Summer greedy and easy to get sick how to blow air conditioning?

Summer greedy and easy to get sick how to blow air conditioning?

How to heat the air conditioner in summer? The most comfortable temperature in the summer is about 26 掳C. You should turn on the air conditioner 10 minutes after entering the house, and the air conditioner will blow up.

In addition, the window should be taken every 1 hour to protect the respiratory tract.

According to reports, the summer and autumn season, the human body feels the most comfortable temperature is about 26 掳 C, and then lower by 3 掳 C -4 掳 C, the human body will feel a little cold.

In addition, due to the different indoor and outdoor environments, the body’s ability to regulate is unregulated for a long time at a relatively extreme temperature. Over time, it will lead to a decline in immune function and various discomfort symptoms, which are medically known as air-conditioning diseases.

Therefore, it is recommended that under normal circumstances, it is best to adjust the air conditioner to about 26 掳C, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 7 掳C, otherwise it will increase the burden of the body temperature adjustment center.

Some friends have sweated, and when they get home, they turn on the air conditioner and blow it, which is harmful to health.

Because the pores are completely open at this time, it is too late to close, and it is easy to cause the body temperature to drop sharply, causing a sudden rise such as a cold.

Therefore, from the hot roof into the room, the air conditioner should be turned on at least 10 minutes later.

In addition, when the body temperature drops during sleep, if the figure is cool and air-conditioned all night, it is also easy to cause headaches, colds, etc., must turn off the air conditioner before going to bed, or set the timing to close.

When the air conditioner is turned on, the cold air sinks down, so the wind is best blown upwards to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly into the body.

People who are close to the air conditioner are better to sit in the air conditioner, because the cold wind blows your tail from the back, the waist, and the damage caused to the human body by the face wind.

Friends sitting in the office, if the seat can not move, it is best to prepare a small scarf to surround yourself.

If you are sitting in the office for a long time, such as typing, writing, etc., you can wear spare parts and wear convenient clothes. When wearing a skirt, you can use a shawl to protect your legs, especially cut.

Cold from the feet, should stand up from time to time activities to promote peripheral blood circulation.

In addition, the indoor air that is turned on is dried, and the environment is not improved because the air is not circulated, and it is easy to have nasal congestion, dry throat, sneezing, and the like.

Therefore, you should pay attention to frequent ventilation, it is recommended to open the window for about 1 hour, about 15 minutes each time.

Especially for some people with respiratory diseases, the time to open the air conditioner should be as short as possible.

