Acupuncture treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation should pay attention to symptomatic acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation should pay attention to symptomatic acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation is based on syndrome differentiation and treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Chinese medicine divides impotence and premature ejaculation into two types, namely, life-gate fire failure and hot and humid betting.

When treating with acupuncture, Chinese medicine pays special attention to applying acupuncture.

  The pathological mechanisms of the two types of impotence and premature ejaculation are as follows: life-gate fire failure: sexual indulgence, or juvenile mistaken masturbation, damage to kidney qi, life-gate fire failure, zonal tendon loss; or panic, kidney injury, too much thought, phase fireViolent movements, wasting kidney essence, and impotence due to zonal tendon insufficiency.

That is to say, the “discussion of similar syndromes” says: if you are injured inside, you can’t afford it. Therefore, the yang is mostly caused by diarrhea, too much funeral, or anxiety, or fear of hurting the kidney.

This leads to impotence.

  Damp-heat betting: drinking thick taste, spleen and stomach injury, abnormal dysfunction, damp-turbid endogenous, melancholy heat, damp-turbid betting, zongjin stretch and erect impotence, but such impotence is rare, such as Zhang JingqiuIt has been said that those with fire dysfunction are ten or seventy, and those with fire dysfunction only have ears to treat impotence and premature ejaculation. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, so different acupuncture methods are used according to different types. The following is a specific introduction to acupuncture treatment.

  1, hit the door fire failure main card: do not lift the Yang matter, or not strong, pale, cold limbs, dizziness, dizziness, completion of the waist and legs, pale tongue and white fur, thin pulse, if both heart and spleenInjured people have palpitations, timidity, insomnia and other evidence.

  Governing Law: Take Renmai, mainly Foot Shaoyin Meridian.

Acupuncture and moxibustion are used to nourish the kidney and impotence.

  Prescription: Mingmen Guanyuan Shen Yu Taixi Acupuncture points: Xinyu, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao can be added to the heart and spleen.

  Fang Yi: Deterioration of life gate, impotence of kidney yang deficiency, take life gate, Shenshu, Taixi tonifying kidney and impotence; Guan Yuan is the meeting point of Zu Sanyin and Renmai, which can strengthen the vitality of the human body, Pei YuanguAphrodisiac; Xinyu, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao tonify the heart and spleen.

  2, the main evidence of hot and humid betting: weak penis atrophy can not erect, both mouth base or thirsty, hot red urine, sleepy completion of lower limbs, yellow greasy fur, pulse count.

  Governing Law: Take Renmai, mainly foot meridian points.

Acupuncture with diarrhea to clear away damp heat.

  Prescription: Zhongsan Sanyinjiao Yinlingquan Zusanli.

  Fang Yi: impotence caused by hot and humid betting. The disease is caused by spleen dampness, stagnation and heat, so Sanyinjiao, Yinlingquan, spleen and dampness are taken; dampness and heat of Zhongjiqingxiajiao; Zusanli to help spleen and dampness.

  Other acupuncture treatments for impotence and premature ejaculation: ear acupuncture point selection: external genital testis endocrine method: medium stimulation, twist every 10 minutes, leaving the needle for 30 minutes.

  Although acupuncture can effectively treat premature ejaculation, the requirements for acupuncturists are relatively high, and patients cannot use it without authorization to avoid danger.

Autumn of Health: Yang Xiaoyin Changhe

Autumn of Health: Yang Xiaoyin Changhe

Autumn climate is in the transitional stage of “yang elimination and yin growth”.

From the beginning of the autumn to the summer, the weather is characterized by the emphasis on moisture, so there is a saying of “autumn tiger”.

After the dew, the rain gradually decreases, the weather is dry, the days are hot and the nights are cold, the climate is cold and hot, the cold and hot are prone to colds and colds, and many old diseases are also easy to recur, so it is called “eventful autumn”.

