Infant Practicing Yoga Helps Digestion, Helps Sleep

Infant Practicing Yoga Helps Digestion, Helps Sleep

Since the first baby yoga class appeared in 1999, baby yoga has taken the nation by storm and has become a new favorite of major American health magazines and TV shows.

Stretching and stretching legs, newborns up to the age of 4 are suitable for reporters to come to the medical center in Arlington County, Florida, USA, a unique baby yoga class instead.

Accompanied by soothing and gentle music, coach Audrey instructed moms to do yoga movements with a gentle and gentle voice.

Many babies who are still unable to walk stretch, kick, and stand upside down with the help of their mothers.

In the whole process, they didn’t cry and didn’t make any noise, and they suddenly enjoyed it very much.

  According to Autley, this kind of yoga is called Little Yoga in the United States.

At the beginning, some babies will be excited, but after the “magic action” with appropriate intensity, the babies can calm down quickly.

As the frequency of exercises increases and the ability to understand movements deepens, many children will be able to make more difficult movements, such as mountains, trees, puppies, handstands, cobras, and various extended movements.

  Coach Autley reminded that although newborn babies to 4 years old can do yoga, there are also different courses for different “ages”.

Before the baby can walk, the yoga movements must be done under the guidance of the parents “hands-on”; for the children who have just learned to walk, parents usually sit and support them to assist them in completing the yoga movements.

As a result, pediatric experts and nurses believe that yoga is generally safe for infants.

Sleep well, digest well, and grow up. Ms. Helen Garabedian, founder of Infant Yoga, pointed out that the participants of Infant Yoga make children sleep better, digest better, and grow stronger.

Although not many researchers have researched its efficacy, the response of participation is often positive through practice.

  According to Helen, this yoga helps to stimulate the baby’s potential, strengthen neuromuscular coordination, improve immunity, and enhance baby’s self-confidence, which can also help them better control their emotions.

For parents, they can also reduce stress, improve communication with their children, and learn how to calm their children.

Postpartum mothers can “get two birds with one stone”, which can not only slim down and lose weight postpartum, but also contact the baby’s skin at the same time, communicate with the eyes, and spend a good parent-child time together.

At the same time, yoga classes can prevent babies from being “confined” in their small circle from birth. Yoga allows them to make contact with society for the first time, which has a potential impact on their future growth.

The intensity of the exercise should be modest. However, Auntie also chooses. Usually, you should not overdo it at home. You can usually do it three times a week, once an hour.

And you must pay attention to safety when practicing yoga. Use yoga mats, loose clothing and gentle movements.

There are more than 125 unique movements in baby yoga. If your baby can’t do certain movements, you don’t need to force them.

  It is understood that teachers who teach baby yoga in the United States must be professional yoga instructors and must be professionally recognized.

One mother said that the coach taught her a lot of things: be quiet while practicing, and keep your mother and baby’s eyes on each other.

“I think the baby likes quiet and soft eyes. When he sees his mother watching him, he gets a great sense of security and has no interest in practicing yoga.

Essential reading: Three breathing methods of yoga

Essential reading: Three breathing methods of yoga

The breathing of yoga advocates uses the entire lungs to breathe. The lungs resuscitate excess cosmic energy to the body, promote the heart’s blood circulation, and send energy to all parts of the body through the bloodstream.

It gently massages the tibia and the organs in the abdomen, enhances its function, fully relaxes the body and mind, and has obvious substitute benefits for human health.

Proper yoga practice must begin with breathing exercises, not with asanas.

There are several methods of correct yoga breathing: Chest breathing method: When slowly inhaling, inhale the gas into the upper area, the sternum and ribs are expanded, and the residual should be kept small.

As you inhale, your abdomen should tighten inward.

When exhaling, slowly remove the turbid air from the lungs, and the ribs and tibia return to their original positions.

  Abdominal breathing method: When inhaling, slowly inhale the fresh air into the bottom of the lungs with the nose, transfer the deepening of the inhalation, the diaphragm between the upper and lower and the abdomen will descend, the internal organs will move downward,Will slowly rise like a balloon.

When exhaling, the abdomen is inwardly tightened towards the spine, and the diaphragm is raised naturally, completely exhausting the turbid air in the lungs, and the internal organs recover.

  Complete breathing method: It is a correct and natural breathing that combines chest breathing and abdominal breathing.

