimulate creativity: Ginger contains gingerol and volatile oils, which can replace blood in the human body and flow more smoothly.Providing more nutrients and oxygen to the brain helps stimulate one’s imagination and creativity.

  Second, foods that can enhance memory: Soy beans are rich in lecithin, can release acetylcholine in the human body, it is the axial direction of transmitting information between brain nerve cells, and it can greatly increase memory.

  Eating carrots synergistically strengthens the brain’s metabolism.

Pineapple contains a lot of vitamin C and trace elements, and it has little conversion, which helps improve memory.

  Third, foods that can increase sensitivity: Walnuts contain enough high-quality proteins and fatty acids, which are good for brain cell growth.

Chestnuts are rich in lecithin, protein, and zinc, which help improve thinking sensitivity.

  Fourth, foods that can concentrate intensity: Onions can replace blood and improve the blood supply to the brain, thereby eliminating psychological fatigue and excessive tension.

Eating half an onion every day can get good results.

  Fifth, foods that can improve the analysis ability: Peanuts contain amino acids necessary for the human body, which can prevent premature aging and improve intelligence, promote the metabolism of brain cells, protect blood vessels, and prevent brain function decline.

  6. Foods that can promote sleep: Xiaomi has a significant hypnotic effect. If you eat millet porridge in the right amount half an hour before bedtime, it can help you fall asleep.

  7. Foods that can improve efficiency: Sugar can be smoothly absorbed into brain tissue through various barriers of the brain and absorbed, which can improve people’s learning and work efficiency.

Four points to pay attention to in the spring

Four points to pay attention to in the spring

As the saying goes, the plan for the day lies in the morning and the plan for the year lies in the spring.

Because spring is the season when everything grows and the season when many diseases wantonly, how should spring health be carried out?

It is said that nourishing the liver in spring can regulate the liver fire in winter and avoid the yin deficiency that appears in summer.

So what’s the benefit of raising your heart in spring?

  Today, let’s learn how to raise heart and liver in spring and how it can help prevent disease.

  The method of cultivating the mind is to protect the heart and experience the cold in winter. In spring, we must pay attention to “is disease-proof.”

The climate is changeable in spring. Changes in climate and temperature can stimulate blood vessels and easily lead to complications in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. This is why facial paralysis and stroke occur in spring.


Exercise to raise the heart Although traditional Chinese medicine has always advocated keeping the mind quiet, maintaining psychological balance, and lacking desire, this is only for mental activity.

Less exercise and no exercise will lead to poor cardiopulmonary function, insufficient blood supply to the thorax, low blood volume in the blood vessels, and early onset of cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Therefore, you should exercise more in the spring.

  For different groups of people, spring mind-building campaigns are also different.

Young people can perform some aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling, and enhancing cardiopulmonary function.

Middle-aged and elderly people can take gentle health exercises, such as Taijiquan, walking, spring outing, etc., this can increase and enhance cardiopulmonary function, can promote blood circulation in the body, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.


Coarse grains support the heart. The occurrence of cardiovascular disease in modern people is mostly related to diet. Diets that are too fat and thick, and high in salt content, will lead to the occurrence of three high and induce disease.

Spring is the season of seasonal vegetables and grains, and people’s diets may lack vitamins and precipitated fiber.

Coarse grains have not undergone multiple processing procedures, and sedimentary fiber and vitamins are more fully retained.

Dietary fiber is good for controlling blood sugar and blood fat, and it can also absorb fat from food.

In addition, the skin of coarse grains contains a large amount of vitamin B group elements, which can promote the metabolism of trace and carbohydrates, while protecting the skin and hair.

  The method of nourishing the liver in the spring is wood in the five elements, and the liver is also wood. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the liver is in the spring, and the liver is nourished while the liver is in the spring. At the same time, spring is also a season of frequent liver disease.


In traditional Chinese medicine, Chunyou Yanggan’s liver is neglected, and its main function is reflected in emotions. Liver insufficiency is prone to stagnation of liver qi, people will become depressed, and irritability and irritability have long appeared.

  Spring temperature slowly rises and everything grows, which is a good time for spring outings.

Spring outings can regulate emotions and relieve liver and qi.

At the same time, you can exercise a proper amount of body to promote blood circulation and improve immunity.