  After the autumnal equinox, due to the dwindling rain, Qiuzao became the main climate from mid-autumn to late autumn.

This season, it is easy to consume fluid, dry mouth, sore throat, lung heat and cough.

Therefore, in the autumn, it is advisable to eat foods for clearing heat and promoting hydration and nourishing the lungs, such as loach, sesame, walnuts, lilies, glutinous rice, honey, milk, peanuts, fresh yam, pears, red dates, lotus seeds, etc.

  Chinese medicine believes that the physical activity of the human body must adapt to changes in the natural environment. Therefore, in the autumn health care should pay attention to a “harmony” word, including the adjustment of spiritual will, diet and daily living.

In addition, in autumn, we must pay attention to adapting to climate change and increase or decrease clothes in a timely manner.

  Experts suggest that in the fall, middle-aged and elderly people with weak stomachs can eat porridge for breakfast, which can be moderate, beneficial to the stomach, and healthy.

The book of traditional Chinese medicine records, “Gai Chen started to eat porridge, introduced new ideas, benefited the stomach and nourished the body fluids, which made one day refreshing.

It is recommended to choose different porridge to eat according to your actual situation, such as lily and jujube glutinous rice porridge to nourish the yin and nourish the stomach, lentil porridge to strengthen the spleen and medium, ginger porridge to prevent cold and vomit, walnut porridge to moisturize the lungs and prevent dryness, chrysanthemum porridge to improve eyesight, and hawthorn porridgePhlegm digestion, yam porridge, spleen and intestines, chamomile and wolfberry porridge nourish liver and kidney.

Interpretation of Aerobics

Interpretation of Aerobics

Aerobics originated in the United States in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Its original English name was “Aerobics”, which means “aerobics”. The name “Aerobics” was only when it just reached its expectations.The Chinese name of the sports feature.

Aerobics is a type of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is relative to anaerobic exercise. The exercise provided by the human aerobic system is characterized by long activity time and low intensity, which mainly affects the cardiopulmonary function of the practitioner and is the basis of endurance.

  In fact, from the perspective of improving health, only aerobic exercise can well affect the human body and achieve the purpose of exercising.

Aerobic exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming, and all other long-lasting, low-intensity sports activities. Aerobics is just one of them.

Therefore, from the original English name of aerobics (aerobic exercise), we can trigger such a silhouette. The basis and essence of aerobics is aerobic exercise, and the specific characteristics of aerobics itself last a certain period of time.Low-intensity systemic activity.

  Over the years, due to differences in development history and fitness concepts, we have had some misunderstandings about aerobics.

For example, if aerobics is mistaken for aerobic exercises based on joint activities, and longer and shorter jumping exercises are added to increase the amount of exercise, it now seems that this understanding merely overlaps the external performance of aerobics and beauty without graspingIts inner essence and essence.

  From the perspective of the development of aerobics in foreign countries in general, the activities of all joints are only part of the warm-up (preparation) of aerobics exercises, and continuous jumping exercises should be avoided because of great damage to the knee joints of the human body. The necessary amount of exercise is throughA lot of walking, both the pace and the right amount of low-intensity jumps, combined with simple upper limb movements, the aerobic exercise part is the most important part of aerobics affecting the human body.

  Another misconception is about strength exercises.

Due to the differences between eastern and western concepts, many women think that large muscle masses affect aesthetics, so most previous aerobics classes focused on complex upper and lower limb coordination; the main purpose was to improve the coordination of the body, especially the upper limb strength.Lack of practice.

In fact, strength exercises are also aerobic exercises. A proper amount of strength exercises can increase muscle elasticity, shape the body, and delay aging. It is an important part of aerobics exercises.

As long as the right method is mastered, muscles can only become more beautiful, make people younger and transcendence.

Aerobics is divided into two categories, fitness aerobics and competitive aerobics.

  Competitive aerobics is developed on the basis of fitness aerobics. It is an inevitable output of fitness aerobics development to a certain stage, which also makes aerobics a real sport.