Four Qin old man prolongs life

“Four Qin” old man prolongs life

In the early 1950s, Jiang Nanxiang, the president of Tsinghua University, and Professor Ma John, a famous physical education expert, called on the young students to work for 50 years!
Healthy longevity is the wish of everyone.
At a certain age, the physiological functions and endocrine systems of various organs in the body gradually decline with age. “You can’t stay young, youth is no longer” and no one can resist.
If you can adhere to the “four diligence”, it will not be difficult to prolong life!
Diligent brains “The brain is the center of life activities”. The functions and physical activities of the internal organs are controlled by the brain. Only the brain is healthy and longevity is possible.
There are about 14 billion brain cells in the human brain, which decay after adulthood.
Some people in Japan have performed tomography on the brain tissue of 210 people of all ages and found that there is basically no change in the brain tissue of people under 40 years old. After 40 years old, the brain tissue of the human body begins to shrink, and the gap is increasing.People who use their brains are quicker than those who use their brains.
In the United States, there were studies on the brains and longevity of nuns in 180 monasteries. The average age of those who used brains was as high as 88.
5 years old, and 10 years later than the dementia of the brain.
Since the Qin and Han Dynasties in China, the average life expectancy of more than 3,000 famous scholars and scholars has been over 65 years old, which greatly exceeds the same generation.
銆€銆€How to use the brain diligently?
It is to be diligent in reading and studying, including reading, reading newspapers, watching TV, listening to radio, surfing the Internet, etc., to obtain more information, to maintain “intellectual youth”, and to write better.
In particular, the elderly who have retired can’t do nothing at all. They must adopt a method that suits them, continue to learn and enrich the brain, and accumulate “nerve reserves.”
Reading and learning is a systemic activity. Eyes, ears, mouth, brain and hands are used together. It is most beneficial to physical and mental health. It can enhance the brain’s metabolic activities, improve the excitability of the cerebral cortex, and help activate brain cells.
The so-called brain is more and more effective, can effectively prevent the decline and aging of brain cells.
In addition, reading and learning can also concentrate on the idea, and have the role of “fixing the mind and concentrating God.”
“Thirty people do not learn art” is a wrong view, we must resolutely abandon!
The more people receive knowledge, the stronger the protective effect on the brain, the more they can delay aging.
銆€銆€Huang Shu, the old man has a poem: “To the old, the knowledge is shallow, and the rest of the year should be reading.
“Old school is a healthy and uplifting performance for the elderly.”
Ji Xianlin, a well-known scholar at Peking University, is still physically strong and quick-thinking when he is over 90 years old. The reason is that he lives naturally, thinking every day, there is always something to do.
He believes that brainwork is especially important for longevity. The secret is: “Don’t let your brains be lazy – brains must always think about problems.”
“Although it has been a long time, it still maintains a strong writing effort.
“The whole life is in the revolution, suffered many setbacks”, the old man Xia Zhengnong, 74-year-old editor of “Ci Hai”, in 2002, was 98 years old in Shanghai as the editor of “Da Ci Hai”, until 101 years old!
As the editor of the world’s oldest large-scale dictionaries, the secret of Xia Lao’s longevity is “the body needs to be more active, and the brain should be used more.”
One hundred years old poet Weng Zulan once said: “My longevity is reading, it makes me open-minded and relaxed.
“The reporter of CCTV’s “Oriental Time and Space” column has visited Zhou Youguang, a linguist called “Father of Chinese Pinyin”. He can still work normally when he is 100 years old. The life of Zhou Lao is to read books, write articles, andPeople chat.
At the age of 100, he also published a new book, “New Centennial Draft.”
At the age of 101, he publishes an article on average every month.
When he answered the reporter’s question, he was quick-thinking, answered the question, and his voice was loud and loud. He spoke very quickly. He said that he was a centenarian.
It is said that “diligent brain, should be longevity!
鈥濄€€銆€2.Diligent legs According to the “Kangshou Eight Dynasties” record, walking has a positive effect.
The doctor believes that the sole of the foot is the “second heart” of the person.
In 1992, the World Health Organization pointed out that walking is the best sport.
There is a constant flow of blood in the human body. The blood is pumped out from the heart and transported to the whole body. However, it is difficult to reach the end of the body, especially when it reaches the sole of the foot. Therefore, the sole of the foot often feels insufficient blood flow, so there is a person who first walks from the leg.The old man said.
Stimulation of the soles of the feet can improve the blood pumping function of the heart, promote blood circulation, and the soles of the feet will not be ischemic.Walking is one of the best and most convenient ways to stimulate, so there is a saying of 鈥済oing, the first of a hundred fitness classes鈥?

Professor Hong Zhaoguang, who is close to the ancient times, often publishes books, lectures, and participates in various social activities. The secret of his ability to maintain vigorous energy is: peace of mind, rough tea and daily walking.

The sole of the foot is an important organ of human beings and cannot be ignored.

“The fire starts from the head, the cold is born from the foot.” Walking in winter is conducive to the production of dose and blood circulation.

Dancing is also a good way to pedicure. Dancing with friends under the accompaniment of music is not as monotonous as walking. You can enjoy music and cultivate your sentiments, which is more conducive to human health!


Diligent hands-on exercise makes the cardiovascular more elastic, and then the brain releases beneficial active substances such as morphine, which promotes people’s thoughts and intelligence.

In particular, it is more advantageous to exercise your fingers, because the movement of your hands and fingers can make your brain benign.

Handwriting, such as writing, painting, tapping the keyboard, weaving, etc. are all beneficial to the brain and contribute to delaying aging.

In addition, things that you can do in your own life should do it yourself, reduce the trouble of others, and even increase your own mobile phone.

If possible, you can find another job to do more, and not only enrich yourself, but also play the “remaining heat” to benefit the society.


Diligently retired old people no longer have work disturbances, away from socializing.

Some people are hard to adapt to retirement, and they always feel empty and bored.

In order to avoid loneliness, we must go out of the starting point, create more conditions to communicate with people, talk about news, talk about matters, talk about development, and look at the future.

Can not always be a group of widows, should pay more pen pals, golfers, chess friends, book friends, dancers, playmates, etc., especially single elderly, but can not “deep in the middle of the squat”, to pick up when they are young and too late to developInterests and hobbies, and exchanges with friends who share the same hobbies, so that their retirement life is rich and colorful.

銆€銆€Throughout ancient and modern China and foreign countries, scientists, writers and artists with outstanding achievements are mostly long-lived, 10-20 years longer than the average life expectancy of a single person.