When gently inhaling, first inhale the air to the bottom of the lungs, the abdominal area rises, and then the air fills the middle and upper parts of the lungs. At this time, the transition from abdominal breathing to chest breathing.

When you have inhaled to the maximum capacity of both lungs, you will notice that the abdominal wall and lower ribs are extended and only slightly moved.

Exhale, in the reverse order, first relax, then relax, then exhale, then intentionally tighten the abdominal muscles inward, and gently contract the lungs.

The entire breathing is a very smooth movement, like a wave that gently moves from the abdomen to the middle of the chest and then to the upper half of the chest, and then fades away.

  After a period of asana with the correct breathing method, pay attention to the changes of your body and mind, and your body will tell you the true feelings.

Kindergarten transfers are good or bad for children

Kindergarten transfers are good or bad for children

The event of the baby entering the garden is really making parents worry about it!

Too many parents are exhausting their brains and exhausting many methods, in order to allow the baby to smoothly adapt to kindergarten life. After previous reminders of experience and consideration of the actual situation, some parents choose to enter the school by shifting, mainly to avoid 9The bleak scene of collective crying at the beginning of the month; a teacher with good luck will pay more attention and energy because the babies are new to the class.

Therefore, we did a small survey and found that parents are basically divided into three schools for babies: they want to be transferred, do not want to be transferred and do not know to substitute more suitable; and the survey results show that if the internal and external environment permit, hopeThe majority of the parents whose babies are transferred to the garden, but there are also as many as one third of the parents who are still hesitant to go between the transfer and non-transfer.

Admissions survey: If you have the opportunity to transfer, will you want your baby to be transferred to the school?

35% do not want to be transferred, 34% do not know that it is at least more suitable 31% of parents who want to be transferred to the school think that the transfer is more conducive to the rapid adaptation of the baby.At first, it was correct to choose a shift for the baby, because the baby adapts well after entering the school, and can more freely choose the time of entering the school according to the actual situation of the baby.Entering the park with everyone, the same starting point is more conducive to the baby’s self-confidence.

In addition, there are still a large number of parents who do not know that it is at least more appropriate, and they are uncertain about keeping their babies out of class.

It can be seen that non-shifting has become an important issue for parents who have not entered the park to choose the timing of their baby’s admission. Here, we replace the three aspects of parents, kindergarten teachers, and principals, and analyze in detail for parentsI hope to answer your doubts and help you maintain your position.

Opposition: There is no end in the world, and there are not a few who have objections to the transfer, and look at their concerns.

Little tomato mother in Shanghai: The baby is easy to be isolated. The little tomato entered the park in September. At that time, it did not reach the age of two and a half for the kindergarten admission requirements.

I have also considered whether to wait for two and a half years of age to join the class.

I think that babies who are transferred are easily isolated.

Everyone enters the park at the same time, they don’t know each other, the starting point is the same.

After gradual contact, the relatives will be separated automatically, and it will be more difficult for babies who join later to join these basically stable small groups.

If the baby is isolated, it will cause inferiority, which will cause many other psychological problems.

Regarding the crying at the beginning of admission, the baby almost always cried for several days.

Little Tomato proudly told me when she returned: “Everyone cried.

“I thought, if he was in a shift, and he was crying alone, wouldn’t he feel very shameless?

In fact, the most important thing is to enter the garden with all the newborn babies, and the parents can compare their babies’ adaptability.

If you can’t compare the transfers, your parents will know if it’s the kindergarten teacher’s problem or the baby’s own problem.

Set a small goal first, sometimes a good week and a convention meeting


Set a small goal first, sometimes a good week and a convention meeting

The year is based on the spring day. You can’t get up every morning. You tell yourself that you must go to bed early tonight and then close the kind of pain that you can’t sleep. Get up again tomorrow.The goal is to be so difficult with the weekly convention. There are many reasons for insomnia. It is a matter of having the power to have insomnia with the weekly convention. It affects the mental state and can relax people when sleeping.

During sleep, people’s breathing becomes deeper and slower, and all parts of the body are resting, but the metabolism does not stop. It can ensure the synthesis of brain tissue proteins and the supplement of consumable substances, which is conducive to the normal development of the nervous system.The activity of the day accumulates strength.

However, insomnia does not achieve this effect.

2, induced obesity insomnia can cause a decrease in the concentration of lipoprotein in the human body.

While lipoproteins are a substance in the blood system that can affect the brain’s decision to make a meal.

