5 reefs in muscle training

5 reefs in muscle training

It is the pursuit of many men to build a healthy muscle and build a healthy body, but for friends who have just stepped into the fitness ranks, some nutritional misunderstandings in fitness are like new reefs.If you do not pay attention to avoiding, it is easy to “reach the rocks”, which will not achieve the purpose of bodybuilding and muscle growth, but will damage your health.

  Reef 1: Only training and no nutrition Many bodybuilding enthusiasts are keen to sweat in the gym, can’t wait to bench press when they enter the gym, curls . think that the more you train, the higher the intensity, the better the effect of muscle gain,Nutrition is another key factor that often leads to muscle gain.

There is a saying in the bodybuilding industry that “building up muscles is half training and half eating”. This is indeed a popular experience.

“Exercise” refers to scientific exercise, and “eating” refers to reasonable nutritional supplements.

The first Olympic Mr. Larry in 1965?

Scott said, “90% of bodybuilding comes from nutrition.” This phrase makes sense.

Just as people push down low bungalows and then build tall buildings, muscle building is also a process of destroying and then rebuilding and eventually achieving excessive recovery.

High-rise buildings cannot be built without sufficient raw materials, and it is difficult to gain muscle without a reasonable nutritional supplement.

So how is it reasonable to eat?

Daily formulas for bodybuilders can follow this formula: Moderate protein foods plus low-fat foods plus high-carb foods.

  Reef 2: Eat more meat and grow muscles. The growth of muscles requires excessively redundant raw materials, so many people will have this wrong view-“eat more meat and grow muscles.”

It is true that protein is the raw material for muscle growth. In order to meet muscle growth, the protein intake must reach 1.

6-2 grams / kg of body weight / day, but if these proteins are obtained by eating meat alone, the accompanying “by-products” may be redundant supplements, and eventually the muscles will grow into fat.

Therefore, we must choose appropriate foods to supplement protein, and choose low-level meat foods in daily diet, such as skinless chicken breast, lean beef, fish and other meats. Chicken protein is also a good choice;If the economy permits, you can take some professional protein powder nutrition products, which can effectively help bodybuilding enthusiasts gain muscle without increasing fat.

  Reef 3: The more protein you have, the better. Some bodybuilders mistakenly believe that “since protein is an important ingredient for muscle growth, eating more will help you gain muscle.”

It turns out that this is really a beautiful mistake!

Muscle builders really need more protein than ordinary people. For the average muscle builder, it is 1 per kilogram of body weight per day.

6-2 grams of protein can fully meet the needs, and the excess protein cannot be used by the human body.

On the contrary, excessive protein is harmful from a medical point of view, which will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys of the human body. Long-term high-protein diet will cause abnormal liver and kidney function; a large amount of protein will produce many toxic wastes during metabolism, causing dehydration and body fluids.Acidification causes fatigue to occur early and expands training effects.

  Reef 4: Ignoring the supplement of vegetables and fruits Many people often notice that they have added enough energy and protein, but for vegetables and fruits, they do n’t know so much. They think that these foods have no important effect on muscle growth.Many bodybuilding enthusiasts have poor muscle gains.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Muscle-building exercises will consume a lot of vitamins and minerals. Without effective supplements, it will easily cause disturbances in energy and material metabolism, and the body will be easily fatigued.

More importantly, certain vitamins and minerals in vegetables and fruits, such as boron, zinc, and Vc, can promote the secretion of thyroid ketones, and ketones are beneficial to promote muscle growth. A large number of vegetable and fruit supplements can often increase muscle gains with less effort.Effect; effect, lycopene, Vc, Ve, etc., which can be improved in vegetables and fruits, have good antioxidant effects, can effectively remove excess oxidants in the body caused by strength training, thereby protecting muscle cells and promoting fatigue recovery.

  Reef 5: Adding a meal before bed is good for muscle growth Many primary muscle enthusiasts, especially those who are thinner and thinner, want to add meals before bed in order to make their muscles grow quickly.

But after the earliest, they will find that the circumference of their muscles has not changed, but the thickness of their belly is gradually increasing, which makes them very distressed and easy.

In fact, the reason is very simple, eat more before going to bed, and the body’s metabolism slows down during sleep, which can’t be consumed, which will inevitably turn into aunt hoarding.

When does a meal increase help build muscle?

First, eat some cakes, bananas and other foods 30 minutes to an hour before each exercise to ensure the energy supply during the exercise; second, you must seize the “gold” of this nutritional supplement within 30 minutes after each exercise”Period”, this period is the period when muscle synthesis is at its peak. Supplementing one or two eggs or a spoonful of protein powder can help repair and rebuild injured muscles and tissues and alleviate symptoms such as muscle soreness.

Kindergarten transfers are good or bad for children

Kindergarten transfers are good or bad for children

The event of the baby entering the garden is really making parents worry about it!

Too many parents are exhausting their brains and exhausting many methods, in order to allow the baby to smoothly adapt to kindergarten life. After previous reminders of experience and consideration of the actual situation, some parents choose to enter the school by shifting, mainly to avoid 9The bleak scene of collective crying at the beginning of the month; a teacher with good luck will pay more attention and energy because the babies are new to the class.

Therefore, we did a small survey and found that parents are basically divided into three schools for babies: they want to be transferred, do not want to be transferred and do not know to substitute more suitable; and the survey results show that if the internal and external environment permit, hopeThe majority of the parents whose babies are transferred to the garden, but there are also as many as one third of the parents who are still hesitant to go between the transfer and non-transfer.

Admissions survey: If you have the opportunity to transfer, will you want your baby to be transferred to the school?

35% do not want to be transferred, 34% do not know that it is at least more suitable 31% of parents who want to be transferred to the school think that the transfer is more conducive to the rapid adaptation of the baby.At first, it was correct to choose a shift for the baby, because the baby adapts well after entering the school, and can more freely choose the time of entering the school according to the actual situation of the baby.Entering the park with everyone, the same starting point is more conducive to the baby’s self-confidence.

In addition, there are still a large number of parents who do not know that it is at least more appropriate, and they are uncertain about keeping their babies out of class.

It can be seen that non-shifting has become an important issue for parents who have not entered the park to choose the timing of their baby’s admission. Here, we replace the three aspects of parents, kindergarten teachers, and principals, and analyze in detail for parentsI hope to answer your doubts and help you maintain your position.

Opposition: There is no end in the world, and there are not a few who have objections to the transfer, and look at their concerns.

Little tomato mother in Shanghai: The baby is easy to be isolated. The little tomato entered the park in September. At that time, it did not reach the age of two and a half for the kindergarten admission requirements.

I have also considered whether to wait for two and a half years of age to join the class.

I think that babies who are transferred are easily isolated.

Everyone enters the park at the same time, they don’t know each other, the starting point is the same.

After gradual contact, the relatives will be separated automatically, and it will be more difficult for babies who join later to join these basically stable small groups.

If the baby is isolated, it will cause inferiority, which will cause many other psychological problems.

Regarding the crying at the beginning of admission, the baby almost always cried for several days.

Little Tomato proudly told me when she returned: “Everyone cried.

“I thought, if he was in a shift, and he was crying alone, wouldn’t he feel very shameless?

In fact, the most important thing is to enter the garden with all the newborn babies, and the parents can compare their babies’ adaptability.

If you can’t compare the transfers, your parents will know if it’s the kindergarten teacher’s problem or the baby’s own problem.

Learn the baby’s phlegm tricks

Learn the baby’s phlegm tricks

[Guide]Pediatric pneumonia is related to colds and sputum in the throat.

Children who have a bad diet during a cold will have more sputum in their throats and will have a higher chance of developing pneumonia.

Let’s learn the tricks of phlegm reduction after a cold.

  Li Zengqing, deputy chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, told reporters: “Children’s pneumonia is mostly caused by weather changes.

It is easy for people to catch a cold when the weather changes, and the cold is always difficult to treat and is not timely, it is easy to develop pneumonia.

“He reminded parents that most children’s pneumonia occurs three days after the cold, so children should go to the hospital for treatment if the cold does not improve within three days.” Especially for children who have a fever for three days, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. ”

  Infant course recovery “There is a capillary near the throat of the neck. The infection above this position is medically called ‘upper respiratory infection’, such as a cold.