  The main purpose of competitive aerobics is to “compete”. During the competition, athletes must complete many difficult technical movements with music within 1 minute and 45 seconds. Therefore, the overall physical fitness and technical level of athletes have high requirements.Here we can grind competitive aerobics, which is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which is not suitable for us as a means of exercising.

  The main purpose of fitness aerobics is “fitness”, so the movements are relatively simple, the speed of music is slow, and the physical fitness of the practitioners is not high. It is suitable for most people to practice, plus the variety of movements, strong sense of rhythm, canAll aspects of the body are affected. Fitness aerobics is loved by more and more people and has a very broad mass base.

  At present abroad, through the rapid development of aerobics and the continuous change of people’s needs, many new forms of aerobics exercises have appeared, such as: pedal exercises that increase the amount of exercise without increasing the burden on the lower limb joints; suitable for the elderly and injuredWater aerobics for practitioners recovering from illness; young favorite fighting aerobics; female cognition yoga aerobics to adjust body balance, improve body posture, and aerobics with many differences, suitable for different objects.

The emergence of these different forms of aerobics has increased the diversity of aerobics exercises, so that people with different needs can find aerobics exercises that are suitable for them, thereby attracting more participation in aerobics and promoting bodybuilding.Further development of aerobics.

  At present, in large and medium-sized cities with good aerobics foundations in some countries, new forms of aerobics exercises have also been introduced, such as pedal aerobics, boxing aerobics, etc., and they have gradually become international in the choice of content and practice methods.Moving up, such as the use of step-based cycling exercises, increasing the strength of strength exercises, especially the strength of upper limbs, etc., make the internal aerobics movement in a more international and scientific direction.

  The main purpose of people participating in aerobics exercises should be fitness and entertainment.

Here we have a better understanding of the fitness functions of aerobics, but we have a different understanding of entertainment.

In fact, any sports activity is related to entertainment. Finding happiness is human nature and natural psychological needs. It is the primary indicator of fitness aerobics to achieve fitness while having fun.

Therefore, the aerobics exercise must first aim at the physical examination and psychological examination of the practitioners, and the enthusiasm and vitality, happiness and self-confidence shown by the practitioners, and the sense of self-fulfillment.

  Because each person’s physical condition and level of exercise are different, participation in aerobics exercises should exclude the idea of competition based on individual differences and self-perception, based on the principles of safety, non-injury, and self-adaptation, and must require too high technologyAnd body posture, entertainment physiology is the first factor we have to consider.

  Relatively speaking, some people are engaged in the updating of health concepts, and spending money to buy health has become the consensus of many people. More and more people participate in physical exercise, and more and more people like aerobics. Aerobics has become a part of the sports fitness industry.An important part of.

Under this average, there are some forms of sports that call themselves aerobics. In order to regulate the market and promote the healthy development of aerobics, the Chinese Aerobics Association last year introduced aerobics mass training standards and aerobics instructor systems.Intensified the professional training of aerobics instructors.

  Inviting foreign experts to give lectures in China has enhanced the exchange of information at home and abroad. These improvements have played a huge role in improving the professional level of aerobics practitioners, renewing their concepts, and absorbing advanced experience in the development of aerobics movements abroad, thereby promoting Chinese bodybuildingThe rapid development of aerobics, I believe that more people will participate in aerobics in the future.

Friends-recommended fat and fat cheats


Friends-recommended fat and fat cheats

Do you know what I am most afraid of when someone sees me?

“Hey, you are thinner too!
“I heard this and I was mad, I can’t wait to have a long fat cheat.

銆€銆€It is said that when I was a child, I was a chubby pretty little girl. The aunt of the uncle in the yard, whoever saw me, picked me up, then pinched my tender meat, and kept still in my mouth: small face, small covering, small butt.

.I like it very much, I think it’s fat and cute!