Insomnia can also increase the concentration of appetite hormones in the human body. This appetite hormone can cause people to eat.

So when these hormones are “chaotic,” the brain gets into chaos.

At the same time, insulin in the body of insomnia women can not normally metabolize glucose, leading to obesity.

3, leading to hair loss saying: sleep is not good, hair is the most vulnerable to injury.

Because insomnia persists for a long time, it will cause the body to lose secretion, leading to excessive sebaceous gland secretion or sebaceous gland secretion, so it causes dislocation.

4, causing forgetfulness and forgetfulness means that people’s memory is weakened.

Forgetfulness may be caused by insomnia, especially in patients with long-term insomnia, who often have forgetfulness.

Insomnia and forgetfulness can affect each other. It can be said that insomnia can cause and aggravate forgetfulness, and forgetfulness may also aggravate insomnia.

5, can cause long-term insomnia in Alzheimer’s disease can lead to neurasthenia, loss of appetite, weight loss, memory loss, etc., insomnia can also lead to patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

6, increased accidents According to the survey: 50% of work-related accidents are associated with lack of sleep, the risk of accidents in chronic insomnia is normal.

5 times.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure the sleep of the benefits.

Five types of insomnia treatment of traditional Chinese medicine liver stagnation fire from the perspective of Chinese medicine, stress and depressed gas will affect the health of the liver.

When people are under stress, the liver is the generals of the first line of operations, so they are often overwhelmed by pressure.

And “qi” will become a “fire”, so that the body has been in a state of hyperactivity, it is difficult to sleep.

銆€銆€Tips for helping sleep: When you are under stress, add foods that can relieve liver decompression, such as green and sour fruits, such as lemon, kiwi, plum and green vegetables.

In addition, when the liver is hot, it is easy to be thirsty and needs to drink extra water.

Chinese medicine recommended to calm the mood of rose tea, lavender tea, if you want to enhance the effect of sleep, you can add a small amount of sour jujube with soothing effect drink.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine for stagnation of stomach cramps. “If the stomach is not right, it will be uneasy.”

I clearly pointed out that the stomach is not good, causing stomach loss, indigestion, bloating discomfort, it is difficult to sleep well.

Appropriate three meals should be distributed like a pyramid, that is, breakfast is rich and full, lunch is moderate, and dinner is light.

However, modern people often go against the other way, catching up with their stomachs in the morning, busy with socializing at night, or relieving stress by eating a good meal.

Until I go to bed, I may still work hard, can’t rest, and of course I can’t sleep at night.

銆€銆€Tips for helping sleep: 1, dinner masters the “77” principle.

Try to eat before 7 o’clock in the evening (or at least 3 hours before going to bed), eat 7 minutes, and the dishes are light and light, avoid high-fat meat and cake snacks.

銆€銆€2, people who often have full belly gas should eat less gas in the evening, such as beans, onions, green peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, corn, bananas, bread, citrus fruits and so on.

銆€銆€3, spicy peppers, garlic and raw onions, will make some people feel the stomach “burned”, which affects sleep.

銆€銆€4, after the permission, do not lie down and sleep immediately, take a walk and help digestion.

Heart yin often stays up late to work overtime, will bite out the “yin” in the body, become “yin deficiency” physique, even if exhausted exhausted on the bed, but can not sleep, or even in the head repeatedly staged a variety of dreams,I feel that I can’t rest well.

After a long time, you will find that your memory is also declining.

If you are such a “night owl”, you need to “nourish your heart and raise your heart.”

銆€銆€Tips for helping sleep: sweet longan can nourish blood, it is also a good food to nourish the heart, and the right amount of red dates, lotus seeds and glutinous rice boiled together, eat in the morning; or use 6 longan meat, 10 grams of lotus seeds and tamping, add 500 mlBoiled into tea, drink it once a day in the morning and evening, and raise your heart and soothe your nerves.

However, people who have a cold, or have a dry mouth and other symptoms of “get angry”, should not eat longan.In addition to flustered, forgetful, mentally tired, sleepy and easy to wake up, the heart and spleen are accompanied by problems of spleen and stomach (digestive system), such as diarrhea and indigestion.

銆€銆€Tips for helping sleep: The famous spleen-eating recipe of traditional Chinese medicine is 鈥淪ishentang (Lianzi, Huaishan, 鑺? 鑼嫇)鈥? and the likes of red dates and coix seed also have the effect of replenishing the spleen and stomach.