If the cold is not cured, the germs will go down the trachea, from the trachea to the bronchi, and then into the lungs, causing pneumonia.

Li Zengqing introduced.

  The pathogens that cause pneumonia include bacteria, mycoplasma, and viruses. In most cases, it takes three days for the pathogens to infect the lungs, so if a cold in children does not improve for three days, seek medical attention.

Some pathogens are special, and the patient develops pneumonia within one day of fever, but this situation is relatively rare in clinical practice.

  Li Zengqing also reminded parents that infants and young children’s immunity, the rapid progress of colds and rapid changes, and sometimes the cold can develop into pneumonia within a day.

In fact, infant pneumonia gets better and faster, the key is to seek medical treatment early, so the advice to parents of infants and young children is to see a doctor as soon as they catch a cold.

  The child was short of breath and heeded that “for children, pneumonia is the disease that causes the highest number of deaths,” said Li Zengqing. “Untreated, pneumonia can cause complications in multiple systems and organs of the body because the pathogens have not been killed.”Toxins are deposited in the body.

For example, pneumonia can be complicated by myocarditis and heart failure. If the child has congenital heart disease, immune deficiency, malnutrition and other problems, it will be more likely to cause such complications.

“In the clinic, some patients died of pneumonia complicated by sepsis. The reason was that the pathogen entered the blood, and the blood produced toxins and caused sepsis.

  Li Zengqing reminded parents that the main symptoms of pneumonia are cough, persistent fever, and shortness of breath. Parents can find that the child has problems such as increased breathing frequency, nose flaps, open mouth breathing, and deep breathing.

Be especially vigilant if your child develops the above symptoms after having a cold.

  In life, parents are relieved when they see that their child has no fever. They think the problem is not serious. In fact, fever is not a necessary symptom of pneumonia. Children who have a cold but do not have the same risk of pneumonia.

  Doctors remind that expectoration can help prevent sputum in the throat of patients with excessive pneumonia, and sputum is closely related to pneumonia.

Li Zengqing reminded parents that the harmful penetration of sputum in the respiratory tract, people with sputum in the throat are more likely to get pneumonia than those without sputum, because pathogens can breed in the sputum.

In addition, in the treatment of pneumonia, phlegm elimination is also very important. Sputum in the respiratory tract will aggravate the symptoms of pneumonia and delay the rate of improvement of pneumonia.

  Slap phlegm is a waste product of the body, which is harmful to the body and is best excreted.

Adults have stronger muscles and usually can cough up sputum by themselves.

Infants and young children have weak muscle strength and it is more difficult to sputum voluntarily. Parents can learn “pat back and remove phlegm” to help the baby cough up sputum.

The specific method is to let the child lie prone on the bed, the parents arched the back of the hand to be hollow, and patted the child’s side from the bottom up, using vibration to make the sputum easier to enter the gas tube and discharge.

Li Zengqing reminded parents to pay attention to the method of slap, not to pat with the palm of the hand, but to pat with a hollow palm, otherwise the sputum output is not good.

If you do not understand the operation, you may wish to consult a professional nurse. It is estimated that you can also go to the hospital for physical therapy to assist sputum removal.

  Don’t eat sweets and cold drinks Parents also need to pay attention to their children’s diet.

Some parents believe that “you ca n’t eat fruit when you have cough and sputum because the fruit is cold.” Li Zengqing believes that this is a wrong concept. Nutrition is very important for physical recovery. Children should maintain a normal diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.Drink plenty of water to help your body recover.

His many years of clinical experience found that eating sweets, drinking cold drinks, and eating junk food such as potato chips will increase cough and increase sputum volume, which is really inconvenient to eat.

If the weather is cold, parents should pay attention to keep their children warm and keep air in the room.

  There are many folk prescriptions for cough and phlegm removal, and there are many types of phlegm removal drugs. Doctors generally make symptomatic choices based on the characteristics of sputum and the patient’s condition, and parents should not take them privately.

  In addition, for children with normal immune function over 6 months, pneumonia vaccine can be injected to reduce the incidence of pneumonia.

How to vent complaints in the workplace

How to vent complaints in the workplace

In life, we often use this direct way, regardless of the three or seventy two, complaints, complaints blurted out.

In a hurry, there will inevitably be discomfort.

So some people may be confused by your complaints and get bored inside, but the people who really annoy you are just fine, after complaining, everything is still the same.

As everyone knows, complaints also have art at all.

  Readme: I was a sophomore in college that year.

At the end of the year, I ranked 4th in the class.

By convention, the top 8 classes receive scholarships by default.

I’ve figured out my mind early. The second-class scholarship is worth 300 yuan in cash.

This is my life-saving money, and the tuition for next semester counts on it.

I never expected that my name would not be on the scholarship list!

The 9th place was shortlisted, but I was dropped.

Why is that?

  I went to the counselor angrily.

The instructor saw me at all, and said that the assessment was based on external scores, and they also needed to assess their usual performance, especially their mentality.

Many students report that your grievances and repetitions are too many, and do not meet the standards of an outstanding student, so the class committee decided to cancel your academic qualification after discussion . The counselor’s words, like a thunderstorm, hit my heart.
I was surprised, then angry, and then ashamed. My face was feverish, and finally I was so low that my chest couldn’t be lower.

The counselor patted me on the main axis and spoke for a long time. Go back and think about it. I believe you will still get a scholarship next year.

  I quit the counselor’s office without saying a word, and at that moment, I felt that the whole world was laughing at me, ridiculing me, and letting me feel complacent.

I have little room to refute the counselor’s words, because I really like the counselor said, I like to complain and cry, and my classmates call me a “worry ghost”.

  Is it a problem to complain?

That whole day, I was entangled in this problem. I never noticed that complaints would also affect my survival plan.

That night, I rolled to bed and meditated without supper.

What kind of person am I in my classmates’ heart?

  I remember that my family was poor, so I often suffocated my unfair destiny; I organized class activities, and I stayed at these messy things that delayed my studies; I noticed everything in school, disappointed.In other words, my classmates didn’t take notes seriously during class, even the toilet was too dirty, the food was too poor, the school was too closed . I never cooperated with anything from national events to eating and drinking.The attitude of disdain and dissatisfaction, complaining everywhere, repeating, said in the bedroom, said at the class meeting, said when eating, still talking while studying, complaints are inseparable from me.

Thinking of this, I have become more and more difficult to fall asleep on the other side. I didn’t expect that I looked like this. How can a classmate bear such a complaint for so long?

  The next morning, I almost woke up without a face. I slept in the quilt until noon. When I got up, I had decided that starting today, I would change completely.

  I swear to keep my mouth shut and not to talk casually.

It does create a sense of anger.

This practice was quite difficult in the first few days. I often bitten my teeth, but I didn’t let the complaint escape.

This must be a kind of torture for me. You know, I love talking.

  After a month, I felt like I could close my mouth.

When I closed my grumble, I realized that I was able to set aside my mind to observe the things around me. Boots found that not everything can be solved by grumble, grumble is just a vent of negative emotions, onlyDissatisfaction aggravates, and the only way to find a solution to a problem is a positive attitude.

  How should complaints be made?

  I started to think about how to make a normal complaint.

As long as you have a mentality to solve the problem, you will find that there are actually no complaints.

In fact, when I encounter a dissatisfaction, I will not easily express my opinions. I always think about it in my mind first. Is it worth complaining?

How useful will it be?

If you only laugh at it, shut up quickly; if you can speak out and improve, then find someone who can solve the problem.  This kind of thinking is very useful, and gradually I became a positive and optimistic person. It turned out that the negative emotions were spread at that moment, and the people who complained were gone.

  After work, I also have good habits. Colleagues rarely hear complaints and repetitions from my mouth. What they see is a hard-working colleague who does not easily comment. I have won a good reputation and colleagues.It’s been good.

Soon, I was reused.

  Now thinking about it, a good attitude is not born in nature. Any pearl has to go through a long temper before it starts to shine. Life has taught me and it will also give me gains.

  In such grieving lives, we often adopt this direct way, regardless of the three or seventy two, complaints, complaints blurted out.