Their common characteristics are: life is endless, fighting is not stop, do not forget the cause, do not forget to study and study, keep doing things.

The experience of many long-lived elderly people shows that retirement does not retreat, and does not regress. It should be “do as much as you like,” and do what you like to do while you are doing it. Like Confucius, “it is a person, and you are angry and forgetful.To forget the worry, I do not know the old is coming!

“Retirement, there is something to be healthy, no life is not long!”

Adhere to the brain, the legs, the hands and the diligence, do not forget the “life is in motion” of the famous sayings, to achieve the above “four diligence”, naturally it is difficult to live, healthy and longevity.

Ten weight loss exercises in the gym


Ten weight loss exercises in the gym

After waking up in the morning, first close your eyes and raise your mind, then slowly do a 10 minute health care exercise on the bed, which is good for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and enhancing various organ functions.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鎵嬫寚姊冲ご涓€鍒嗛挓銆€銆€鐢ㄥ弻鎵嬫墜鎸囩敱鍓嶉鑷冲悗鑴戝嫼锛屼緷娆℃⒊鐞嗭紝澧炲己澶撮儴鐨勮娑插惊鐜紝澧炲姞鑴戦儴琛€娴侀噺锛屽彲闃茶剳閮ㄨ绠$柧鐥咃紝涓斾娇鍙戦粦鍙堟湁鍏夋辰銆傘€€銆€Lightly rub the ear wheel for one minute with two fingers to gently rub the left and right ears to the heat and comfort. Because the ears are covered with acupuncture points of the whole body, the meridians can be dredged, especially for tinnitus, dizziness and forgetfulness.

銆€銆€Turn your eyes for one minute. The eyeball can be operated clockwise and counterclockwise. It can exercise your eye muscles and refresh your eyes.

銆€銆€Thumbs and noses gently rub the teeth and roll tongues for a minute, resetting the roots and gums to promote blood circulation and healthy teeth.

The tongue can move the tongue freely and increase its sensitivity.

銆€銆€Stretching and flexing the limbs for one minute and stretching and flexing, so that the blood can quickly return to the whole body, and supply enough oxygen and blood to the heart and brain system to prevent acute and chronic heart, cerebrovascular diseases, and strengthen the muscles of the joints of the limbs.

銆€銆€Lightly rub the navel for a minute with both palms alternately lightly rubbed the navel for a minute with both palms alternately lightly rubbed the navel for a minute with both palms alternately lightly rubbed the navel for a minute with both palms alternately lightly rubbed the navel for one minute with both palms alternately light navel one minuteAlternate with both palms

Light rubbing also has the effect of refreshing the qi.

銆€銆€Abdominal retraction of the anus for one minute, so that the anus can be lifted, can enhance the contraction of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

銆€銆€I felt my feet on my back for a minute and alternately stepped on my feet to make my feet feel warm.

After rubbing your feet, you can accelerate your body’s blood circulation, and you can use live meridians, spleen and stomach, and peace of mind.

銆€銆€Turn left and right for a minute and gently roll over on the bed, moving the spine joints and waist muscles.

Difficult to be confused to make you healthy and longevity!

“Difficult to be confused” to make you healthy and longevity!

Everyone will grow old, this is the natural law that cannot be controlled.
When faced with the threshold of retiring and retirement, the elderly who are well-adjusted psychologically, life is still interesting, and vice versa, it will produce loneliness and inferiority.
銆€銆€Long-lasting loneliness, especially for the elderly, has even metamorphosis, often called “old children.”
Therefore, the elderly friends who have retired should learn to follow suit and learn to be content with the music, so that they can enjoy a happy and happy life in their mental health.
銆€銆€Older people are more psychologically weak, memory and perception decline, reducing the judgment, control and responsiveness of the elderly, and reducing their ability to adapt to society.
These can make the elderly become eccentric in their personality, such as jealousy, self-willedness, stubbornness, jealousy, grievances and reluctance to accept new things, forming so-called depression, impulsive or suspicion.
Physiological aging also weakens the nerves and muscles of the elderly, making the movements clumsy and uncoordinated, prone to fatigue and prone to accidents.
Frail elderly people are more prone to anxiety, sadness and disappointment.
Older patients with refractory diseases may also have self-pity, suicide and other desperation.
銆€銆€The so-called accompaniment means that you can adapt yourself to the surrounding living environment. No matter how much change it takes, you can follow the customs as you go, and you will be round.
As the saying goes, “Only the blessings that can’t be enjoyed, the sins that can’t stand it” are just the same.
The elderly who can meet the needs of others can meet their high standards, good conditions, and good treatment. They can do it without eyesight; if they meet the flying squatter, they can enter and retreat, and they will fight to protect themselves; they will be jealous when they are happy, and they will be cheaper.People who are tolerant and modest; can not be infuriated when they encounter things they cannot understand: they are always satisfied with the status quo of themselves and their own lives.
The elderly who will meet with the situation will have a broad vision and a broad mind, and will see all the changes in the world as normal and calm.
Such an elderly person is inevitably balanced, usually laughing and opening, naturally healthy and longevity.
銆€銆€Zheng Banqiao has a four-character quote: “It’s hard to get confused.
“If you are old, you can’t help yourself. Sometimes you may be confused, close one eye, or close your eyes.”
As the title of the article says, learn to be comfortable with the situation, learn to be content with the music, in order to seek health and longevity.