Liver blood deficiency If your symptoms are awake when you sleep, the spirit is not good, fatigue, white face, dry eyes, pale tongue, etc., it belongs to liver blood deficiency, virtual annoyance, insomnia, can be relieved with Suanzaoren Decoction.

In addition, when the liver is hot, it is easy to be thirsty and needs to drink enough water.

Rose tea, lavender tea, and some sour jujube kernels that have the effect of calming the nerves, drink very well.

When the pressure is high, you can eat more green and tasteful fruits such as lemon, kiwi, and plum.

Finally, don’t forget to keep old Chinese medicine[always can’t sleep]I can’t wake up during the day, I can’t sleep, drink this cup of tea and give it to sleep (click on the picture to enter the mall)

Winter solstice frozen is not a good time to health

Winter solstice “frozen” is not a good time to health

The winter solstice is a very important solar terms and a very important festival.
The date of the winter solstice is on December 22 or 23 of each year, and its origin is directly related to the calendar.
The ancients have: “The bucket refers to the E, the yin begins to be clear, the yang is coming, the day is south, the northern hemisphere is the shortest, and the night is the longest.
From the yin and yang perspective, this verse explains that the arrival of the winter solstice is the yin and the yin is dying. When the yang is beginning to sprout, Taiwan has the saying that the winter solstice is too big. They regard this day as important as the New Year.
So, what kind of health care do we need in the winter solstice?
銆€銆€In most parts of China, it is customary to 鈥渃ount nine鈥?from the winter solstice, and every nine days is a small section, which is divided into nine hundred and eighty-one days.
There is a song circulating in the folk: No. 19, 29, no shot, Sanjiu, Forty-nine on the ice, Wujiu, Liujiu along the river to see Liu, Qijiu River, Eighty-nine Yan, Jiujiu and JiujiuThe cows walked everywhere.
This song vividly reflects the seasonal changes at different times and also shows the wisdom of the working people of our country.
銆€銆€鍐嚦鍗佷竴鏈堜腑鍧愬姛鍥俱€€銆€涓绘不锛氭墜瓒崇粡缁滃瘨婀匡紝鑷傝偂鍐呬晶鐥涳紝瓒崇椏锛屽棞鐫★紝瓒充笅鐑棝锛岃剱鐥涳紝鑳佷笅鐥涳紝鑳告弧锛屼笂涓嬭吂鐥涳紝澶т究闅撅紝棰堣偪锛屽挸鍡斤紝Waist and so on.
銆€銆€Exercise: Every day between 23 and 3 o’clock, get up and sit flat, legs stretch forward, left and right apart, shoulder width, two hands and half fists, press on both knees, so that the elbow joints are tilted forward and left, punch銆€銆€Eyes to the abdomen, fists out of the body, the upper body leaned forward, trying to press the knee with a fist; the center of gravity moved back, and the fist gently pressed the knee.
Do this fifteen times.
Then, dental caries, pharyngeal, and vomiting, the same method as before.
銆€銆€鍏荤敓鐨勫叧閿細銆€銆€涓€銆侀潤绁炲皯铏戙€€銆€瀹嬩唬鍖诲闄堢洿鍦ㄣ€婂浜插吇鑰佹柊涔︺€嬩腑杞借瘲涓€棣栵細鈥滆嚜韬湁鐥呰嚜韬煡锛岃韩鐥呰繕灏嗗績鑷尰锛屽績澧冮潤鏃惰韩浜﹂潤锛屽績When you are still a sick person.”
The poem tells us that only by carrying out mental health care can we eliminate emotional illness.
銆€銆€Second, living and nursing (there is a constant living, not worthy of labor) “There is a constant living, raising their gods, not working hard, raising their fines.” If you can arrange your daily routine, you can maintain your sense of strength, work and rest can be raisedIts kidney essence.
Try to be as good as possible, “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t sit for a long time, I don’t get tired.”
Do not overwork (“Prepare for the urgency of the road, do not support the nature”, that is, “the way to nourish the sex, often want a small labor, but the great fatigue and strong can not be ears”) Third, abstinence and preservation (“National Desire Record”: “Strong and sound, there are festivals, strong and long life”)
I don’t want to be vertical.
It is necessary to control the sexual intercourse according to the actual situation of the person, not to be uncomfortable due to sexual intercourse, fatigue and internal injury.
The kidney is a congenital one, the kidney is full of essence, the internal organs are all prosperous, the disease resistance is strong, and the body is healthy and the person can live longer.
On the contrary, if the kidney essence is scarce, the five internal organs will be debilitated and the disease will be early.
“Thai Ding Health Theory”: “Thirty, eight days of venting; forty, sixteen days of venting, their weak, more should be cautious, fifty people, 20 days a vent.
. can maintain the same, dying and prolonging, old and strong”, which shows that strict and regular restraint of life, is a necessary guarantee for health and longevity.
Nourishing blood and solidifying.
鍞愪唬鍖诲瀹跺瓩鎬濋倛浠モ€滅敺瀛愯吹鍦ㄦ竻蹇冨娆蹭互鍏诲叾绮撅紝濂冲瓙搴斿钩蹇冨畾蹇椾互鍏诲叾琛€鈥濅篃灏辨槸鐢峰瓙浠ョ簿涓轰富锛屽コ瀛愪互琛€涓虹敤锛屾潵璇淬€€銆€鏄庤妭娆蹭繚绮剧殑Importance, while Zhang Zhongjing, a doctor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, stated that “the men and women who are eager to get what they want, the more they want to live, the more men and women who want it, the turbidity and the sorrow” explain that abstinence and preservation are not only beneficial to health, but also the primary guarantee for prenatal and postnatal care.

