Female meditation yoga beauty and health

Female meditation yoga beauty and health

Yoga is popular in women’s life to a certain extent. The charm of yoga is to make women healthier and the body to have a slight relaxation. In yoga, teachers began to ask scholars to perform meditation exercises to relax the body.Reach the efficacy of yoga.

  One form of exercise that is prevalent in the United States is “meditation.”

Take 10 to 40 minutes of meditation every day to focus your attention on one breath, a word or an image, and you can train yourself not to think about the past and the future, or to focus on the current moment and surpass it by fully accepting the reality.

Meditation can not only exercise the body, but more importantly, it can change people’s internal emotions and achieve a true “cultivation.”

  Meditation can help people reduce stress.

Regular meditation regulates the nerves of the brain and relaxes the stressed brain.

Therefore, it is easier for meditators to reach a calm and happy state than ordinary people.

Well-known leader Heather Graham once practiced meditation under the guidance of a doctor, practicing 20 minutes a day after waking up and 20 minutes in the afternoon. She said: “In the past I used to worry about things for a long time because of small things.Is meaningless.

Meditation has taught me that inner peace is the most important thing. If you have this peace, you have everything.

“Some brain and nervous system experts use sophisticated imaging techniques to test and make it more exciting. In deep meditation, the brain and the body also experience subtle changes. Meditation can train the brain and reshape the brain.The brain rebuilds balance when facing mental problems such as depression and excessive excitement.

  Meditation also plays a major role in functional illness.

Many medical studies have proven that meditation can prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, prostate disease, prevent, reduce or control pain caused by cancer, chronic diseases such as cancer, and improve human immunity.

Some researchers have said that the more the meditator’s technology surpasses, the better his immune system functions.

Joan Cabernet Zern opens the first meditation decompression clinic.

He has used meditation to help over 1.

40,000 people relieved the pain caused by the disease.

  Meditation is actually a very simple matter.

On the grass in the park, in spacious indoor venues, or on comfortable chairs, all are places suitable for meditation.

There are various ways of meditation, including: meditation (cross-legged sitting), casual meditation (straight or slightly reclined on the seat), slow walking meditation (at the beginning of each stepIt is easy to slow down, and then completely unaware of your own pace), transcendental meditation (repeatedly repeating a Brahma syllable), music meditation (close your eyes and transfer music to sleepiness), etc.

The time required for meditation can vary from minutes to an hour depending on individual habits.

With the development of society, meditation as a culture changes at the same time.

It is no longer a mystery or even a very popular lifestyle.

Four points to pay attention to in the spring

Four points to pay attention to in the spring

As the saying goes, the plan for the day lies in the morning and the plan for the year lies in the spring.

Because spring is the season when everything grows and the season when many diseases wantonly, how should spring health be carried out?

It is said that nourishing the liver in spring can regulate the liver fire in winter and avoid the yin deficiency that appears in summer.

So what’s the benefit of raising your heart in spring?

  Today, let’s learn how to raise heart and liver in spring and how it can help prevent disease.

  The method of cultivating the mind is to protect the heart and experience the cold in winter. In spring, we must pay attention to “is disease-proof.”

The climate is changeable in spring. Changes in climate and temperature can stimulate blood vessels and easily lead to complications in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. This is why facial paralysis and stroke occur in spring.


Exercise to raise the heart Although traditional Chinese medicine has always advocated keeping the mind quiet, maintaining psychological balance, and lacking desire, this is only for mental activity.

Less exercise and no exercise will lead to poor cardiopulmonary function, insufficient blood supply to the thorax, low blood volume in the blood vessels, and early onset of cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Therefore, you should exercise more in the spring.

  For different groups of people, spring mind-building campaigns are also different.

Young people can perform some aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling, and enhancing cardiopulmonary function.

Middle-aged and elderly people can take gentle health exercises, such as Taijiquan, walking, spring outing, etc., this can increase and enhance cardiopulmonary function, can promote blood circulation in the body, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.


Coarse grains support the heart. The occurrence of cardiovascular disease in modern people is mostly related to diet. Diets that are too fat and thick, and high in salt content, will lead to the occurrence of three high and induce disease.

Spring is the season of seasonal vegetables and grains, and people’s diets may lack vitamins and precipitated fiber.

Coarse grains have not undergone multiple processing procedures, and sedimentary fiber and vitamins are more fully retained.

Dietary fiber is good for controlling blood sugar and blood fat, and it can also absorb fat from food.

In addition, the skin of coarse grains contains a large amount of vitamin B group elements, which can promote the metabolism of trace and carbohydrates, while protecting the skin and hair.