In a hurry, there will inevitably be discomfort.
So some people may be confused by your complaints and get bored inside, but the people who really annoy you are just fine, after complaining, everything is still the same.
As everyone knows, complaints also have art at all.
If you want to make your complaint worthwhile, you may wish to pay attention to the opinions of experts: 1. Don’t rush to express opinions; 2. Don’t mess around regardless of the occasion and time; 3, think about why you should send it?

Will it solve the problem or increase dissatisfaction?

  4. If you are just venting your emotions, find a place where no one is scolding or singing; 5. If you want to solve the problem, try to find a key person, reflect the problem with a calm attitude, and ask the other party to solve it; 6,If you have complained about something once and suffered from the other party ‘s knowledge, do n’t mention it again; 7, speak out the whistle, do n’t just hang on to your body; 8, use irony, frustrated tone is whistle, pay attention to useEuphemistic, consultative tone turns complaints into suggestions.

Such as “Why do you put your legs on my table?

“Maybe change.” Would you please take your legs down?

“Please note: On the right occasion, complain about the right person. Never whisper.

Appropriate complaints will earn you goodwill; spreading complaints will make everyone retreat from you.

Interpretation of Aerobics

Interpretation of Aerobics

Aerobics originated in the United States in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Its original English name was “Aerobics”, which means “aerobics”. The name “Aerobics” was only when it just reached its expectations.The Chinese name of the sports feature.

Aerobics is a type of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is relative to anaerobic exercise. The exercise provided by the human aerobic system is characterized by long activity time and low intensity, which mainly affects the cardiopulmonary function of the practitioner and is the basis of endurance.

  In fact, from the perspective of improving health, only aerobic exercise can well affect the human body and achieve the purpose of exercising.

Aerobic exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming, and all other long-lasting, low-intensity sports activities. Aerobics is just one of them.

Therefore, from the original English name of aerobics (aerobic exercise), we can trigger such a silhouette. The basis and essence of aerobics is aerobic exercise, and the specific characteristics of aerobics itself last a certain period of time.Low-intensity systemic activity.

  Over the years, due to differences in development history and fitness concepts, we have had some misunderstandings about aerobics.

For example, if aerobics is mistaken for aerobic exercises based on joint activities, and longer and shorter jumping exercises are added to increase the amount of exercise, it now seems that this understanding merely overlaps the external performance of aerobics and beauty without graspingIts inner essence and essence.

  From the perspective of the development of aerobics in foreign countries in general, the activities of all joints are only part of the warm-up (preparation) of aerobics exercises, and continuous jumping exercises should be avoided because of great damage to the knee joints of the human body. The necessary amount of exercise is throughA lot of walking, both the pace and the right amount of low-intensity jumps, combined with simple upper limb movements, the aerobic exercise part is the most important part of aerobics affecting the human body.

  Another misconception is about strength exercises.

Due to the differences between eastern and western concepts, many women think that large muscle masses affect aesthetics, so most previous aerobics classes focused on complex upper and lower limb coordination; the main purpose was to improve the coordination of the body, especially the upper limb strength.Lack of practice.

In fact, strength exercises are also aerobic exercises. A proper amount of strength exercises can increase muscle elasticity, shape the body, and delay aging. It is an important part of aerobics exercises.

As long as the right method is mastered, muscles can only become more beautiful, make people younger and transcendence.

Aerobics is divided into two categories, fitness aerobics and competitive aerobics.

  Competitive aerobics is developed on the basis of fitness aerobics. It is an inevitable output of fitness aerobics development to a certain stage, which also makes aerobics a real sport.

  The main purpose of competitive aerobics is to “compete”. During the competition, athletes must complete many difficult technical movements with music within 1 minute and 45 seconds. Therefore, the overall physical fitness and technical level of athletes have high requirements.Here we can grind competitive aerobics, which is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which is not suitable for us as a means of exercising.

  The main purpose of fitness aerobics is “fitness”, so the movements are relatively simple, the speed of music is slow, and the physical fitness of the practitioners is not high. It is suitable for most people to practice, plus the variety of movements, strong sense of rhythm, canAll aspects of the body are affected. Fitness aerobics is loved by more and more people and has a very broad mass base.

  At present abroad, through the rapid development of aerobics and the continuous change of people’s needs, many new forms of aerobics exercises have appeared, such as: pedal exercises that increase the amount of exercise without increasing the burden on the lower limb joints; suitable for the elderly and injuredWater aerobics for practitioners recovering from illness; young favorite fighting aerobics; female cognition yoga aerobics to adjust body balance, improve body posture, and aerobics with many differences, suitable for different objects.

The emergence of these different forms of aerobics has increased the diversity of aerobics exercises, so that people with different needs can find aerobics exercises that are suitable for them, thereby attracting more participation in aerobics and promoting bodybuilding.Further development of aerobics.

  At present, in large and medium-sized cities with good aerobics foundations in some countries, new forms of aerobics exercises have also been introduced, such as pedal aerobics, boxing aerobics, etc., and they have gradually become international in the choice of content and practice methods.Moving up, such as the use of step-based cycling exercises, increasing the strength of strength exercises, especially the strength of upper limbs, etc., make the internal aerobics movement in a more international and scientific direction.

  The main purpose of people participating in aerobics exercises should be fitness and entertainment.

Here we have a better understanding of the fitness functions of aerobics, but we have a different understanding of entertainment.

In fact, any sports activity is related to entertainment. Finding happiness is human nature and natural psychological needs. It is the primary indicator of fitness aerobics to achieve fitness while having fun.

Therefore, the aerobics exercise must first aim at the physical examination and psychological examination of the practitioners, and the enthusiasm and vitality, happiness and self-confidence shown by the practitioners, and the sense of self-fulfillment.

  Because each person’s physical condition and level of exercise are different, participation in aerobics exercises should exclude the idea of competition based on individual differences and self-perception, based on the principles of safety, non-injury, and self-adaptation, and must require too high technologyAnd body posture, entertainment physiology is the first factor we have to consider.

  Relatively speaking, some people are engaged in the updating of health concepts, and spending money to buy health has become the consensus of many people. More and more people participate in physical exercise, and more and more people like aerobics. Aerobics has become a part of the sports fitness industry.An important part of.

Under this average, there are some forms of sports that call themselves aerobics. In order to regulate the market and promote the healthy development of aerobics, the Chinese Aerobics Association last year introduced aerobics mass training standards and aerobics instructor systems.Intensified the professional training of aerobics instructors.

  Inviting foreign experts to give lectures in China has enhanced the exchange of information at home and abroad. These improvements have played a huge role in improving the professional level of aerobics practitioners, renewing their concepts, and absorbing advanced experience in the development of aerobics movements abroad, thereby promoting Chinese bodybuildingThe rapid development of aerobics, I believe that more people will participate in aerobics in the future.

How to reduce the pain of baby teething

How to reduce the pain of baby teething

Many parents know that the child’s teething is very painful for the child, and most of them manifest as drooling, gingival inflammation, irritability, and irritable teething. This process is not only for the parents of the child, but it is very distressed.To help your baby alleviate pain, you can try the following methods.

  Applying cold gums to your baby to chew cool things will not only help soothe inflamed gums, it will also divert your baby’s attention.

Cold towels or cold pacifiers can work, but something delicious, such as iced bananas or cold carrots, may attract babies to re-enter time.

  Massage your gums and gently rub your baby’s gums with clean fingers to help relieve toothache pain.

  Use a baby bottle to infuse water or fruit juice into the bottle, then invert the bottle to inject liquid into the teat, and place the bottle upside down in the refrigerator until the liquid freezes.

Your baby will be happy to bite the bottle’s frozen pacifier.

Remember to check the pacifier from time to time to make sure it is intact.

  Probably the best way to divert your baby’s attention is to stop the baby from paying attention to the gums that are about to pop out of its teeth.

Try playing with your baby’s favorite toys or shaking or dancing while holding your baby with both hands.

Sometimes, just playing a cat-and-hide game can attract the baby’s attention and make the baby forget the unnecessary feelings.

  Let your baby chew. Chewing can help your teeth develop gum disease, so feel free to keep your baby’s jaw moving.

Anything that is clean, non-toxic, can be chewed, and won’t block the trachea if swallowed, can be used for chewing by your baby.