The food stall at three in the morning, a healthy ending!


The food stall at three in the morning, a healthy ending!

When I saw this article, I immediately wanted to turn around. The reflection on life and love that came out inside was really a three-pointer. I must see the end.

Moved to cry————————————————————- There is only one food stall in the north of the city to the middle of the night, shrinking into the alley, open every day until three in the morning, regardless of whether there are guests in the store.

The boss is a silent middle-aged man who doesn’t drink alcohol. The beer he sells is a must.

Occasionally, someone asked him, why do you drive so late, how good it is to rest early, and you can’t get a few dollars.

The boss said that he is waiting for someone to wait for someone who is not sure to come, but can’t say who it is.

Everyone said that the boss is really patient, can wait every day, and persist for so long.

Until someone saw it, the boss closed the door immediately after a woman left, and it would not be until three in the morning.

The next day, people joked that the original boss could no longer be mysterious, waiting to wait, after all, it was a woman.

The boss said, don’t misunderstand, they have no connection.

It’s just that this girl, every time she quarrels with her boyfriend, she has to run out of her house.

Catch up with the night, and there is no place to run out. Only the food stalls are open for business. The girl comes to drink.

Later, I came out to find it. After a long time, I found a tacit understanding. The two of them quarreled at night, and the girl came over. It didn’t take long for them to eat and drink. The boyfriend was familiar with it.

The two of them went from arguing to reconciliation, and in this food stall, they walked through the process of food and wine, and then went home happily.

The boss and the joke customer said, you see, I have to close the door early. If the two of them quarrel at night, it is not greedy for the two people to go there.

Just because the food stalls became a good place for both of them.

Another night, the girl ran out at two o’clock, sitting in a food stall, drinking a glass of wine.

Drinking until the day is bright, her boyfriend has not come.

The boss said, give him a call, and may not be a taxi this evening.

The girl was half drunk and shook her head and said that he would not come, we broke up.

The boss said that this time it was so loud?

The girl looked at the boss and said that it was not too loud, as usual, just didn’t want to argue.

There were too many quarrels and both people lost patience.

There is only one way left to avoid noisy. This is a natural choice. I don’t want to insist on it anymore. He is the same.

The boss is silent.

The girl said that everyone has too many choices. Why insist, what is necessary for patience?

Reconciliation is not necessary, to find a person who does not have to endure, feelings are nothing more than this, one shot and two scattered best.

The boss silently poured a glass of wine on the girl and poured himself a cup.

The girl said, are you drinking?

The boss said, I am abstaining from alcohol because I have to be open for business.

But I sell wine, so many drinks every day, I can choose not to count.

The boss and the girl clink.

The boss said that in the face of all this, it is the meaning of persistence to choose persistence.

Look outside, after two o’clock there is no one here.

I insisted on driving to three o’clock, just because every time you came, I felt that these patience was not wasted.

Then, can you stay with me?

The girl and the boss sipped.

From then on, people found that there was always a girl at the food stall at three in the morning.

And after half a month, the girl suffered from hardening of the arteries and fatty liver due to long-term diet, and consumed expired cured meat, causing acute food poisoning and living in the hospital.