Middle and old aged away from online games


Middle and old aged away from online games

Online games are no longer a patent for teenagers, and many middle-aged and older people have joined the online game team.

Conduct, experts remind the elderly should stay away from online games.

In some Internet cafes in Urumqi, some middle-aged people watched the computer screen intently, and occasionally shouted at the microphone, and their hands were busy on the keyboard.

It is understood that there are two situations in which middle-aged and old people play online games: the first is to vent their emotions and ease the pressure of life.

Mr. Gu, who has been online for half a year, said that he used to hate computer games and opposed his son playing computer games. But when his colleagues started playing, he finally couldn’t stand the temptation and played online games, and he was out of control.
He said: “The middle-aged people have a lot of stress in their lives. They often encounter things that are not satisfactory, but there is no place to vent.

Although online games are virtual worlds, they can find a sense of accomplishment, and they can also chat with ‘comrades’, and they can talk to each other without seeing each other.

“Another situation is because of interest and hobbies. Most of these people have higher cultural quality or have some special experience.
Mr. Cheng is a freelance writer who likes Chinese classical literature and ancient culture.

He said that many ancient things have disappeared and can only inherit the virtual world to satisfy their wishes.

The 63-year-old Mr. Li Lao was a soldier. He was very emotional about the gun. He listened to his grandson some time ago. He also played online games and let himself pass the gun.

銆€銆€Zhu Yuehu, a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular expert at the Xinjiang Geriatric Hospital, reminds the middle-aged and elderly people that the radiation of computer screens can lead to various ophthalmic diseases. Continuous Internet access is more likely to promote cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as joint pain, tinnitus and dizziness.Hemorrhoids will cause uremia.

He suggested that it is ok for middle-aged and elderly people to access information and entertainment online, but to be modest, try to avoid stimulating thrilling content, preferably away from online games.