銆€銆€It is 16 years old and has a height of 1.

63 meters, I weighed 60 kilograms, is that kind of healthy and fat, but it is not obese, round apple face is red, a pair of strong and round legs, how to look good (the male students at the time recall),But the ethos of that time has begun to admire the beauty of thinness, and my mother kept telling me that I can’t eat anymore (from the time I was dressed, I realized that my mother was a fashionista at that time), so I had the idea of losing weight.But it is really too embarrassing, I can’t swallow without meat, and lose weight just stays after eating and thinking about it while picking up the teeth, so 60 kg will be kept.

銆€銆€Until I stepped into the workplace, those emotional and business annoyances followed, and my weight was sharply offset without my knowledge.

I didn’t know the seriousness of the matter until one day when I saw an irregular thin face with some fine lines in my eyes. I quickly went to weigh only 53 kilograms.

All the people who have known me before say: Seeing that you are losing weight now, your face is no meat, your eyelids are slack, and your skin is white bloodless. It’s really not good!

銆€銆€There are a few fat friends who are forced to tell me the secret of losing weight.

Made me cry and laugh, explained that it is not weight loss, it is tired, but no one believes.

Seeing that I really suspended the inelastic face, I categorically announced that I would start fattening from now on.

This decision is obviously a big deal in the world. I immediately smashed the horse’s nest. I said that I was ill-free. I said that I was deliberate and even said that my nerves were abnormal.

But it is not necessary to increase fat in the mouth of the whole people to lose weight, people do not think that you are sick!

However, the fault of my person is that I will never give up.

So the fattening plan officially began.

銆€銆€First of all, I consulted the restored materials and consulted the supplementary beauty agency. A senior beauty salon in Zhengzhou suggested that I use the butter fattening method.

Butter is not ordinary. It is said to be pure butter imported from the United States. It is golden and smooth and has no impurities.

There are two ways to increase the fat: one is to put a piece of butter in a cup, then use boiling water to open it, take it directly, three times a day, called the simplest method of fattening.

銆€銆€When I washed the butter, I saw a cup of light yellow and dense liquid, and pinched my nose to pour liquid into my stomach. It felt a bit like castor oil that was filled by my mother when I was sick.Spit the medicine), the stomach turned up one by one, and finally did not hold back or ran to the bathroom to spit out.

I tried it a few times and didn’t succeed. So I switched to the second treatment and used butter instead of vegetable oil to cook. Although the taste of the dish is not inferior, but it is not spit, so I insisted on using the family’s unanimous protest.The butter was fried for one month.

After the release, we went to weigh the weight, but not long, but fell to 52 kg.

Presumably it is the cause of vomiting, coupled with family members complaining of psychological pressure, so not fat and thin, and the price of butter is expensive, so I stopped this method of fattening.

銆€銆€I once had a meal and met a senior bodybuilder. I heard that I was looking for a long fat cheat. I suggested that I use exercise to increase my daily exercise and exercise every morning and evening.

So I started to run every morning and went to the gym to dance in the evening.

After a few days, I feel very tired. Because I wake up early in the morning and sleep well, it leads to a lack of temperament in the morning. When I finish my workout at night, I can’t get up when I get out of bed. I’m like a slap in the face, how can I cook?The mood to eat!

One month later, the weight was reduced to 51 kg.

So I categorically ended this kind of fattening method that was wasteful and had no effect.

銆€銆€There are a lot of people who have a big belly and complained to me, saying that they are drinking beer and drinking themselves.

I had a chance to drink beer. It was also a good fat cheat. So I drank a summer beer that year, and I had a big bottle of drinking and a big bite of meat!

Weighed, it’s really long!

53 kg!

But I just found out that the steep belly bulged a small bag, almost the same as the four months of pregnancy, and the rest of the place was still the same, I wanted to bring the 2 kg of meat to the stomach.