  The mother can also try to feed the baby apple slices to the baby. For smaller babies, wrap the apple slices with a towel while the mother holds the towel in her hand.

Or wet the towel with water and freeze it, and then let the baby bite the corner of the frozen towel.

  Teething is totally painful for the child, and it is also a very troublesome thing for parents. With the above small methods, I believe that it can alleviate the pain of the child without harming parents.

Causes and treatment of tinnitus

Causes and treatment of tinnitus

Tinnitus is not unfamiliar to many people. Abnormal sounds suddenly appear in the ears. If they occur frequently, it will seriously affect life.

So, what about regular tinnitus?

Let me tell you what causes tinnitus, what to do about it and how to treat it.

What causes tinnitus? Tinnitus is caused by a variety of diseases. The etiology is complex, the mechanism of action is unclear, and there is no external sound source or electrical stimulation, and the subjective sound is felt in the ear or the skull.

  It is clinically a symptom of many diseases and the first symptom of some serious diseases.

  The ear is the secret of the kidney, the owner of the kidney, and has extensive connections with other internal organs. Therefore, the internal organs of the five internal organs and the six meridians are dysregulated by Qi and blood.

  Tinnitus caused by phlegm and stasis in the viscera is mostly a symptom due to exogenous evil qi, and tinnitus caused by visceral and visceral degeneration and chronic disease is mostly deficient. Its pathology varies, as described below.

  First, the actual symptoms of tinnitus and wind evil attack the ear and head, and the wind evil easily invades the upper organs.

First, the knot of the lung and lung meridians was violated, and the acupuncture point was located in the ear and stroke.

  Wind evils are often associated with hot evils, cold evils are also afflicted, ears are Yangqiao, and wind heats are Yang evils, so it is more common to use wind and heat to attack the ears clinically.

  Liver, gallbladder, fire, and blood flow through the ears, and the liver and gallbladder are in each other’s face. If the emotions are unsatisfactory, depression and anger, liver qi is unpleasant, and depression and fire, the fire of liver and gallbladder goes against the ears, and disturbs the QingThe trick is roaring in the ears and deafness.

  Phlegm and burning ears are the trick to empty the ears. If you do n’t eat a regular diet, eat too much fat and add to the taste of tobacco and alcohol.

However, the body is prone to phlegm or overwork, and the spleen and stomach are impaired due to injury to the spleen and stomach.

  The fluid is not turbid, the phlegm is stopped, there are nine fires, the phlegm fires are knotted, and the sputum is cleared, causing deafness and tinnitus.

  Congling of blood stasis and ear ache relies on the patency of the meridians, the maintenance of qi and blood, if the stasis and anger qi, the meridians are occluded, the ears lose their support, and tinnitus and deafness occur.

Second, deficiency tinnitus, kidney yin essence is not enough to open the ears to the ear, kidney yin essence is the material basis of ear hearing, if the body is insufficient, or chronic disease, fever, kidney injury or excessive strain, loss of kidney essence, or the elderlyThe body, Tiankui has been exhausted, the kidney essence is insufficient, the marrow sea is empty, and the ear tips are deprived of oxygen, which can cause tinnitus.

  Liver and kidney essence and blood are of the same origin. Insufficient kidney yin essence causes liver and kidney blood loss, yin does not control yang, deficiency fire inflammation, lung yang hyperactivity.

  When the culprit clears up or the kidney water is insufficient, and can not control the fire, the fire is irritated, which disturbs the ear and causes tinnitus and deafness.

  Kidney non-yang deficiency deficiency congenital endowment value is insufficient, or plug into evil, straight yang or chronic illness, excessive housing labor, serious loss of kidney unrestrained, so that ear tips are lost due to insufficient kidney yang, water plugged,Committing clear consciousness, causing tinnitus and dizziness.

  Weak temper and spleen are the basis of the day after tomorrow, the main transport of water is subtle, nourishing and clearing up, if the usual diet is not proper, excessive labor, excessive thought, hurt the temper, the spleen loses health.

  Can not turn angry blood into the ear, empty meridians, leading to tinnitus, and weak ear tips easily trapped by evil poison, and spleen deficiency and clear air do not rise, turbid yin does not fall, wet turbidity stops gathering, sacral ear tips, also causedtinnitus.
  Heart spleen and blood deficiency send consciousness to the ear, and the main blood vein, spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

If the body has spleen deficiency, insufficient biochemistry or excessive anxiety, serious illness and long-term illness, depletion of heart and blood, resulting in lack of heart and blood, meridian emptiness, ear veins lost to blood perfusion support, or even blood deficiency, block the veins, causing tinnitus and deafness.
Remedy for treating tinnitus 1, lotus fruit porridge Method: Grind lotus seeds into crushed ground powder, take 15 grams of lotus seed powder each time, add 30 grams of glutinous rice, and cook.

  Or fresh lotus seeds, add to porridge to take.

Suitable for tinnitus caused by heart and spleen deficiency.

2. Persimmon and jujube cake methods: 30 grams each of persimmon and red dates, 10 grams of mangosteen meat, and 100 grams of flour.

  Take twice daily, morning and evening.

Suitable for tinnitus caused by spleen deficiency.

  3, Lily powder method: Lily 90 grams of ground powder, 9 grams each time with warm water, 2 times a day, for tinnitus and hearing loss caused by yin deficiency fire Wang Xin better.

  4, walnut meat method: eating 5 walnuts every morning is beneficial to tinnitus caused by kidney deficiency.

5, black chicken paste porridge method: black chicken 50 grams, 150 grams of rice, add water to make porridge, into the five flavors, eat on an empty stomach, suitable for elderly people.

  6, cold throat boiled water method: let the patient’s mouth contain cold boiled water, another person stood on the patient’s body, hand held the patient’s ear tip to straighten the external auditory canal.

  Then breathe gently into the patient’s external ear canal, the patient swallows the water in the mouth at the same time, and repeats the tinnitus once or twice.

  7, dry ginkgo leaf tea method: Ear 2 to 3 pieces of dried ginkgo leaf, drink tea for a day.

Sticking to drinking dried ginkgo biloba tea for a long time can cure tinnitus.

  Note: Dried Ginkgo biloba leaves are toxic, so you can’t drink the first tea, and you must discard it.

8. Water-melting method for white barley mature wheat: 20 grams of white barley, mangosteen meat, 40 grams of winter wheat, 40 grams of cooked ground, Chaihu, gardenia, and white mustard.  One decoction daily, taken on a dry night, can be cured in one month.

  Take 60 grams of Acorus calamus, one dose per day, decoction twice a day.

  For those who have tinnitus in the left ear and both ears, take the concentrated Liuwei Dihuang Pills twice daily with 10 capsules.

  People with right ear tinnitus were taking “Jinkui Shenqi Pill”, 25 pills twice a day.

  Poisoning tinnitus and raw licorice 20 grams with fried.

Note that the iris can be 30 grams.

not effectively.

Functions Indications: appetizing dampness, appetizing phlegm, refreshing and nourishing.

It is used for wrist thirst, throbbing mouth, fainting epilepsy, forgetfulness and deafness.

  Dosage: Oral decoction, 3?
6g (double fresh).

Or into pills, scattered.

  Topical: appropriate amount, wash with water or apply powder at the end of the study.

  Taboo: Yin and blood deficiency, yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, sweating and slippery are taken with caution.

  9. Treating tinnitus for tinnitus: Take 150 grams of fresh crane grass (with roots), add an appropriate amount of cold water, and fry it into a thick juice and drink it frequently. Take 1 dose daily for 10 days as a course.

  It has excellent curative effect on tinnitus and deafness caused by streptomycin and other western medicine.

  10, Lulutong treatment of tinnitus take Lulutong 15 grams, first soak with cold water for 1 hour, and then decoction to drink medicine frequently, 5 days for a course of treatment, usually 1-2 courses can be cured.

  11. Pueraria is obtained by grinding an appropriate amount of pueraria root into powder, swallowed in a hollow capsule, and contains 0 medicine per capsule.

5 grams, 2-3 times a day, 3-4 capsules each time.

  One month is a course of treatment, generally 1-2 courses can be improved or cured.

12, Tongqi San for tinnitus and deafness, take Bupleurum, 30 grams of incense attached, 15 grams of Chuanxiong, dry them, and study them together for future use.