Taiji Health Twenty-four Style Taijiquan Features and Action Essentials

Taiji Health Twenty-four Style Taijiquan Features and Action Essentials

Twenty-four styles of Taijiquan have also become simplified Taijiquan. It is a simple Taijiquan that was introduced after the founding of New China. The twenty-four style Taijiquan was also rapidly promoted by the people.
The following is a narrative of the characteristics and action essentials of the Twenty-four style Taijiquan. Let’s take a look.
銆€銆€Characteristics of Twenty-four Style Taijiquan: (1) Easy and soft Taijiquan’s frame type is relatively stable and stretched, and the movement requirements are not rigid and unconstrained. It conforms to the physiological habits of the human body, without obvious changes and fierce jumping movements.
Therefore, after practicing Taijiquan one or two times, you will feel a slight sweat, but there will be no asthma and other phenomena, giving people a relaxed and happy feeling.
Because Tai Chi has this feature, people of different ages, genders and physiques can practice Tai Chi.
銆€銆€(浜? 杩炶疮鍧囧寑銆€銆€鏁村澶瀬鎷崇殑鍔ㄤ綔锛屼粠鈥滆捣鍔库€濆埌鈥滄敹鍔库€濓紝涓嶈鍔ㄤ綔鐨勮櫄瀹炲彉鍖栧拰濮垮娍鐨勮繃娓¤浆鎹紝閮芥槸绱у瘑琛旀帴銆佸墠鍚庤繛璐紝鐪嬩笉鍑烘湁浠€涔堟槑鏄惧仠椤跨殑鍦版柟.
The whole set of action drills, the speed is even, and the front and rear are coherent, as if the flow is flowing and continuous.
銆€銆€(3) Living alive The movement of Tai Chi is different from other boxing techniques. It requires an arc of the upper limbs to avoid straightness.
Exercise through the arc-shaped activities, so that the action is alive and natural, reflecting the characteristics of the combination of rigidity and softness, so that all parts of the body can be evenly developed.
銆€銆€(4) Coordination and complete Tai Chi Chuan Whether it is the whole routine or the posture of a single movement, it is required to go up and down, and the inside (intention, breathing) outside (torso, limb movement) is integrated, and the various parts of the body should be closely coordinated.
In the practice process, the waist should be used as the axis, and the movements of the upper limbs and the lower limbs are all driven by the trunk, and they echo each other. It is forbidden to disengage from the upper and lower sides or to move or stay in this phenomenon.
銆€銆€Twenty-four styles of Taijiquan’s action essentials: All kinds of Taijiquan have different genre characteristics, however, their action essentials are basically the same.
銆€銆€(1) God is the master, and the whole process of practicing Taijiquan requires the use of ideas to guide the movements and focus on the movements.
For example, the movements of the Taijiquan “starting” arms and the forward movements are similar to the movements of the two arms before the gymnastics. However, in the practice of Taijiquan, it is necessary to start the action before starting the action.There is a thought of moving forward.
To be qi Shen Dantian, there is a desire to sink the air deep into the abdominal cavity.
The intention is non-stop, and the action continues, as if a line is used to penetrate each other.
In the process of practicing boxing, the ancients summarized the “God as the master, and the intention to follow the body”, which emphasizes the use of ideas to guide the movement.
銆€銆€(2) Pay attention to relaxation, no effort. When practicing Tai Chi, it is required to maximize the relaxation of the muscles and joints of various parts of the body while maintaining the normal posture of the body.
In the process of doing the movement, it is necessary to avoid the use of force and rigidity. The spine of the human body stands upright in a natural state, and the head, trunk, limbs and other parts move naturally and stretchly, achieving a style of coherence, everywhere, and not rigid.The state of coordination and movement.
銆€銆€(3) Coordinating up and down, coordination around the body Taijiquan is a systemic exercise.
Some people say that when playing Tai Chi, the whole body “has no movement, no movement”, “there must be a temper from the feet and the legs and the waist.” These are all meanings of “up and down, coordination around the body” when practicing Tai Chi.
Although the beginners also know in theory that they want to use the waist as the axis and the limbs to move their limbs to carry out activities, they often feel powerless.
In this case, you can practice the single action, practice the footwork, and then practice the routine.
銆€銆€(4) Distinguish the truth and stabilize the center of gravity After mastering the essentials of the Taijiquan body posture, pay attention to the virtual reality of the action and the center of gravity of the body.
Because in the Taijiquan routine, the connection between the movements and the change of the position direction, the transformation of the footwork and the shift of the center of gravity are carried out. At the same time, the application of the body method and technique should be emphasized.
Whether it is from the virtual to the real, or from the real to the virtual, it must be clear, but also coherently connected, so that the momentum is constantly broken, in one go.
The so-called “walking like a cat, sports like silk” is a description of the lightness and even movement of Taijiquan.
銆€銆€(5) Natural Breathing, Qi Shen Dantian When practicing Tai Chi, because the movement is easy and soft, it is required to breathe peacefully, and the depth of breathing should be increased to meet the body’s need for oxygen.
The Tai Chi exercise emphasizes the use of abdominal breathing, and completes the “gas Shen Dan Tian” by moving up and down the activity, so that the abdomen can be stored and not floated, so that when practicing boxing, it will not cause asthma due to lack of oxygen, and helpThe center of gravity is stable.
Note that the chest pull back helps “gas Shen Dan Tian”.

Holiday seafood Mo greedy, take care of measles


Holiday seafood Mo greedy, take care of measles

It is understood that after the National Day holiday, the number of patients in the dermatology department of the major hospitals has increased significantly.

This is because some people do not pay attention to adjusting their diet during the holidays, and they eat crabs, fish, shrimps, spicy foods, etc., causing skin diseases or causing aggravation.

The doctor introduced the number of patients with acute measles in the patients, many of whom were caused by eating seafood allergies.

The cause of acute measles is difficult to find. Acute measles is a common allergic skin disease. Temporary inflammatory hyperemia and massive fluid exudation of skin and mucous membranes are caused by various factors, causing local edema damage, which occurs rapidly.Regression, itching, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea or other systemic symptoms.

Can be divided into acute urticaria, chronic urticaria, angioedema and papular urticaria.

The most important feature of acute urticaria is that it can be eliminated from time to time and there is no rule to follow.

Experts remind patients to go to the hospital in time even if there are no symptoms during the day, the doctor will judge the condition according to the description.