  The method of nourishing the liver in the spring is wood in the five elements, and the liver is also wood. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the liver is in the spring, and the liver is nourished while the liver is in the spring. At the same time, spring is also a season of frequent liver disease.


In traditional Chinese medicine, Chunyou Yanggan’s liver is neglected, and its main function is reflected in emotions. Liver insufficiency is prone to stagnation of liver qi, people will become depressed, and irritability and irritability have long appeared.

  Spring temperature slowly rises and everything grows, which is a good time for spring outings.

Spring outings can regulate emotions and relieve liver and qi.

At the same time, you can exercise a proper amount of body to promote blood circulation and improve immunity.

And the harm caused by different activities is different. For example, flying a kite can protect the eyes and cervical spine, and you can lose weight on foot.

Spring tour can not only raise your heart and lose weight, but also relax your mood and regulate your liver qi.


Eating Sprouts and Liver TCM says that the green is the liver, and there are fewer seasonal vegetables in the spring. If you want to nourish the liver, you can choose sprouts.

  Sprout refers to the sprouts that we often eat in our lives, and is also a kind of food such as bean sprouts.

Sprouts are very rich in trace elements, especially vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

  Sprouts can effectively eliminate spring dryness, so it is very suitable to eat in spring season.

Sprouts can help people’s internal organs change from winter Tibetan to spring, and have clearing heat and detoxifying.

  From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, sprouts are cold and sweet and have the effect of clearing heat and nourishing the liver, which is very suitable for spring consumption to dredge the liver.

  The liver is our body’s largest detoxifying organ. A healthy liver allows us to avoid troubles such as belching, bloating, constipation, and the like, and it also plays a role in regulating blood sugar.

  Sprouts are rich in a variety of enzymes that can help break down and absorb protein. It is a favorite food of the liver.

  In addition to strengthening the spleen and liver, sprouts can also effectively prevent the occurrence of angular cheilitis in the spring.  Sprouts are very easy to digest after consumption, can clear heat and detoxify, diuretic and dehumidify, and have a very good relief effect on dry mouth and thirst during the dryness of the spring and redness in the urine.

  Moreover, sprouts are very suitable for people who lose weight in spring. Pea sprouts are rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus. Eating pea sprouts is perfect for nourishing the liver in spring.

  Sprouts currently on the market will more or less add unhealthy additives, especially rootless bean sprouts, which are nationally stipulated foods that cannot be sold.

For health, we can make sprouts at home by ourselves. Rongwei bean sprouts machine can meet our idea. Its double-layer design and large crop can be used as your private small vegetable garden, which is nutritious and healthy.

  Although the temperature in spring is changeable, but generally it is slowly warming. As the temperature rises, bacteria and viruses are prone to raging, and the body is also prone to disease.

Cardiovascular disease and liver disease easily occur in the spring, so health begins in the spring.

In the above, we briefly introduced the methods of raising heart and heart in spring. Exercises, coarse grains, spring outings, and sprouts can be carried out in spring.

A few tips to quit smoking easily

A few tips to quit smoking easily

To many people, smoking is just a personal habit. It is unknown that smoking is essentially a tobacco-dependent disease.

There are many ways to quit smoking. In the boring quitting process, using some tips in a timely manner may make your quitting journey more complicated.


hzh{display:none;}  照镜子检查牙齿是否发黄  窍门1、在随身携带的小镜子上贴上自己肤色黯淡、牙齿发黄的照片。Seeing it, maybe some of your smoking hands flinched.

  Tip 2: Put the money you want to buy in a piggy bank, one day, one month, one year. Use the money to reward yourself, buy a piece of Chinese clothing, buy some luxury goods, or change your lifestyle to enjoy life.

  Tip 3. Find something (other than food) in your hand.

In your spare time, try to do something, some do handicrafts, home repairs, gardening, and even crossword puzzles.

  Tip 4. Discard negative thoughts.

Look forward to a better life without tobacco, and don’t focus on how difficult it is to quit smoking.

  Tip # 5: Collect all your cigarette butts in a large transparent glass bottle and take a look every day to cultivate your aversion to smoking.

  Tip 6. Do not carry tobacco and its counterparts, and place them in a place that is not easily accessible.

Throw away all tobacco, lighters and other smoking equipment.

Create a clean, fresh, smoke-free environment at home and at work.

  Tip 7. Choose a smoke-free environment.

Enjoy outdoor activities or go to non-smoking places such as libraries, museums, cinemas, shops or churches.

Go to a restaurant for dinner and try to sit in a smoke-free area of the restaurant.