  It is mainly used for deafness or tinnitus caused by streptomycins.

6-1 grams, 3 times a day, served with warm water after meals, reduced for the elderly and children.

  13, Dibai Jian to treat tinnitus and deafness, take 50 grams of cooked land, 10 grams of cork, 10 grams of stone calamus, put the medicine into a casserole and add 500 ml of water.

  Thickly fried to 250 ml warm clothes, 1 dose per day, has a good effect on tinnitus caused by yin deficiency and fire, and deafness.

  14. Lily powder treats 90 grams of tinnitus lily into powder, and takes 9 grams of warm water each time, 2 times a day. It has a good effect on tinnitus and hearing loss in yin deficiency and fire.

15, Erzhi Wan for tinnitus and deafness, take Erzhi Wan (containing Ligustrum lucidum and Eclipta, etc.) in appropriate amounts, swallow 10 grams each time with boiled water, twice a day, and use it for half a month for 1 course, Generally 1-2 courses can be cured, this side is satisfied with the effects of tinnitus and deafness caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency.

  16, Ling magnet treatment of tinnitus to take 10 grams of Ling magnet, decoction, twice a day, 10 consecutive days as a course of treatment, usually 1-2 courses can be cured.

  Medicine name: Magnet.

  Source: Ore of oxide mineral magnetite.

  Efficacy: Qianyang is satisfied with Qi, calms the nerves.

  Indications: Treatment of dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, asthma, astonishment, stun.

  17, Luwa drink for tinnitus, take 10 grams of fresh reed root, 10 grams of pine, 10 grams of wicker grass, decoction into tea for tea, 1 month is a course of treatment, usually 1-2 courses can be cured.

Acupuncture treatment of tinnitus1, body acupuncture treatment of Deafness and Tinnitus in Neijing is mainly reflected in acupuncture.

Generally, the main points of the hand and foot Shaoyang Meridian are taken, combined with dialectical and sequential meridian acupuncture, and the acupuncture is passed to the inner ear.

  Routinely listen to points such as palace, qifeng, zhongqi, and Qianxi, and those with liver, gallbladder and fire, accompanied by Taichong and Qiu deficiency.

  Exogenous wind and evil match foreign customs, Hegu.

Deficiency of Kidney Qi matches Taixi and Guan Yuan.

  Phlegm-heat stagnation combined with Fenglong, Laogong.

  2. It can also significantly improve the ear pain and embolism caused by otitis media.
  The gladiolus, turmeric, pinellia, borneol and ginger juice were made into 4cm in diameter and 0 in thickness.
5cm medicated cakes were placed in the listening palace, hearing, bone finishing, and Tianzhu, and 2 moxa was placed on it, and moxibustion in each acupoint was 6 to strengthen tinnitus.

  3, electroacupuncture treatment with electroacupuncture listening to the palace, hearing, wind, wind pool and other main points, with magnetic beads ear pressure ear points Shenmen, liver, kidney, spleen, under the leather, inner ear, etc. and hearing palace points to treat nervesSexual tinnitus.

There may be one reason that electroacupuncture can improve the curative effect. One is that the acupuncture points are close to the ears. In the treatment, deep acupuncture and continuous current stimulation have greatly improved the local treatment effect of acupuncture.

  The second is the rhythmic contraction of the ear muscles, causing the ear vessels to relax and contract, speeding up blood circulation in the ears, promoting the absorption of ear inflammation, and providing a material basis for the rehabilitation of the ear nerves.

  The third is that the electric current generates an electric field, which causes the ions in the ear tissue to move in a directional manner, generating positive and negative ion resonance resonance processes, and promoting the regeneration of the auditory nerve fibers.

  4. Acupoint injections are generally taken from the hearing palace, hearing, Fengfeng, Wangu, Shenshu, etc., with vitamin B1, vitamin B12, Danshen injection, astragalus injection, glycerol procaine, etc., two points each timeChoose one acupoint on each side. The auricular acupoints can be used alternately, once every other day.

  Acupoint injection can continuously maintain the sense of acupuncture, and at the same time exert the nutritional and stimulating effects of the medicinal solution, which can well adjust the qi and blood operation of the meridians, nourish the nerves, and improve local blood circulation.

Tinnitus massage treatment method Tinnitus is a disorder of hearing, its sound is high and low, and there are various tones, such as cicadas, or the sound of wind, or the sound of running water mixed with chirping calls.

Tinnitus can be paroxysmal or persistent. Some tinnitus is accompanied by deafness, and some have tinnitus without deafness.

  The specific method of rubbing the ears before and after is to put your hands on the roots of your ears separately, and separate your index and middle fingers before and after the ears, with your middle finger in front of your ears and your index finger behind your ears.

  Then start from the earlobe, push up on the ear, pay attention to a certain amount of force, and hold it against the auricle until the tip of the ear.

Knead this way back and forth, 50 times a day.

  Because there are important points such as the ear door, hearing, and hearing palace before and after the auricle of the human body, especially in front of the ear, such division and kneading can dredge the meridian of the meridians and achieve the purpose of clearing ears.

  Mingtian drum Mingtian drum is a characteristic technique of traditional Chinese massage.

  The specific operation is to first knead the palms of the two hands firmly to make a certain displacement of the palms, then press the palms on the ears respectively, align the palms with the ear canal, and stick the fingers on the back pillow.

Gently press on both palms, slowly press on both ears, and then slowly release.

In this way, the operation can be repeated several times, and the thumb in the middle can be used to add a few points to the wind pool.

  The wind pool is located above the back, in a depression under the back skull, flush with the earlobe.

  Point rubbing Fengfeng Acupoint Fengfeng Acupoint is located in the depression behind the earlobe.

While massaging, you can point your hands at the head.

  The tip of the thumb is pressed at the Fengfeng point, and the other four fingers are scattered over the ears for a stabilizing effect.

  Then press your thumb firmly on the depression until you feel a soreness.

  In this way, you can tap a few times every day, or you can rub for 3 minutes.

For eyesight, clarification has very good results.

  1. Rub the points around the ears. Use both hands to gently rub the Qifeng points on both sides of the ears. Listen to the palace points for about 1 minute.

Long-term adherence will have the effect of Kaiqiao Congcong ear and Tongluo Huoxue, which have a certain effect on tinnitus caused by various reasons.

  2. Rub the root of the ear. Hold the root of the ear with your index finger and thumb. Gently rub for about 3 minutes.

This tinnitus massage rehabilitation method can effectively alleviate tinnitus caused by inner ear expansion.

  3. Twist the ear wheel with the index finger and thumb from top to bottom at the same time for about 3 minutes, until the ears become hot. This method can be a good stimulation of the nerve lobe on the ear lobe and the wheel, thereby helping the patient to improve the environmentTo eliminate mortality.

(1) Combing the head and wiping the ears, the ten fingers of the two hands are combed from the front hairline to the back. When the comb is brought to the back of the head, the palms of the hands touch the back of the auricle.Times.
  (2) Mingtian drum method, rubbing the palms with your palms, holding the left and right ears with your palms, holding your fingers on the back of your head, pressing your index finger on the middle finger, causing the index finger to slide off from the middle finger, and hitting your neckAt the hairline, you can hear the sound of “咚咚”, such as hitting the sky drum, hitting a total of 108 times.

  (3) Shock the palms of the palms (self-tympanic membrane massage method) Rub the palms of your hands and cover the ears with your palms.

The palms and ears are completely closed, then the two palms are suddenly released, and you hear the sound of “thumbs”, thus shaking the ears.

A total of 108 times.

  (4) Over the ear, first bend your right arm over the top of your head, use your right thumb, index finger and middle finger to pinch the tip of your left ear and pull upwards, pulling 108 times.

Change the left ear and pull the right ear again, also pull 108 times.

This action also has an implantation effect on periarthritis of the shoulder.

  (5) Clenched fist with both hands, pinch the earlobe with your thumb and index finger and pull down.

With the thumb at the back and the index finger bent forward, pull a total of 108 times.
Then the index fingers of both hands are spread apart, with the middle fingers in front and the index fingers rubbing the roots of the ears.
It was kneaded once for a total of 108 times.