Patients with severe illness may be accompanied by anaphylactic shock such as palpitation, irritability and even hypotension. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea may occur when the gastrointestinal mucosa is involved.

When you have a throat and a bronchi, you may have difficulty breathing or even suffocation.

Infections can cause symptoms of systemic poisoning such as chills, high fever, and rapid heart rate.

There are many causes of acute measles attacks, the cause is more complicated, about 3 / 4 patients become the cause, but generally serious acute measles episodes may find some reasons, such as touching something, or eating something.

Prevention of acute urticaria should be a key to avoid acute urticaria should pay attention to diet, patients should avoid taboos, fasting spicy, seafood and other food; chronic urticaria is not absolutely related to food, but some people are eating some food, such as seafood, pepperAfter mushrooms, bamboo shoots, wine, mango, and coriander, the condition is aggravated. Therefore, if some foods are found to aggravate acute measles episodes during drug-controlled acute measles episodes, these foods should be avoided.

Therefore, everyone is reminded that although seafood is delicious, it is also a cause of disease. For patients with allergies, be sure to eat carefully to avoid causing disease.

Once an acute attack of diabetes occurs, stop contact with allergic substances immediately. If the condition is serious, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Patients with chronic urticaria should strengthen their own defenses. If they find problems, they can go to the hospital to consult a specialist. Don’t blindly treat them and cause the disease to worsen.


Twelve potential Qigong practice methods

Twelve potential Qigong practice methods

The predecessors summed up the amount of Qigong is “the disease is cured, the disease is not strong.”
Now that the living conditions are good, everyone’s pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, and more and more attention is paid to health.
Many people may have only seen some qigong playing on TV. They may not know much about this sport. The following small series will give you a better understanding of Qigong.
銆€銆€1. Classification of Qigong Qigong is a unique fitness technique in China.
There may be genre, but it should be said that it is not classified.
If it is necessary to classify, then it is divided into two major categories, one is mainly static, standing still, sitting still or lying still, so that the spirit is concentrated, and breathing in a special way, promoting the functions of circulation, digestion and other systems.
The other type is mainly based on movement, generally using gentle exercise, pressing sputum and other methods, insisting on regular exercise to enhance physical fitness.
銆€銆€2, qigong practice method The first potential: Wei Wei Xian 鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?鏉?This action requires the shoulders, elbows, and wrists to be on the same plane, and breathing 8-20 times as appropriate.
璇€鏇? The standing period is upright, and the ring is arched as a chest, and the spirit is clear and the sword is clear.
銆€銆€The second potential: Wei Wei offers the second potential of the two feet apart, shoulder width, shoulders and feet, and the knees are slightly loose; both hands are slowly outstretched from the chest, to the sides of the flat; the palm, palms outward;Two current views; the chest expands when inhaling, the arms are backwards; when exhaling, the fingertips are tilted and the palms are outwardly supported.
Repeat 8-20 times.
璇€鏇? The foot refers to the ground, the two hands are flat, calm and stunned.
銆€銆€The third potential: Wei Wei offers the third potential with two feet open, the toes touch the ground, the heel is lifted; the hands are raised above the head, the palms are up, the middle fingers are 3 cm apart; the shoulders are bent, the head is tilted, the eyes are fixedPalm back.
The tongue is rubbed and the nose is smooth.
When inhaling, both hands use the dark force to do their best, and both legs forcefully squat at the same time; when exhaling, the whole body relaxes, and both palms turn forward.
When the situation is closed, the two palms become fists, the fists are forward, and the upper limbs forcefully push the two fists slowly to the waist, the fists are up, and the heels are on the ground.
Repeat 8-20 times.
璇€鏇? The palm of the hand is on the top of the door, and the toes stand on the ground.
The force of the leg is like a planting, and the teeth are not loosened.
The tongue can be simmered and the nose can be adjusted to the heart.
銆€銆€The fourth potential: picking up the stars and changing the right foot to the right front step slightly, forming a diagonal splay with the left foot, with the potential to the left side; bending the knee, lifting the right heel, sinking down, right imaginary step.
The right hand is lifted straight, the palm is down, the head is slightly right, and the eyes are looking up at the right hand; the left arm is elbow, naturally placed behind.
When inhaling, the head goes up, the shoulders are quite strong; when exhaling, the whole body relaxes, and then the left and right sides exchange posture exercises.
5-10 times in a row.