  Tip 8. Go to the dentist and remove the plaque left by smoking to keep your teeth white.

Babies under four months should not take artistic photos

Babies under four months should not take artistic photos

Many parents will take him to the studio to take a set of exquisite art photos when he is full moon, but experts remind that babies under 4 months are not suitable for art photos.

  Experts explain that flashes are often used when taking artistic photos, and infants’ eyeballs are not yet mature, especially the macular area of the retina is very fragile. It is still growing and developing within 4 months after birth, so it is difficultWithstand the strong light of the electronic flash, it is easy to cause damage to the retinal nerve cells.

If the shooting distance is within 1 meter, the damage of the baby’s eyeball and retina will be large.

  If parents really want to commemorate the baby of the full moon, remember to use the flash with caution or no flash, try to use natural light, or use a slow shutter speed, wide aperture and other shooting methods to generate the ideal baby photo.

  If you need to use a flash when taking a snapshot, you must change the angle of the flash. You can make the flash’s strong light shine on the ceiling or side rays, but not directly on the baby’s body.

An aneurysm accidentally kills you!


What should I do to prevent an aneurysm?

An aneurysm accidentally kills you!
What should I do to prevent an aneurysm?

An aneurysm accidentally kills you!

If an aneurysm appears in your life, the survival of the patient will cause great harm. We must pay attention to prevention in our life. As long as we pay attention to prevention, the disease of aneurysm will not appear on us, then prevention.What should an aneurysm do?

Many people in life do not know how to prevent an aneurysm. The following are specific preventive measures.

What should I do to prevent an aneurysm?

Primary prevention refers to the promotion of health and the reduction of risk factors. This first line of defense is to promote the healthy lifestyle of the general population and reduce the harmful factors in the contact environment, thus completely avoiding the occurrence of cancer.To prevent air, water, food and carcinogens and suspicious carcinogens in the workplace, lifestyle changes such as smoking, drinking and other bad habits are primary prevention.

Precautions should eat some soy products in your daily life, do not eat some high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt diet.

People need to be particularly peaceful, not to lose their temper, the more tempered, the easier it is to get cardiovascular disease.

To have a good attitude, peace, many people are looking at something very light.

Also eat more fruits and eat less salt.

For example, vegetables with certain vitamins, fruits, and more fish, fish can help suspend arteries or replace blood. It is okay to eat more.

Usually proper exercise, smoking and drinking have an arousal effect on aortic aneurysm. Red wine we advocate a cup of drink a day, and more will be counterproductive.

Prevention of atherosclerosis pay attention to atherosclerosis, prevent damage to blood vessels caused by infectious diseases, and strengthen the treatment of vascular injuries during craniocerebral trauma.

1, from childhood to develop a good eating habits: balanced diet, not picky eaters, not partial eclipse, eat a variety of vegetables and fruits every day, preferably up to 6 or more.

This can prevent cerebrovascular disease and prolong life.

2, strengthen their self-cultivation: calm, not irritated, less temper, reduce excessive secretion of adrenaline, reduce or delay high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis.

3. For patients with existing underlying diseases of aneurysms, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid induced factors.

4, keep the bowel movements smooth, timely cure cough, avoid emotional agitation, reduce the impact on intracranial pressure, to avoid the occurrence of aneurysm rupture and bleeding.

5, switch to a diet that can lower blood pressure and atherosclerosis, may lead to the development of acupuncture aneurysms.

Take a summer medicine therapy, for health, take a look


Take a summer medicine therapy, for health, take a look

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The guide to “Hot Summer” is the second solar term in the fall, the thirteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, a season reflecting the temperature change, and the time is around August 23 of the annual Gregorian calendar.

At this time, the three-volt weather has passed or is nearing the end, so it is called “the summer heat is here to stop.”

There are both small heat, big summer, and small cold, big cold and thrifty, not the solar energy of high and low temperature changes, but the solar energy that represents the transition of high temperature from hot to cold.

At the summer health food customs: the folks have a tradition of “eat ducks” in the summer, the ducks are also varied, including white-cut ducks, lotus leaf ducks, walnut ducks and so on.

Beijing still retains this tradition. Generally, on the day of the summer, Beijingers will go to the store to buy the summer lily and duck.

For example, the 鈥淪hu Lily Duck鈥?specially made in Beijing Daoxiang Village is made of lily, chrysanthemum, dried tangerine peel, honey, etc. It is delicious and nutritious, and is very popular among people.