Use your index finger or thumb to gently press and listen to the acupuncture point (front of the notch between the tragus, the posterior edge of the mandibular condyle, and a depression in the mouth) for about 5 minutes.

  With your index finger and thumb, first press the pinch ears from top to bottom, then press the pinch from bottom to top. Repeat this operation until you feel fever in both ears. Press the pinna 100 times.

  The above actions are done once a day, morning and evening.

In addition, massage in time for the onset of tinnitus and continue to see results.

During the massage, you should properly control the speed and pressure according to your tolerance.

It is best to have a local fever after each session.

People with tinnitus may wish to try.

Chinese medicine for tinnitus tinnitus is the subjective feeling of sound in patients’ ears.

Tinnitus is buzzing, ringing, clinically known as high-profile tinnitus, seen in the inner cochlea and auditory nerve deformation.

  Like the sound of a steam engine, the buzzing sound is clinically referred to as low-key tinnitus, which can be accompanied by pulsatility, and is found in middle ear infections, otosclerosis and labyrinthosis.

  1. The method of tonifying the kidney and filling the essence of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is closely related to the ear, the kidney is the innate foundation, hides the sperm and grows the marrow, opens up in the brain, and opens the ears.

  ”Lingshu · Pulse Degree” cloud: “Kidney Qi flows through the ear, and the kidney and the ear can smell the five-tone sound.”

  Internal Meridian: Insufficient cone sea, the brain turns to tinnitus.

“It is not enough to breathe, the brain is dissatisfied, and the ears are bitter.”

  ”Essays on the Sources of Diseases”: “Labor menstrual blood and lack of qi and blood, the veins are empty, follow the veins into the ear, and hit with steam, so tinnitus.”

  Kidney deficiency and tinnitus are more common in people over the age of 40, and are more common in elderly people who are weak or weak.

  Internal Canon: “Forty years old, Yin Qi is half, and the living is dying.” This is related to the aging of the human organs and the decline of function.

  Tinnitus is mostly a precursor to deafness. The source of miscellaneous diseases rhinoceros vol. 23: “Tinnitus, the silence is gradually increasing.”

If the kidney essence is insufficient, the ears are deaf, the tinnitus is mild, and the hearing loss is even deaf.

  In addition, it must have early white hair, weak waist and knees, pale tongue, and weak pulses.

  Governing method: kidney-filling essence, deaf left magnetic pills, Qijudihuang pills, Liuweidihuang decoction and so on.

  Addition and subtraction: 30g of cooked land, 20g of huangjing, 20g of yam, 3g of velvet antler, 12g of turtle plate, 3g of river car, 12g of yam, 15g of medlar, 12g of cilantro, 15g of dodder

  2. Most of the methods of clearing heat and removing phlegm are tinnitus. Deaf Chinese medicine regulations start with the kidney and treat the deficiency, but some patients have poor curative effects. The author summarizes the previous theories and clinical manifestations and discusses the treatment from phlegm.

  According to “Famous Physician”, “Tinnitus may sound like cicada, or left or right.

Occasionally occlusion, the world is mostly treated by kidney deficiency, but they do not know that the phlegm fire rises, stagnation in the ears and sing, and depression is even closed.

If you encounter this disease, but try to drink the thick taste of ordinary drinks, the coke has phlegm fire, only use phlegm to reduce fire.

  Zhu Danxi: “No sputum and no dizziness”, “Weird and sputum”, “Sputum is full of sickness”.

Phlegm stagnation heats up, phlegm stagnation stagnates, palate through the upper limbs, and ears are covered, so tinnitus is endless.

  These patients often have sudden tinnitus, obesity, dizziness and swelling, cough and pain, sputum and sticky, tongue, red, yellow, greasy fur, slippery pulse strings, etc.Waiting.

  Therefore, the rule of clearing heat and resolving phlegm is to take Wendan Decoction, clearing qi and resolving phlegm pills, and vermiculite attacking phlegm pills as the main prescription.

  Addition and subtraction: 12g of melon seeds, 10g of almonds, 10g of coriander seeds, 12g of Nanxing, 8g of French pinellia, 8g of orange red, 10g of lingling, 10g of scutellaria baicalensis, 10g of raw mountain mast, 8g of gentian, 30g of vermicelliAfter the rhubarb 6g.

3. The method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis with chronic disease and tinnitus is considered to be caused by “a long illness in the blood”, “a chronic disease with multiple stasis”, stasis and ear qi, impaired blood circulation, and loss of ear qi.

  Modern research suggests that certain types of tinnitus and deafness are associated with ear microcirculation disorders.

For tinnitus and deafness patients, there are multiple microcirculation disorders with different degrees of microcirculation tests, which are mainly manifested in perineal state and blood flow.

  Among them, the microcirculation in patients with TCM syndrome differentiation is slightly more obvious.

This type of patient is partly due to ear blood vessels spasm to stimulation, causing microvascular collapse and blood flow obstruction.

  The patient had clinical symptoms such as headache, stabbing, fixed area, dizziness, dark purple tongue, and thin pulse.

  Governing Law: Activating Blood and Removing Blood Stasis and Tongqiao.
Fang Tongtong Huoxue Tang and so on.
  Addition and subtraction: 10g of peach kernel, 6g of safflower, 0 musk.

3g, 5 slices of ginger, 2 scallions, 5 jujubes, 6 g of chuanxiong, 10 g of red radish.

4, Lishui by drinking method, sputum, drinking are abnormal metabolism of water and fluid, stay in the body’s local pathological products, phlegm heat and drink cold, phlegm is invisible and drink quality, stay in the body, Qingyang does not rise can cause tinnitus, dizziness, etc.
  ”Treatment on Febrile Diseases” Lingguizhugan Decoction, Wuling Sanzheng drink the middle coke, the main symptoms of lower coke have tinnitus.

  Modern medicine believes that Lishui swelling medicine can relieve the inner ear vestibule, labyrinth edema, reduce nerve compression, and promote local lymphatic reflux.

  Dialectical points: cold limbs, pale complexion, thin sputum white matter, pale white tongue, white greasy fur, and slippery pulse strings.

  Governing Law: Lishui by drink, Fang used “Treatise on Fever” Lingguizhugan Decoction, Wulingsan and so on.

  Addition and subtraction: 15g of Lingling, 10g of Guizhi, 12g of Atractylodes, 6g of Alisma, 20g of Motherwort, 6g of Astragalus, 30g of Astragalus and 10g of Psyllium.

5. Some patients with tinnitus due to the method of clearing the liver and reducing fire, or due to pyogenic bacteria infection, or hypertensive disease, coupled with spicy addiction, stagnation and anger, liver and fire, and menstrual inflammation.

  TCM syndrome differentiation is real heat and irritability.

“Su Wen · Liu Yuan Zheng Ji Da Lun” cloud: “The hair of Mu Yu, even tinnitus rotation.”

  The liver officer’s officer is stiff, and the main hair rises and vents. If the liver is out of shape, the depression and the fire, and the disturbance is cleared, the tinnitus will erupt, such as thunder, thundering, often accompanied by ears.Pain, pus, fever, headache, dizziness, red face, red eyes, bitter throat, irritability, red tongue, yellow fur, and strong pulse strings.

  Expelling liver logging, clearing the liver and reducing fire.

The prescription is Longdan Xiegan Decoction, Tianma Gouteng Decoction, Zhengan Xifeng Decoction and so on.

  Addition and subtraction: 9g of gentian, 12g of gastrodia, 10g of vines (bottom), 12g of achyranthes bidentata, 10g of scutellaria baicalensis, 12g of chrysanthemum, 12g of white sedge, 15g of habitat, 20g of vermiculite (fried first), 9g of malt.

  6. Most patients with tinnitus due to the new method of clearing wind and clearing heat are due to viral infections, and they have more acute onset, and they also have cold symptoms. The syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine belongs to wind and fever.

  ”Taiping Shenghuifang Volume 36″ cloud: “This is the wind and evil ride, into the ear veins, then the righteousness congestion, can not declare through, evil is fighting each other, so tinnitus also.”

  Due to exogenous wind and heat, menstruation and upset, unconsciousness and congestion are unfavorable. Tinnitus such as cicada, hearing loss or occlusion due to stroke, symptoms are relieved after pressing the tragus with fingers or pulling the contour of the ear.