璇€鏇? Only the hand slammed the sky and covered the head.
The nose is inhaled and the frequency is adjusted, and the left and right sputum is recovered.
銆€銆€The fifth potential: the back of the nine cattle tails stepped right before the right foot, bending the knee into the right lunge.
The right hand clenched the fist, raised to the front upper, binocular view fist; left hand clenched; left arm bent elbow, slanted behind the back.
When inhaling, the two fists grip the adduction, the right fist is closed to the right shoulder, and the left fist is lowered to the back; when exhaling, the two fists and arms relax and restore the potential preparation action.
After the body turns back, it becomes a left lunge, and the left and right hands alternate.
Repeat 5-10 times with your breath.

璇€鏇?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?銆€銆€The sixth potential: the claws are bright and the wings are open, the two arms are flat, the palms are palm, the palms are forward, the fingers are separated, the tiger’s mouth is opposite, the two eyes are glaring at the front, the heel is lifted, and the two toes support the weight.
Then the two palms are slowly separated, and the upper limbs are flattened in one word, the palms are set, the palms are outward, and the heel is on the ground.
When inhaling, the two palms are stretched with darkness and the fingers are tilted backwards; when exhaling, the palms are relaxed.
8-12 times in a row.
璇€鏇? Standing up and glaring, pushing the hand to the present;銆€銆€The seventh potential: the nine ghosts pull the sword and the toes are in the same position, the heel is separated into a figure-eight shape; the two arms are forwarded into the fork and stand on the chest.

The left hand bends the elbow and goes back and forth, and the hook is aimed at the back of the body, and the fingertip is upward; the right hand is extended from the shoulder and the elbow is extended, and the left finger is pulled to make the right hand into a neck shape.

Grab the toes and lean forward, like pulling a knife.

When inhaling, tighten your hands and relax while exhaling.

Exchange around.

Repeat 5-10 times.
璇€鏇? The first fracture of the side, the top and the neck; the recovery from the head, the sullen force: the left and right phase wheel, straight and quiet.

銆€銆€The eighth potential: the three sets of landing ground left foot to the left one step, kneeling down into a horse step.

The upper body is straight, with both hands on the hips, and then the elbows are turned upside down, and the upper arm is lifted like a heavy object; for a moment, the palms are turned down and the arms are relaxed and relaxed, such as dropping heavy objects.

The action is carried out with the breath, and when inhaling, such as the shape of the tray: when exhaling, if it is placed, it is repeated 5-10 times.

When you receive the work, the two feet are straight and straight, the left foot is retracted, and the two feet are close together and become upright.


銆€銆€The ninth potential: Qinglong explores the claws and opens their feet with both hands.

The right hand is stretched forward to the left, the five fingers are pinched into a hook, and the upper body is turned left.

The waist rotates from left to right, and the right hand is horizontally circled from left to right. When the hand is drawn to the front upper side, the upper body leans forward and exhales: when it is drawn over the body, the upper body is straight and inhales.

Exchange left and right, the opposite is true.

5-10 times in a row.
璇€鏇? Qinglong explores the claws, left from the right; the monk works, palms flat; force Zhou shoulders, surrounded by knees; two eyes flat, interest adjustment.

銆€銆€Tenth potential: Crouching Tigers swallow the right foot to the right for a big step, bend the right knee to kneel, into the right bow left servant leg; the upper body leans forward, hands support the ground, the head slightly lifted, the front and bottom of the eye.

When inhaling, at the same time, the two arms are straight, the upper body is raised and tries to move forward, and the center of gravity moves forward; when exhaling, the elbow is flexed at the same time, the vertical displacement, the upper body is closed, the center of gravity is moved backward, and the body is ready to be moved.

Repeatedly, with both arms flexing and stretching with the breathing, the upper body is ups and downs, and the front and back are collected, such as the tiger rushing.

After 5-10 consecutive movements, the left bow and the right servant are changed, and the action is as before.

璇€鏇?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓?涓t is also healthy.

銆€銆€The eleventh potential: the two sides of the fight are open, and the toes are buckled.

The palms of the hands are slowly raised to the left and right, and the back of the head is pressed with force. The fingers are knocked on the cerebellum for a while.

Infuse with breathing to make a flexion movement; when inhaling, the body is straight, the eyes are forward looking, the head is like a top object; when exhaling, straight knees bent over and bent, both hands force the head to explore the knees for snoring, do not makeThe heel is off the ground.

Repeat 8-20 times according to physical strength.


銆€銆€The twelfth potential: the tail of the work is open, the hands are raised from the chest to the top of the head, the palms are moved, the body is upright, not the chest and the abdomen; the ten fingers crossed, the wrists are reversed,The palm is up, leaning, and the waist is bent backwards, and the eye is on the eye; then the upper body bends forward, slender and sag, pushes the palm to the ground, and looks at the eye.