And the harm caused by different activities is different. For example, flying a kite can protect the eyes and cervical spine, and you can lose weight on foot.

Spring tour can not only raise your heart and lose weight, but also relax your mood and regulate your liver qi.


Eating Sprouts and Liver TCM says that the green is the liver, and there are fewer seasonal vegetables in the spring. If you want to nourish the liver, you can choose sprouts.

  Sprout refers to the sprouts that we often eat in our lives, and is also a kind of food such as bean sprouts.

Sprouts are very rich in trace elements, especially vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

  Sprouts can effectively eliminate spring dryness, so it is very suitable to eat in spring season.

Sprouts can help people’s internal organs change from winter Tibetan to spring, and have clearing heat and detoxifying.

  From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, sprouts are cold and sweet and have the effect of clearing heat and nourishing the liver, which is very suitable for spring consumption to dredge the liver.

  The liver is our body’s largest detoxifying organ. A healthy liver allows us to avoid troubles such as belching, bloating, constipation, and the like, and it also plays a role in regulating blood sugar.

  Sprouts are rich in a variety of enzymes that can help break down and absorb protein. It is a favorite food of the liver.

  In addition to strengthening the spleen and liver, sprouts can also effectively prevent the occurrence of angular cheilitis in the spring.  Sprouts are very easy to digest after consumption, can clear heat and detoxify, diuretic and dehumidify, and have a very good relief effect on dry mouth and thirst during the dryness of the spring and redness in the urine.

  Moreover, sprouts are very suitable for people who lose weight in spring. Pea sprouts are rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus. Eating pea sprouts is perfect for nourishing the liver in spring.

  Sprouts currently on the market will more or less add unhealthy additives, especially rootless bean sprouts, which are nationally stipulated foods that cannot be sold.

For health, we can make sprouts at home by ourselves. Rongwei bean sprouts machine can meet our idea. Its double-layer design and large crop can be used as your private small vegetable garden, which is nutritious and healthy.

  Although the temperature in spring is changeable, but generally it is slowly warming. As the temperature rises, bacteria and viruses are prone to raging, and the body is also prone to disease.

Cardiovascular disease and liver disease easily occur in the spring, so health begins in the spring.

In the above, we briefly introduced the methods of raising heart and heart in spring. Exercises, coarse grains, spring outings, and sprouts can be carried out in spring.

Infant Practicing Yoga Helps Digestion, Helps Sleep

Infant Practicing Yoga Helps Digestion, Helps Sleep

Since the first baby yoga class appeared in 1999, baby yoga has taken the nation by storm and has become a new favorite of major American health magazines and TV shows.

Stretching and stretching legs, newborns up to the age of 4 are suitable for reporters to come to the medical center in Arlington County, Florida, USA, a unique baby yoga class instead.

Accompanied by soothing and gentle music, coach Audrey instructed moms to do yoga movements with a gentle and gentle voice.

Many babies who are still unable to walk stretch, kick, and stand upside down with the help of their mothers.

In the whole process, they didn’t cry and didn’t make any noise, and they suddenly enjoyed it very much.

  According to Autley, this kind of yoga is called Little Yoga in the United States.

At the beginning, some babies will be excited, but after the “magic action” with appropriate intensity, the babies can calm down quickly.

As the frequency of exercises increases and the ability to understand movements deepens, many children will be able to make more difficult movements, such as mountains, trees, puppies, handstands, cobras, and various extended movements.

  Coach Autley reminded that although newborn babies to 4 years old can do yoga, there are also different courses for different “ages”.

Before the baby can walk, the yoga movements must be done under the guidance of the parents “hands-on”; for the children who have just learned to walk, parents usually sit and support them to assist them in completing the yoga movements.

As a result, pediatric experts and nurses believe that yoga is generally safe for infants.

Sleep well, digest well, and grow up. Ms. Helen Garabedian, founder of Infant Yoga, pointed out that the participants of Infant Yoga make children sleep better, digest better, and grow stronger.

Although not many researchers have researched its efficacy, the response of participation is often positive through practice.

  According to Helen, this yoga helps to stimulate the baby’s potential, strengthen neuromuscular coordination, improve immunity, and enhance baby’s self-confidence, which can also help them better control their emotions.

For parents, they can also reduce stress, improve communication with their children, and learn how to calm their children.