  Fever with chills, headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, dry throat, dry throat, fatigue, red tongue, thin yellow fur, and floating pulse.

  Expelling the wind and clearing the heat, the party used silver Qiao San.

  Addition and subtraction: 10g of silver flower, 10g of forsythia, 6g of bamboo leaves, 10g of nepeta, 6g of lotus, 10g of chrysanthemum, 6g of cicada, 10g of pupa, 10g of scutellaria.

Experience: Experts of traditional Chinese medicine treating diseases are based on syndrome differentiation. The accuracy of syndrome differentiation is the key to good or bad efficacy.

  The clinical treatment of tinnitus, deafness should be re-differentiated according to the above types, clinical cross-cutting and cross-cutting, can not be prejudiced to the general, phlegm, stasis, wind, fire and more.

  Dividing facts and empirical evidence is easy to cure, and deficiency is difficult to treat.

Doctors and patients must have patience, to ensure the durability of medication, do not stop the drug hastily.

The clinical manifestations of scraping and treating tinnitus and tinnitus are various. There are wind-like whistling sounds, machine-like rumbling sounds, cicada-like snoring sounds, or some insect-like sounds, bird calls, running water sounds,As well as whistles, ringtones, etc.

  Tinnitus occurs in the initial ear and is called single tinnitus.

Some occur in both ears and are called double tinnitus.

Some tinnitus is intermittent, called intermittent tinnitus.

Some tinnitus is non-stop, called persistent tinnitus.

  The lighter can be reached when they are quiet, and the heavy one can hear it regardless of work.

The disease is clinically divided into two types of deficiency and reality.

  I. Deficiency Syndrome (1) Symptoms of tinnitus accompanied by dizziness, dizziness, and back pain.

  (B) Governing Law (1) Select points Ganshu, Shenshu, Tinggong, Hearing, Ear Door, Taixi, Sanyinjiao.

  (2) Locate Ganshu at the hip, and when it is under the spinous process of the ninth thoracic spine, open 1 laterally.

5 inch.

  Shenshu is at the waist, and when the second lumbar spine is under the spinous process, the side is opened 1.

5 inch.
  The listening palace is located on the face, in front of the tragus, and behind the condyle of the mandible, and it is a depression when opened.
  Hearing the front of the notch between the tragus, the posterior edge of the mandibular condyle, Zhang El had depressions.
  The eardrum is located on the face, when the front of the incision on the tragus, the posterior edge of the condyle of the mandible, and the opening of the depression.

  Taixi is at the rear of the foot diameter, and it is planned to be the rear, when the interior is scheduled to be the depression between the tip and the Achilles tendon.

Sanyinjiao fractured the calf. When the foot was reduced three inches above the tip, the fracture was behind the edge of the bone.

  (3) Scraping sequence: firstly, the eardrum, the palace, the hearing, then the tail of Ganshu to Shenshu, then the lower limb part of Sanyinjiao, and finally Taixi.

  (4) Wiping method Apply an appropriate amount of scraping oil to the area to be scraped.

First shave the ears and ears of the head, listen to the palace, and listen to it. Because facial exudation affects aesthetics, the technique should be gentle, not exuding, and the face does not need to be applied with blood stimulants. Generally, the method is used, and gravity is not used for large area scrapingWipe, the direction from the inner extension to the muscle to scrape, once a day.

Then scrape the blade of liver cancer to the Shenshu point. It is advisable to wipe the blade from the top to the bottom with a scraper corner. It should be in place at one time without stopping in the middle.

Then scrape the Sanyinjiao points of the lower limbs, from top to bottom, and should not stop in the middle, until the skin becomes red, and purple subcutaneous stains and scars form.

Finally, shave the Taixi acupoints on the feet, scrape the corners with a scraper, and shave 30 times.

  Second, empirical evidence (1) The clinical features of the symptoms are violent ringing in the ears, such as bells and drums.

  (2) Governing Law (1) Select auricular auricles, listen to palaces, listen to hearings, hold wind, foreign customs, wind pool, qu pool, Hegu.

  (2) Positioning The listening palace is located on the face, in front of the tragus, behind the condyle of the mandible, and is depressed when opening.

  You will hear in front of the tragus indentation, the posterior edge of the condyle of the mandible, and a depression in the mouth.

  The eardrum is located on the face. When the front of the incision on the tragus, the posterior edge of the mandibular condyle, there is a depression in the mouth.

The wind is behind the earlobe when the depression between the mastoid and the mandible.

  The external connection is 2 inches on the horizontal stripes of the back of the hand, between the ulna and the radius, and on the line between the yangchi and the elbow.

  The wind pool is at the neck, when the occipital bone is at the same level as the Fengfu point, and the depression at the upper end of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and trapezius muscle.

  The curved pool is at the lateral end of the transverse elbow of the elbow, flexing the elbow, when the ruler line connects the midpoint of the outer epicondyle of the fracture bone.

  Hegu is on the back of the hand, between the first and second metacarpals, at the midpoint of the radial side of the second metacarpal.

  (3) Scraping sequence firstly scrape the facial ears, listen to the palace, listen to the head, then blow the head to hold the wind, the wind pool, and then scrape the forearm curve pool to the outer gate, and finally scrape Hegu.

  (4) Method of scraping and wiping Apply a proper amount of scraping oil to the part to be scraped.

First shave the ears of the face, listen to the palace, and listen to it. Because the appearance of the face affects the beauty, so the method should be gentle, not to show the degree of the degree, and the face does not need to apply blood stimulants. Generally, the method is used, and gravitational scraping is not necessary, The direction from the inner extension of the muscle to scrape, can be once a day.

  Then scrape the acupoint of the wind from the back of the neck to the point of the wind pool.

Scrape the Quchi acupoint to the Waiguan acupoint from the upper extremity, from top to bottom, and do not stop in the middle. Once scraping is completed, until the skin becomes red, and purple subcutaneous scarring marks form.

Finally, hegu acupoints on the hands were re-shaved, 30 times, but no scooping.

What is good for tinnitus? Tinnitus is a relatively common ear symptom in daily life and an illusion that occurs in the auditory system.

  Severe tinnitus can cause deafness, so prevention and treatment of tinnitus is very important.

A scientific diet is an effective method for tinnitus.

So, what foods are good for tinnitus patients?

  1, eat milk Milk contains almost all the vitamins needed by humans.

Includes Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E and Carotene.

  In summer, milk is especially high in vitamins A, D, and B2.

The absorption and utilization of these vitamins and calcium are very helpful for improving blood circulation and deafness.

  2. Soy Food Soy is a kind of food with high iron content, and the content of iron and zinc is higher than other foods.

Soy also contains a large amount of calcium, which can supplement the calcium metabolism of the cochlea and improve the symptoms of deafness and tinnitus.

Iron supplementation in the human body can expand micro blood vessels, soften red blood cells, ensure blood supply to the ears, and effectively prevent hearing loss.

  3. Zinc deficiency in zinc-containing foods is an important cause of senile deafness.

Zinc is an extremely important one of the 14 trace elements necessary for the human body, so it is called “the element of life”.

  The content of zinc in the cochlea is much higher than other organs.
However, the content of zinc in the cochlea of elderly people over 60 years of age is significantly reduced, which affects the function of the cochlea and causes hearing loss.
  Foods rich in zinc include fish, beef, pork liver, chicken, chicken liver, eggs, and various seafood.

Apples, oranges, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radishes, etc.

4. Iron deficiency in iron-containing foods will reduce the ability of red blood cells to transport oxygen, and insufficient oxygen supply in the ears will cause hearing loss.

Iron supplementation can effectively prevent and delay tinnitus and deafness in the elderly.

  Seaweed, shrimp skin, jellyfish skin, black sesame, day lily, black fungus, amaranth, spinach, agaric, soy products, etc. are all foods with large iron content.

  Laver is the most iron-containing in daily foods, containing 46 iron per 100 grams.

8 mg.

Drinking laver soup 2 to 3 times a week can ensure the iron content needed by the body.

It is better to add an egg to the soup, because the egg is good for iron absorption.

  Foods containing iron phosphate also include shrimp skin, jellyfish skin, black sesame, daylily and so on.

People over 45 years of age should consume more than 12 milligrams of iron a day, and the iron content per 100 grams of foods above 12 milligrams.

