Jade Bird: Microfiber Yoga Towel (Grape Purple)

Jade Bird: Microfiber Yoga Towel (Grape Purple)

Market price: 160.

00 Brand Name: Beijing Jade Bird Specifications: Length: 1.

8 meters wide: 63 centimeters: Weight: 500 grams Product color: Grape purple Load-bearing safety: 200 Applicable people: All product materials: 100% microfiber cloth towels, using international high-tech nano-microfiber DTY (fineness 0.

1Dtex, fineness is only 1/10 of fine silk) finely woven, the amount of water absorption and speed is 10 times that of cotton towels, and the durability is 4 times that of cotton towels.

Soft and comfortable feel, bright color, no breeding of bacteria, no odor, no ball, no hair loss, no shreds.

  Product introduction: Jade Bird Microfiber Yoga Towel, also known as portable yoga mat, because the towel is light in weight, easy to hit, outdoor yoga, mountain yoga, seaside yoga, hot yoga, etc. If it is not convenient to bring ordinary PVC yoga mats,You can bring a towel, tile it on the ground or grass, or on the beach. You can do yoga on it, and you can easily do yoga on it. Because the microfiber towel has super absorbent capacity, the effect of hot yoga is more obvious.With.

  Note: Use neutral detergent, wash the shades separately.

Ginger is the best way to cure sore throat


Ginger is the best way to cure sore throat

Chinese medicine believes that ginger is a good medicine that can cure sore throat.

Now that the seasons change, people are susceptible to colds.

Too many people are often accompanied by a sore throat when they catch a cold. This does not prevent the use of ginger to relieve the pain.

Ginger is the best choice for sore throat and often works immediately.

  The ingredients in ginger kill the cold-causing virus.

You can cut the ginger into ginger and put it in a cup, pour it in boiling water for about 5 minutes, and filter out the ginger soup.

If you don’t like the spicy flavor of the ginger soup, add some honey.

  The effect of ginger water is similar to mint water. Mint leaves are chopped, brewed with boiling water, and filtered mint water is useful for treating nasal congestion and throat pain.

Similarly, honey can be added to mint water to taste.

How to vent complaints in the workplace

How to vent complaints in the workplace

In life, we often use this direct way, regardless of the three or seventy two, complaints, complaints blurted out.

In a hurry, there will inevitably be discomfort.

So some people may be confused by your complaints and get bored inside, but the people who really annoy you are just fine, after complaining, everything is still the same.

As everyone knows, complaints also have art at all.

  Readme: I was a sophomore in college that year.

At the end of the year, I ranked 4th in the class.

By convention, the top 8 classes receive scholarships by default.

I’ve figured out my mind early. The second-class scholarship is worth 300 yuan in cash.

This is my life-saving money, and the tuition for next semester counts on it.

I never expected that my name would not be on the scholarship list!

The 9th place was shortlisted, but I was dropped.

Why is that?

  I went to the counselor angrily.

The instructor saw me at all, and said that the assessment was based on external scores, and they also needed to assess their usual performance, especially their mentality.

Many students report that your grievances and repetitions are too many, and do not meet the standards of an outstanding student, so the class committee decided to cancel your academic qualification after discussion . The counselor’s words, like a thunderstorm, hit my heart.
I was surprised, then angry, and then ashamed. My face was feverish, and finally I was so low that my chest couldn’t be lower.

The counselor patted me on the main axis and spoke for a long time. Go back and think about it. I believe you will still get a scholarship next year.

  I quit the counselor’s office without saying a word, and at that moment, I felt that the whole world was laughing at me, ridiculing me, and letting me feel complacent.

I have little room to refute the counselor’s words, because I really like the counselor said, I like to complain and cry, and my classmates call me a “worry ghost”.

  Is it a problem to complain?

That whole day, I was entangled in this problem. I never noticed that complaints would also affect my survival plan.

That night, I rolled to bed and meditated without supper.

What kind of person am I in my classmates’ heart?

  I remember that my family was poor, so I often suffocated my unfair destiny; I organized class activities, and I stayed at these messy things that delayed my studies; I noticed everything in school, disappointed.In other words, my classmates didn’t take notes seriously during class, even the toilet was too dirty, the food was too poor, the school was too closed . I never cooperated with anything from national events to eating and drinking.The attitude of disdain and dissatisfaction, complaining everywhere, repeating, said in the bedroom, said at the class meeting, said when eating, still talking while studying, complaints are inseparable from me.

Thinking of this, I have become more and more difficult to fall asleep on the other side. I didn’t expect that I looked like this. How can a classmate bear such a complaint for so long?

  The next morning, I almost woke up without a face. I slept in the quilt until noon. When I got up, I had decided that starting today, I would change completely.

  I swear to keep my mouth shut and not to talk casually.