The duck meat is sweet and salty, and it is cool. It has the functions of nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the spleen, and diminishing the water. It is considered by the people to be a holy medicine for tonic and labor. It is suitable for the “warm dryness” in the summer.For those who suffer from Jin, it is especially suitable for patients with low fever, fatigue, lack of food, dryness, dry throat, dry mouth, night sweats and other physical weaknesses.

Lily is sweet and bitter, flat, heart-to-heart, lung, with lungs and cough, clear heart and soothe the nerves, rich in nutrients, nourishing wonderful products, replenishing and moisturizing, no help, no harm, positive, very suitableThe solar energy feature of 鈥渨arm dryness鈥?

With lily stewed duck, it is mellow and mellow, it can replenish lung and replenish qi, nourish yin and moisten dryness, it is very convenient to eat in summer season.

At the summer heat, the diet should be based on the principles of moistening the lungs and strengthening the spleen, nourishing yin and moistening dryness.

In addition, after experiencing the heat and the “autumn tiger”, people are more and more lacking. The so-called “three-divide disease in summer” is what it means.

According to the principle of Chinese medicine 鈥淵angyang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter鈥? the summer season has entered a good season for autumn tonic.

But people need to pay attention to it, tonic can not be overkill.

When you are in the heat, the tonic should be supplemented and replenished, that is, instead of the flat tonic that does not have obvious coldness and temperature.

The principle of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is to supplement the virtual ones. Except for those with yang deficiency, do not eat too much warm food or drugs, such as lamb, dog meat, ginseng, velvet and so on.

Because the autumn yin and yang are relatively balanced, but dryness is the main force of autumn. Eating too much warm tonic may cause the lungs to be damaged by dryness.

[Study on health]represents the drug treatment of the soup, soup, duck, soup, soup, green duck, green radish 500g, dried tangerine peel.

Two slices of ginger.

The practice of green ducks to remove hair and internal organs, wash, put in the boiling water to remove blood, rinse, cut not cut similar.

Peel the green radish, wash it, and cut into thick slices.

The dried tangerine peel is soft, de-colonized, washed, and shredded.

After the water in the soup pot is boiled, add all the ingredients, simmer for about two hours, and season.

Eat directly, eat meat and drink soup.

Expert comment: In the golden autumn season, the duck is the most fat and tender. At this time, it is also the best time to eat ducks. In the autumn, drinking old duck soup has been popular in Jiangnan.

The duck is sweet and cool, into the lungs, spleen and other meridians. It has the functions of nourishing yin and qi, supplementing the lungs and spleen, clearing away heat and benefiting water.

The Yuan Dynasty Dietary Medicine Dr. Hui Sihui “Drinking Meal” said: “Sweet, cold, non-toxic, tonic, disinfection, and water.

“The Qing Dynasty medical scientist Guo Peilan “Materia Medica” said: “Ziyin in addition to steaming, phlegm, cough.

“This side is a folk prescription, Fangzhong is mainly green duck, combined with spleen and digestion, green radish and qi spleen and qi and spleen, dampness and phlegm.

The three are cooked together as soup, nourishing but not greasy, and the taste is delicious. It can not only nourish yin and tonic, but also dilute water and reduce swelling. It is suitable for nurses before and after the summer and even the whole autumn.

In addition, it is also suitable for infectious diseases, low fever in the late stage of infectious diseases, edema of spleen and edema, and unfavorable adjuvant treatment of urination.

鑺傛皵灏忓悆Shanghai pear paste sugar material pear (other pears) 1000g, 100 parts 50g, wolfberry, almond, system Pinellia, Qianhu, Chuanbei mother each 30g, coltsfoot flower 20g, raw licorice 10g, orange red powder 30g, toonPowder l0g.

Rock sugar, white sugar, edible oil, the right amount.

Pear chopped, with orange powder, citron powder and other things, into the aluminum pot, add clarified water, add water while rubbing, add water 4 times, when thick to thick, add rock sugar 500g, and even, continueWhen it is thick and sticky, add orange powder, citron powder, and evenly, then smash it to a wire with a shovel, but do not stick it, pour it in an enamel plate coated with cooking oil, cool and cut into 100Block, sprinkle with a layer of sugar.

Feel free to eat, one at a time, every time you cough, 1?
2 pieces, including service.

Expert comment: Pear is not only the time of autumn, but also the coughing good for food and medicine. Its sweet and sour taste is cool, moist and juicy, functional and nourishing yin and moistening, clearing the lungs and relieving cough.Direct consumption, juice drinking, can also be cooked or simmered after eating, but raw food, cooked with different functions, such as the Ming Dynasty medical scientist Li Zhongyu said in “Materia Medica Tong Xuan”: “The life of the six clear, the acquaintanceFive dirty yin.