Postpartum mothers can “get two birds with one stone”, which can not only slim down and lose weight postpartum, but also contact the baby’s skin at the same time, communicate with the eyes, and spend a good parent-child time together.

At the same time, yoga classes can prevent babies from being “confined” in their small circle from birth. Yoga allows them to make contact with society for the first time, which has a potential impact on their future growth.

The intensity of the exercise should be modest. However, Auntie also chooses. Usually, you should not overdo it at home. You can usually do it three times a week, once an hour.

And you must pay attention to safety when practicing yoga. Use yoga mats, loose clothing and gentle movements.

There are more than 125 unique movements in baby yoga. If your baby can’t do certain movements, you don’t need to force them.

  It is understood that teachers who teach baby yoga in the United States must be professional yoga instructors and must be professionally recognized.

One mother said that the coach taught her a lot of things: be quiet while practicing, and keep your mother and baby’s eyes on each other.

“I think the baby likes quiet and soft eyes. When he sees his mother watching him, he gets a great sense of security and has no interest in practicing yoga.

Acupuncture treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation should pay attention to symptomatic acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation should pay attention to symptomatic acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation is based on syndrome differentiation and treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Chinese medicine divides impotence and premature ejaculation into two types, namely, life-gate fire failure and hot and humid betting.

When treating with acupuncture, Chinese medicine pays special attention to applying acupuncture.

  The pathological mechanisms of the two types of impotence and premature ejaculation are as follows: life-gate fire failure: sexual indulgence, or juvenile mistaken masturbation, damage to kidney qi, life-gate fire failure, zonal tendon loss; or panic, kidney injury, too much thought, phase fireViolent movements, wasting kidney essence, and impotence due to zonal tendon insufficiency.

That is to say, the “discussion of similar syndromes” says: if you are injured inside, you can’t afford it. Therefore, the yang is mostly caused by diarrhea, too much funeral, or anxiety, or fear of hurting the kidney.

This leads to impotence.

  Damp-heat betting: drinking thick taste, spleen and stomach injury, abnormal dysfunction, damp-turbid endogenous, melancholy heat, damp-turbid betting, zongjin stretch and erect impotence, but such impotence is rare, such as Zhang JingqiuIt has been said that those with fire dysfunction are ten or seventy, and those with fire dysfunction only have ears to treat impotence and premature ejaculation. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, so different acupuncture methods are used according to different types. The following is a specific introduction to acupuncture treatment.

  1, hit the door fire failure main card: do not lift the Yang matter, or not strong, pale, cold limbs, dizziness, dizziness, completion of the waist and legs, pale tongue and white fur, thin pulse, if both heart and spleenInjured people have palpitations, timidity, insomnia and other evidence.

  Governing Law: Take Renmai, mainly Foot Shaoyin Meridian.

Acupuncture and moxibustion are used to nourish the kidney and impotence.

  Prescription: Mingmen Guanyuan Shen Yu Taixi Acupuncture points: Xinyu, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao can be added to the heart and spleen.

  Fang Yi: Deterioration of life gate, impotence of kidney yang deficiency, take life gate, Shenshu, Taixi tonifying kidney and impotence; Guan Yuan is the meeting point of Zu Sanyin and Renmai, which can strengthen the vitality of the human body, Pei YuanguAphrodisiac; Xinyu, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao tonify the heart and spleen.

  2, the main evidence of hot and humid betting: weak penis atrophy can not erect, both mouth base or thirsty, hot red urine, sleepy completion of lower limbs, yellow greasy fur, pulse count.

  Governing Law: Take Renmai, mainly foot meridian points.

Acupuncture with diarrhea to clear away damp heat.

  Prescription: Zhongsan Sanyinjiao Yinlingquan Zusanli.

  Fang Yi: impotence caused by hot and humid betting. The disease is caused by spleen dampness, stagnation and heat, so Sanyinjiao, Yinlingquan, spleen and dampness are taken; dampness and heat of Zhongjiqingxiajiao; Zusanli to help spleen and dampness.

  Other acupuncture treatments for impotence and premature ejaculation: ear acupuncture point selection: external genital testis endocrine method: medium stimulation, twist every 10 minutes, leaving the needle for 30 minutes.

  Although acupuncture can effectively treat premature ejaculation, the requirements for acupuncturists are relatively high, and patients cannot use it without authorization to avoid danger.