Hey, say goodbye to the summer, and say goodbye to beer therapy. I look at my stomach and the legs that are as thin as a pole. I really want to cry!
In the depression, my weight fell back to 50 kg in the winter.
銆€銆€My friends also feel very strange. I eat the most every time I eat, and I never eat it. I want to eat what I eat, especially meat and chocolate, but why not get fat?

And many people drink cold water and grow up!

Therefore, many friends have alienated me because they do not want to see me eating meat. I can only pick two green vegetables. I don’t want to see what I want to wear, but I can’t hold my pants.

I am also very depressed, envious of the smooth and unscented eyes of the people, the beautiful legs of the sexy buttocks, especially with the increase of age, more and more people think that women are still a little beautiful, how the skinny bones look like no blessing.

銆€銆€After knowing my sorrow, a friend was surprised. He didn’t believe that people who were not fatter. He said that he was 56 kilograms two years ago. In the past two years, his appetite has increased greatly. Now he is 82 kilograms, and he is afraid.I don’t believe it, take the previous photos for me.

I watched, and my confidence increased suddenly, because in the photo he looked like a slender and straight poplar tree. The clothes seemed to be hanging on a hanger without a three-dimensional feeling. Today, he must be a big black water.Cylinder.
It seems that I have to make a fuss about it.

銆€銆€This friend taught me his fat fat cheat: I ate two meat clips every morning.

This is not difficult for me because I like to eat meat, so my daily breakfast is changed to two meat clips, a cup of soy milk or milk.

I ate a whole winter, and it really worked. The weight recovered to 53 kilograms. My friends said that I am fat, and I have meat on my body. It is much better than before. It is not to say that “not high or not one meter, not fat or thin.One hundred and six”!

I am a standard figure!

My heart is beautiful, although I am already very disgusted with the meat folder, I also try to persist.

As the saying goes, there are unexpected events. In the spring of this year, our industry has been devastated by many reasons. My company has experienced an unprecedented economic crisis. The tremendous mental pressure made me mad within a week.Thin 5 kg, and returned to the starting point.

This depressed in my heart, forget it, love it, and the fattening plan ends here with failure.

Middle and old aged away from online games


Middle and old aged away from online games

Online games are no longer a patent for teenagers, and many middle-aged and older people have joined the online game team.

Conduct, experts remind the elderly should stay away from online games.

In some Internet cafes in Urumqi, some middle-aged people watched the computer screen intently, and occasionally shouted at the microphone, and their hands were busy on the keyboard.

It is understood that there are two situations in which middle-aged and old people play online games: the first is to vent their emotions and ease the pressure of life.

Mr. Gu, who has been online for half a year, said that he used to hate computer games and opposed his son playing computer games. But when his colleagues started playing, he finally couldn’t stand the temptation and played online games, and he was out of control.
He said: “The middle-aged people have a lot of stress in their lives. They often encounter things that are not satisfactory, but there is no place to vent.

Although online games are virtual worlds, they can find a sense of accomplishment, and they can also chat with ‘comrades’, and they can talk to each other without seeing each other.

“Another situation is because of interest and hobbies. Most of these people have higher cultural quality or have some special experience.
Mr. Cheng is a freelance writer who likes Chinese classical literature and ancient culture.

He said that many ancient things have disappeared and can only inherit the virtual world to satisfy their wishes.

The 63-year-old Mr. Li Lao was a soldier. He was very emotional about the gun. He listened to his grandson some time ago. He also played online games and let himself pass the gun.

銆€銆€Zhu Yuehu, a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular expert at the Xinjiang Geriatric Hospital, reminds the middle-aged and elderly people that the radiation of computer screens can lead to various ophthalmic diseases. Continuous Internet access is more likely to promote cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as joint pain, tinnitus and dizziness.Hemorrhoids will cause uremia.

He suggested that it is ok for middle-aged and elderly people to access information and entertainment online, but to be modest, try to avoid stimulating thrilling content, preferably away from online games.