“Hundreds, coltsfoot, medlar, almond, pinellia, anterior hu, Chuanbei mother phlegm and cough; orange red, fragrant sputum and phlegm; raw licorice heat detoxification, phlegm and cough, and have the effect of reconciling various drugs.
Rock sugar, white sugar flavored mainly, while sweet and cold, but also nourishing Yin, lungs, cough.
鈥淧ear Peach Sugar鈥?originates from the folk and is used everywhere. The 鈥淪hanghai Pear Paste Sugar鈥?is also introduced here, also known as 鈥淐henglu Temple Pear Sugar鈥?

The Shanghai Chenghuang Temple has a history of more than 1,300 years. It is adjacent to the Yu Garden. The temples around the Chenghuang Temple have been transformed into the oldest commercial areas in Shanghai. The variety of snack restaurants, antique shops and small commodities markets are similar in size, and Xiaolongbao, pear cream,Spiced beans are unique, especially the Chenghuang Temple pear cream is the most famous.

Shanghai pear cream originated from the legend of Wei Zheng as the mother’s cough in the early Tang Dynasty. It originated in the Qing Dynasty and is a well-known traditional candy. It is currently divided into two types: tasting pear sugar and curative pear sugar. Here, it is a medicated diet.A typical latter type of pear cream.

This medicinal diet uses pear as the main ingredient, and it is combined with the lungs of the lungs and phlegm, the coltsfoot flower, the dragonfly, the almond, the pinellia, the anterior hu, the chuanbei, and the common hot and cold bathtub, the effect of relieving cough and relieving cough.Heat, lung dry type cold, dry cough caused by tracheitis, no phlegm, phlegm and phlegm, as well as itching, thirst and other discomfort.

Regular consumption in autumn also has the effect of preventing wind and cold, and coughing in autumn.

Today, Shanghai Old City Temple Pear Paste is Shanghai’s famous traditional native products. It tastes sweet and sweet like honey. It is loose and crisp, not greasy and sticky, tastes palatable, lumps are neat, and the packaging is beautiful. Because of its high quality, it is effective and remarkable.The foreign copyright is well-known and has been loved by both men, women and children.

How to care for congestive heart failure?

锘縄t is enough to do these three things!

How to care for congestive heart failure?
It is enough to do these three things!

In addition to receiving treatment in hospitals, patients with congestive heart failure spend most of their time at home.
Therefore, the family’s daily care for patients with heart failure is very important, which is very helpful for the recovery of the disease, the relief of the disease and the pain.
So how do you care for congestive heart failure?
It is enough to do the following three things daily!
Congestive heart failure daily care and health 1, diet 1, low calorie, easy to digest diet, daily calorie 1200 calories.
2, eat less meals, 5 to 6 meals a day, pay special attention to dinner should not be full, no longer eat after meals, to avoid night left heart dysfunction.
3, control the amount of salt, heart function level II salt <5g / day, heart function level III <2. 5g / day, heart function level IV <1g / day or avoid salt. 4, appropriate restrictions on water, the general patient 1. 5 to 2 L / day. Because too much water enters the body, it increases the amount of circulating blood and increases the heart load. Second, rest, activities 1, to ensure adequate sleep, if necessary, apply appropriate amount of sedatives and sleeping pills. 2, heart function level II should limit physical labor; heart function level III increase bed time, you can still wash yourself, eat; heart function level IV should be absolutely bed rest, all daily life is taken care of by others. 3, long-term bedridden patients are prone to venous thrombosis, orthostatic hypotension, physical weakness, etc., especially in elderly patients, so in the recovery period of the disease should encourage patients to appropriate activities to minimize the patient's adaptation status. Third, the use of drugs 1, when taking digitalis preparations, strictly abide by the doctor's advice, can not increase or decrease the dose or stop the drug. Pulse should be taken before taking it. If the pulse is <60 beats/min, stop the medicine immediately and report to the doctor. If toxic reactions such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, yellow vision or green vision occur, promptly ask the medical staff for treatment. During the use of digitalis drugs, it is necessary to monitor the prothrombin time and INR value once a month. 2, when taking a diuretic urine, eat more red dates, oranges, bananas, leeks and other foods with high potassium. When symptoms of hypokalemia such as drowsiness, muscle weakness, bloating, and nausea occur, report to the doctor and follow the doctor's advice to give potassium supplements. What are the recommended performances of heart failure in the elderly? How to care for heart failure is a stumbling block to life! What are the ways to prevent heart failure? Winter heart failure is easy to attack. Prevent attention to these details.