When exhaling, the body bends down and the heel is slightly off the ground; when inhaling, the upper body rises and the heel touches the ground; this is repeated 21 times.

Received work: erect, two arms left and right side, flexion and extension 7 times.

璇€鏇?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶?鑶滻n the heart, the interest is adjusted to the nose;

The total test: the total test of the law, the picture into twelve.

Who is the real, the fifth generation season.

Da Mo Xi came and passed the Shaolin Temple.

There are Song Yue Hou, more forensics.

However, the disease is prolonged, and there is no such thing as class.


What is the good effect of ginseng on the human body?

According to modern pharmacological research results, ginseng has the following effects on the human body: it can strengthen the excitatory process of the cerebral cortex, improve the analytical ability, improve work efficiency, and at the same time strengthen the inhibition process, improve the complications of the nerve activity process; and improve sleep and mood,Improve the mental and physical functions of people, and have significant anti-fatigue effects.

It can act on the pituitary gland and excite the pituitary-adrenal cortex system, thereby changing the body’s reactivity, improving the body’s resistance to external adverse conditions, enhancing the resistance to disease; enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to temperature changes, including tolerance to high temperatures,The ability to cool down.

It can improve digestion, absorption and metabolism, increase appetite, promote protein synthesis, increase body weight and accelerate growth.

There is a two-way adjustment function, and someone called “adapt to the original”-like effect, which can enhance the non-vertical defense ability of the body.

Such as lowering the blood pressure of patients with hypotension, but reducing it for patients with hypertension; can reduce the high blood sugar caused by diet or adrenal gland, but the hypoglycemia caused by insulin can make it rise.

It can regulate cholesterol metabolism and inhibit the occurrence of hypercholesterolemia.

Have a strong heart and promote hematopoietic function, improve the role of anemia.

It promotes gonadal function and antidiuretic effect.

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Which kind of yoga is the most effective weight loss five moves to create a perfect body


Which kind of yoga is the most effective weight loss five moves to create a perfect body

Yoga is a common exercise method in life, and different yoga can help us shape, so how do these yoga shapes work well?

Here are some recommended yoga poses for you to create a perfect body for everyone to understand.

銆€銆€The crescent shape starts from the posture of the tree, the left foot takes a big step backwards, the heel is lifted, the legs are straightened, the right leg is bent, the front and rear legs are straight, the arms are lifted up, the hands are closed, and the wrists are pressed down.And the back, keep 5 breath times.

銆€銆€The tree poses with your feet together, starting in a mountain position, with your toes fully extended and using your front thigh muscles to drive the muscles near the knee joint.

Straighten your spine and lift your chest and back.

Put your hands together and make a prayer posture. The thumb is close to the body and the elbow bends close to the body.

Then lift your left foot and stick it tightly on your right leg (use your hand to help if necessary). Keep your balance. Keep your right leg in an upright position and stick to 5 breaths.

If your weight and softness are poor, you can put your left foot on the calf or foot joints. You seem to be like a tree, rooted on the earth, breathing deeply.

銆€銆€The shape of the T begins with a samurai-like posture, with the hand on the upper side, the upper body straight forward, the left foot raised, looking for balance, then the upper body is fully forward, lifting the left leg until the body and the left leg are parallel.

Fully bend your left leg from hip to toe.

Keep your chest straight and face facing the floor.

The body is stretched out on both sides of the body, with the palms facing inward, for 5 breaths.

If this action is too difficult for you, you can put your legs on a chair at the beginning.

銆€銆€The triangle starts from the posture of the mountain, the right foot is backwards 2 feet, the right foot is turned 90 degrees to the outside of the leg, the left foot is forward, the leg is centered, forward and forward, the right heel and the left instep are in a straight line.

The arm is raised and the palm is down.

Straighten the legs (if you can’t do it, the implant can bend 90 degrees), the torso and arms are stretched and inhaled.

Place your other hand on the bone, foot joint or floor and stick the left and right arms in a straight line.

Look up and keep 5 breaths.

Return to the original position and start the other side.

銆€銆€The samurai shape begins with the crescent moon, flattens the left foot, turns the toes 30 degrees, the legs are still straight, and the ends turn 90 degrees.

Keep a line between the right heel and the left instep, keep it at 90 degrees, step on it, relax on the body and step on it, center it, stretch flat, shoulder height, palm down.

Stretch your fingertips as if you are going to touch the wall.

Focus on the middle finger of the right hand and keep 5 breaths.