  Therefore, reasonable arrangement of these iron-rich foods in three meals a day is very good for preventing senile deafness and tinnitus.

How to prevent tinnitus Tinnitus means that the ear hears outside sounds, which are caused by inner ear neuropathy and involve many people.

  If tinnitus lasts for a long time, it can affect hearing and even deafness.

When tinnitus is long and can be heard day and night, it can sometimes be upsetting, and even mad, with the idea of suicide.

So how to prevent tinnitus?

  Away from noise In the industrialized social environment, noise is full of noise, such as railways, factories, car repairs, air-conditioning, motors and cars in general life.

  In the noisy environment, the exposure time is too long, and the inner ear nerve is unknowingly injured and tinnitus occurs.

  Take precautions against huge audio artillery, sharpshooters, wearing headphones and walkman, firecrackers, rock music, disco and electrical speakers, etc., which can damage the inner ear nerve cells due to mechanical and acoustic vibration waves, causing tinnitus and hard of hearing.

Keeping away from sound sources such as large speakers and wearing earplugs can reduce the incidence of injuries.

  No drinking.
Many patients will naturally recover from tinnitus after quitting alcohol. As for some coffee and tea, it is not a problem.

Because the inner ear is deep in the bones of the head, the blood vessels are very fine and tiny, and blood and nutrients penetrate into the inner ear, which is full of nerves, almost slowly.

  And the alcohol slowly stays in the ear cavity with the blood, which will destroy the most sensitive and fragile inner ear nerves, causing symptoms such as tinnitus and hearing loss.

  Although it is said that drinking is good for the heart, alcohol can promote blood circulation, but the blood in the heart is the inner ear of the body. It quickly enters the heart muscle and the heart with few nerves out of the tough body, so there is little possibility of injury.

Do not overeating or eating too salty food. Big fish can cause hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia. At the same time, poor circulation in the blood vessels can cause the inner ear’s metabolism to be blocked, causing nerve damage and atrophy.

  Eating too much salt causes sodium retention and systemic edema, which may also cause inner ear lymphatic edema, which is the same as Meniere’s disease. At this time, diuretics must be used to exclude salt and water.To prevent permanent damage to the inner ear.

  Avoid stressful work, excessive brain use and lack of rest. Many of the patients are engineers, accountants, computer designers or supervisors. Often due to excessive work, performance and other pressures, it can easily lead to tinnitus and dizziness.

  Tinnitus will seriously affect all aspects of work, study, family life, etc. Delayed treatment begins to cause systemic diseases such as cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes.

So tinnitus must be treated in time.

  Now, everyone has a detailed understanding of the treatment of tinnitus.

Recurrent tinnitus will seriously affect daily life, and it is safe and simple through Chinese medicine treatment.

Ball games to build smart babies

Ball games to build smart babies

If your 10-month-old baby is bored, feeling bad, and crying, give it a try, give him a ping-pong ball, let him throw it out, bounce it in, and let him throw it out;Show him the ball show, he will be attracted to your game, and finally break his tears and laugh.

Many babies like to play ball. Smaller babies can play table tennis, small balls, and older babies can play small basketball and small football.

  Why do babies like to play ball so much?

The ball is an interesting “guy” in the eyes of the baby.

You see, as long as the round ball gently gives it a little external force, it will roll forward, and the direction of rolling changes according to the direction of the force, and it will bounce back when it touches something; you can make the flower ball rotate in place, likeA gyro, the pattern on the ball has many changes and colorful; you can learn to hold the ball. If you make a lot of effort, it will rebound high. With more effort, the ball will jump higher than the baby; in frontSet a few empty plastic drink bottles, let the baby point the direction, push the ball hard, and see how many are knocked down, who can hit it, haha, you can also play bowling at home . there are many ball gamesIt is the change that fascinates the baby. The baby can participate in this game. He can use his own power to influence the ball and have an effect, and the ball will react in a variety of ways.

After playing well, the baby will know how to do it and what kind of reaction the ball will produce, such as: how hard you want the ball to bounce back, how hard you want the ball to jump high, and if you want the ball to turnHow to work hard, how to aim to hit the target in front, etc. In the process, the baby’s operation and abilities of hand and eye coordination are also trained, and the baby is also required to use his brain. These games are really fun and very interesting for the baby.Useful.

  Among all kinds of balls, table tennis is the best toy for babies up to 1 year old.

Ping-pong ball is small in size and light in weight, suitable for baby’s small hand grip. When the table tennis touches the ground or hard objects, it will make a crisp and regular sound. The sound of “table tennis” will make the baby very happy, he will repeat it again and again.Throw the ball on the ground, deliberately create this sound effect, and enjoy it.

And even if the baby throws the ball randomly, it will not smash things, the sound will not be too loud, it will not affect the neighbors, and it is safer.

You can also exercise your baby’s arm strength.

  After the baby can walk, it may be a little bigger ball to let the baby kick and play. After the ball rolls far, let the baby walk over to pick it up, which can increase the baby’s interest in walking. The squat movement can also train the baby’s leg.power.

Babies under four months should not take artistic photos

Babies under four months should not take artistic photos

Many parents will take him to the studio to take a set of exquisite art photos when he is full moon, but experts remind that babies under 4 months are not suitable for art photos.

  Experts explain that flashes are often used when taking artistic photos, and infants’ eyeballs are not yet mature, especially the macular area of the retina is very fragile. It is still growing and developing within 4 months after birth, so it is difficultWithstand the strong light of the electronic flash, it is easy to cause damage to the retinal nerve cells.

If the shooting distance is within 1 meter, the damage of the baby’s eyeball and retina will be large.

  If parents really want to commemorate the baby of the full moon, remember to use the flash with caution or no flash, try to use natural light, or use a slow shutter speed, wide aperture and other shooting methods to generate the ideal baby photo.

  If you need to use a flash when taking a snapshot, you must change the angle of the flash. You can make the flash’s strong light shine on the ceiling or side rays, but not directly on the baby’s body.

4 new tips for sports men’s hair care

4 new tips for sports men’s hair care

The new microcapsule technology allows dandruff to be swept away. The new microcapsule technology allows dandruff to be swept away. There is such a name: one of every two men has dandruff destruction.

Once you stay up all night and don’t sleep well or are stressed, you will have dandruff and itchy scalp problems, especially when changing seasons, the situation of dandruff will become more serious.

And LAROCHE-POSAY launched “KERIUMDS Deep Purification Anti-shattering Shampoo” for people with dandruff smashing. The innovative scalp microcapsule technology root cleansing system can not only perform surface antidandruff, antibacterial, but also penetrate into the hair follicleDeeply, the cause of dandruff is eradicated; for severe dandruff, use twice a week to achieve the best anti-dandruff effect within four weeks.

At the same time, when using anti-fall shampoo, the shampoo should be left on the scalp for two to three minutes to fully allow the anti-debris contained in the shampoo to fully exert its effect. Rinse too quickly and cannot achieve the responseSome improvement purposes.

  Deep purification to help the scalp healthier Auxiliary tools Use a scalp massage brush to help massage the scalp. Use it with shampoo. Massage the scalp while washing and replace the blood circulation of the active scalp.
Especially for people who are prone to dandruff, using this massage shampoo brush to wash your hair can enhance the deep cleansing effect of shampoo, thereby helping to improve the problem of dandruff.

  Deep purification to help the scalp healthier Auxiliary tools Use a scalp massage brush to help massage the scalp. Use it with shampoo. Massage the scalp while washing and replace the blood circulation of the active scalp.
Especially for people who are prone to dandruff, using this massage shampoo brush to wash your hair can enhance the deep cleansing effect of shampoo, thereby helping to improve the problem of dandruff.
  BIOTHERMHOMME Biotherm Men’s Anti-Hair Loss Essence Reference Price: RMB 690 Specifications: 150ML BIOTHERMHOMME Biotherm Men’s New Anti-Hair Loss Essence, added a proprietary star ingredient PTP mineral soothing factor, strengthens the natural defense of the scalp, adjusts financial management,Balance the scalp environment, reduce the amount of cells that are beneficial to the scalp to the standard, provide a healthy hair growth environment, so that the scalp is no longer red and swollen, and itchy ulcers.