It does create a sense of anger.

This practice was quite difficult in the first few days. I often bitten my teeth, but I didn’t let the complaint escape.

This must be a kind of torture for me. You know, I love talking.

  After a month, I felt like I could close my mouth.

When I closed my grumble, I realized that I was able to set aside my mind to observe the things around me. Boots found that not everything can be solved by grumble, grumble is just a vent of negative emotions, onlyDissatisfaction aggravates, and the only way to find a solution to a problem is a positive attitude.

  How should complaints be made?

  I started to think about how to make a normal complaint.

As long as you have a mentality to solve the problem, you will find that there are actually no complaints.

In fact, when I encounter a dissatisfaction, I will not easily express my opinions. I always think about it in my mind first. Is it worth complaining?

How useful will it be?

If you only laugh at it, shut up quickly; if you can speak out and improve, then find someone who can solve the problem.  This kind of thinking is very useful, and gradually I became a positive and optimistic person. It turned out that the negative emotions were spread at that moment, and the people who complained were gone.

  After work, I also have good habits. Colleagues rarely hear complaints and repetitions from my mouth. What they see is a hard-working colleague who does not easily comment. I have won a good reputation and colleagues.It’s been good.

Soon, I was reused.

  Now thinking about it, a good attitude is not born in nature. Any pearl has to go through a long temper before it starts to shine. Life has taught me and it will also give me gains.

  In such grieving lives, we often adopt this direct way, regardless of the three or seventy two, complaints, complaints blurted out.

In a hurry, there will inevitably be discomfort.
So some people may be confused by your complaints and get bored inside, but the people who really annoy you are just fine, after complaining, everything is still the same.
As everyone knows, complaints also have art at all.
If you want to make your complaint worthwhile, you may wish to pay attention to the opinions of experts: 1. Don’t rush to express opinions; 2. Don’t mess around regardless of the occasion and time; 3, think about why you should send it?

Will it solve the problem or increase dissatisfaction?

  4. If you are just venting your emotions, find a place where no one is scolding or singing; 5. If you want to solve the problem, try to find a key person, reflect the problem with a calm attitude, and ask the other party to solve it; 6,If you have complained about something once and suffered from the other party ‘s knowledge, do n’t mention it again; 7, speak out the whistle, do n’t just hang on to your body; 8, use irony, frustrated tone is whistle, pay attention to useEuphemistic, consultative tone turns complaints into suggestions.

Such as “Why do you put your legs on my table?

“Maybe change.” Would you please take your legs down?

“Please note: On the right occasion, complain about the right person. Never whisper.

Appropriate complaints will earn you goodwill; spreading complaints will make everyone retreat from you.

Weight loss should be supplemented by psychotherapy


Weight loss should be supplemented by psychotherapy

People who are determined to lose weight usually take diet pills, strictly control their diet and exercise every day.

Venezuela psychologists recently said that weight loss should also be supplemented by psychotherapy.

銆€銆€Venezuelan female psychologist Darling?

Coesa said in this media: “People’s emotions and psychology are often caused by excessive reasons and should be enough to raise awareness.
She said that emotional and psychological abnormalities are often the cause of obesity and often a consequence of obesity.

Sometimes people can’t stand the frustration, don’t know how to adapt to the external environment and cope with the daily stress, just rely on eating to ease the mood.

For example, people who break up with a lover, divorce, or who have died or are unemployed may experience compulsive eating and are unable to control themselves.

銆€銆€At the same time, deformed body may also cause abnormal eating, such as anorexia or appetite, and the boots affect emotional and psychological state, leading to depression and anxiety.

Therefore, if you get the counseling of a professional psychologist at the beginning of weight loss, weight loss will be more effective.

銆€銆€Coissa also recommended preventing obesity from getting caught in children.

She pointed out that some people are fat all over the life, which is often caused by the way of childhood education.

She said that some parents use food as a way to compensate their children. They “don’t know how to properly handle the children’s needs, and the children will eat when they cry.”

In addition, some parents think that the child is getting fatter and healthier, and some families use sweets as a reward for their children, but they do not know that children with ADHD tend to be more active if they take too much sugar.

Taiji Health Twenty-four Style Taijiquan Features and Action Essentials

Taiji Health Twenty-four Style Taijiquan Features and Action Essentials

Twenty-four styles of Taijiquan have also become simplified Taijiquan. It is a simple Taijiquan that was introduced after the founding of New China. The twenty-four style Taijiquan was also rapidly promoted by the people.
The following is a narrative of the characteristics and action essentials of the Twenty-four style Taijiquan. Let’s take a look.
銆€銆€Characteristics of Twenty-four Style Taijiquan: (1) Easy and soft Taijiquan’s frame type is relatively stable and stretched, and the movement requirements are not rigid and unconstrained. It conforms to the physiological habits of the human body, without obvious changes and fierce jumping movements.
Therefore, after practicing Taijiquan one or two times, you will feel a slight sweat, but there will be no asthma and other phenomena, giving people a relaxed and happy feeling.
Because Tai Chi has this feature, people of different ages, genders and physiques can practice Tai Chi.
銆€銆€(浜? 杩炶疮鍧囧寑銆€銆€鏁村澶瀬鎷崇殑鍔ㄤ綔锛屼粠鈥滆捣鍔库€濆埌鈥滄敹鍔库€濓紝涓嶈鍔ㄤ綔鐨勮櫄瀹炲彉鍖栧拰濮垮娍鐨勮繃娓¤浆鎹紝閮芥槸绱у瘑琛旀帴銆佸墠鍚庤繛璐紝鐪嬩笉鍑烘湁浠€涔堟槑鏄惧仠椤跨殑鍦版柟.
The whole set of action drills, the speed is even, and the front and rear are coherent, as if the flow is flowing and continuous.
銆€銆€(3) Living alive The movement of Tai Chi is different from other boxing techniques. It requires an arc of the upper limbs to avoid straightness.
Exercise through the arc-shaped activities, so that the action is alive and natural, reflecting the characteristics of the combination of rigidity and softness, so that all parts of the body can be evenly developed.
銆€銆€(4) Coordination and complete Tai Chi Chuan Whether it is the whole routine or the posture of a single movement, it is required to go up and down, and the inside (intention, breathing) outside (torso, limb movement) is integrated, and the various parts of the body should be closely coordinated.
In the practice process, the waist should be used as the axis, and the movements of the upper limbs and the lower limbs are all driven by the trunk, and they echo each other. It is forbidden to disengage from the upper and lower sides or to move or stay in this phenomenon.
銆€銆€Twenty-four styles of Taijiquan’s action essentials: All kinds of Taijiquan have different genre characteristics, however, their action essentials are basically the same.
銆€銆€(1) God is the master, and the whole process of practicing Taijiquan requires the use of ideas to guide the movements and focus on the movements.
For example, the movements of the Taijiquan “starting” arms and the forward movements are similar to the movements of the two arms before the gymnastics. However, in the practice of Taijiquan, it is necessary to start the action before starting the action.There is a thought of moving forward.
To be qi Shen Dantian, there is a desire to sink the air deep into the abdominal cavity.
The intention is non-stop, and the action continues, as if a line is used to penetrate each other.
In the process of practicing boxing, the ancients summarized the “God as the master, and the intention to follow the body”, which emphasizes the use of ideas to guide the movement.
銆€銆€(2) Pay attention to relaxation, no effort. When practicing Tai Chi, it is required to maximize the relaxation of the muscles and joints of various parts of the body while maintaining the normal posture of the body.
In the process of doing the movement, it is necessary to avoid the use of force and rigidity. The spine of the human body stands upright in a natural state, and the head, trunk, limbs and other parts move naturally and stretchly, achieving a style of coherence, everywhere, and not rigid.The state of coordination and movement.
銆€銆€(3) Coordinating up and down, coordination around the body Taijiquan is a systemic exercise.
Some people say that when playing Tai Chi, the whole body “has no movement, no movement”, “there must be a temper from the feet and the legs and the waist.” These are all meanings of “up and down, coordination around the body” when practicing Tai Chi.
Although the beginners also know in theory that they want to use the waist as the axis and the limbs to move their limbs to carry out activities, they often feel powerless.
In this case, you can practice the single action, practice the footwork, and then practice the routine.
銆€銆€(4) Distinguish the truth and stabilize the center of gravity After mastering the essentials of the Taijiquan body posture, pay attention to the virtual reality of the action and the center of gravity of the body.
Because in the Taijiquan routine, the connection between the movements and the change of the position direction, the transformation of the footwork and the shift of the center of gravity are carried out. At the same time, the application of the body method and technique should be emphasized.
Whether it is from the virtual to the real, or from the real to the virtual, it must be clear, but also coherently connected, so that the momentum is constantly broken, in one go.
The so-called “walking like a cat, sports like silk” is a description of the lightness and even movement of Taijiquan.
銆€銆€(5) Natural Breathing, Qi Shen Dantian When practicing Tai Chi, because the movement is easy and soft, it is required to breathe peacefully, and the depth of breathing should be increased to meet the body’s need for oxygen.
The Tai Chi exercise emphasizes the use of abdominal breathing, and completes the “gas Shen Dan Tian” by moving up and down the activity, so that the abdomen can be stored and not floated, so that when practicing boxing, it will not cause asthma due to lack of oxygen, and helpThe center of gravity is stable.
Note that the chest pull back helps “gas Shen Dan Tian”.