Body acupuncture and acupuncture combined treatment of convulsions

Body acupuncture and acupuncture combined treatment of convulsions

Convulsions are common emergent states of organic or functional abnormalities of the central nervous system in children.

The clinical manifestations are sudden loss of consciousness, gaze, upturned or strabismus in both eyes, head tilted back, facial muscles and limbs showing tonicity or clonic convulsions.

It usually resolves itself after a few seconds to several minutes, and there are recurrent or persistent attacks.

There are two types of infectious and non-infectious according to the cause. Acupuncture is mainly used for the former.

  Acupuncture is used to treat convulsions. Modern reports first appeared in the mid-twenties.

Since the founding of the PRC, articles in this regard have been published.

In terms of treatment, body acupuncture is also the main method. High fever and convulsions combined with pricking blood can improve the curative effect. Acupuncture combined with massage can also achieve better results.

Absolutely, more in-depth research on the objectiveization of curative effect. By comparison with drugs, the time to cough is obviously better than acupuncture.

At present, the effective rate of acupuncture to control convulsions is above 95%.

  [Treatment]Body acupuncture (a) (a) Acupoints: Acupoints: Shuigou, Yintang, Houxi Tolau Palace, Yongquan, Hegu.

  Acupoints: Quchi, Shao quotient, four seams, Dazhui, Zusanli.

  (2) The main method of treatment is to take the main points, take 2 or 3 points each time, and add points according to the changes of the condition.

All needles were inserted by rapid puncture.

Gully, the needle tip penetrates up to a depth of 0.5 at a 30-degree angle?
1 cm, using a high frequency, large twist twist method.

If the effect is not obvious, add other points.

Among them, the Houxi acupoint can penetrate to Laogong obliquely, twist and add a small lifting, and then stimulate the needle.

The same method was used in the remaining points, leaving no needles.

In addition, Yintang, Shaoshang, and four seams can be punctured with triangular needles, and the amount of bleeding is generally as large as mung beans to soybeans.

If the convulsions persist, the needle can be left.

1-2 times a day.

  Body acupuncture and massage (a) acupoints: acupoints: divided into 2 groups.


Acupuncture points: Quchi, Hegu, Shixuan, Dazhui, Taichong, Yingxiang; 2.

Massage acupoints: 膻 中, body column, acupuncture points within 2 inches.

  Acupoints: Phlegm, stunned, dizzy, Kalo Palace, Fenglong, Mouthpiece, impose Fengfu, Lianquan.

  (2) The main acupuncture points of the treatment method are combined with body acupuncture and massage.

Acupuncture operations: Quchi, Hegu and acupoints, rapid acupuncture, no needle retention, and the remaining points were punctured with triangular needles.

Massage operation: The doctor holds the child’s limbs with his left hand, making the palms of the children large or small, and the small fishes as the point of focus. At the positions of the above points, perform slight rubbing (using egg white as a lubricant), and wait for local dense, The thin thorns contained in the skin.

1-2 times a day.
  Body Acupuncture (No. 2) (A) Acupoints: Baihui.

  Acupoints: Shixuan, Quchi, Dazhui, Ditch, Taichong, Interline, Four Seams.

  (2) The main method of treatment is the main acupoint, and according to the disease, acupoints are added.

Baihui, use the 28 number 1.

5 inch stainless steel needles, pierce the needle body 2/3 along the scalp, and leave the needles for 6 hours.

Acupoints, in addition to four slit points and ten Xuan acupoints to puncture blood.

The remaining points were strongly stimulated without leaving needles.

1 time daily.
  Ear acupuncture (1) Main point for acupuncture: round 6.
  Acupoints: screen tip, margin.

  (2) Governing the acupoint area first by disinfecting with 2% iodine tincture, and then using 75% alcohol to remove iodine, No. 28 0.

The 5-inch millimeter needle wheel has 6 acupoints. Hold the ear and the tip of the needle with your left hand, and twist the needle handle several times with your right hand.

Acupuncture points are added for those with severe symptoms, the method is the same as above.

Twice the ears each time, on both sides, 1-2 times a day.

Is your health a red light to you?

Is your health a red light to you?

Radiation from the computer screen, poorly seated posture, and keeping a close eye on the computer screen. Although these are not like the life and death symbols in “The Eight Dragons”, they make you irritably irritable, but they erode your body little by littleAfter a few months, you will experience the following symptoms.

  ● Neck, shoulder, and wrist soreness If you use the same posture office or the Internet continuously for several hours every day, you will definitely be confronted by the collective protest of the neck, shoulder, and wrist because you make the neck and shoulder muscles tense, and even the wristThe nerves of the joints were oppressed.

  Therefore, these will use the following weapons to protest you: sore neck and shoulders; intermittent tingling of fingers and palms, tingling (some thumbs, index and middle fingers are more numb), and the feeling of tingling is in sleepFractures occur immediately after waking; palms, wrists, or forearms often feel pain; uncomfortable and painful when fractured thumbs; fingers and hands are weak in severe cases.

  ● Some women think that if you stare at the computer screen without rest, at most, your eyes will be stunned the next day, and the more serious is that myopia is deepened, in fact, you are too young to see the temper of your eyes.

  After being oppressed for a long time, your eyes will use “dry eye disease” to protest, specifically, stinging, dryness, foreign body sensation, itchy eyes, red eyes, fear of light, tears, etc., and severe corneal opacities and ulcers, Vision loss, and even blindness.

Because when you stare intently at the computer, the number of blinks per minute changes only as normal, the function of the tear film is affected, the eyes become dry, and over time, they become “dry eye disease.”

  ● If skin allergies are asked whether the most important thing for eyebrows is their own skin or work, I believe that 99% of people will choose skin.

But once they work, most of them have left their skin behind.

The static electricity generated by the screen radiation is most susceptible to dust, and as the screen temperature rises, a chemical called “triphenyl phosphate” will spill out. This is a flame retardant and an allergen.

Therefore, if you face the screen for a long time, the skin will quickly lose moisture, freckles, blackheads, and rough and yellow skin, and severe skin allergies and itching.

  ● The increase of “fire” beauty is similar to the appearance of Crayon Shin-chan’s blush and thick neck. What happens when OL sits for a long time is the oil on the toilet.

Rough skin, poor elasticity, freckles, irritability, and minor hemorrhoids are all the causes of constipation.

Even so, long-term constipation can easily cause colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids, hypertension, diabetes, and so on.

  ● The birth of a lifebuoy dinosaur is remembered by many OL crushes. With the computer and the Internet, there is a sense of achievement of “strategic planning, winning thousands of miles away”. Sitting in a chair can work and play.

However, people’s laziness is inertia, the more lazy the more they do not want to move. Over time, the lower body circulation and metabolism are poor, there will naturally be more life buoys on the small belly, and the slight forces of the thighs and buttocks will also quietly counterattack.Can’t get in.

How to make coriander appetizers

How to make coriander appetizers

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that coriander is fragrant with warmth and spleen inside, reaching the spleen inwardly, reaching out to the extremities, all unhealthy air, and food for Wenzhong Jianwei.

For daily eating, there are effects such as digestion and lowering the qi, awakening the spleen and adjusting the tone, and aphrodisiac to boost the vitality.

  Cold coriander: 150 grams of fresh coriander, 15 grams of ginger, 2 red peppers.

Wash the three and drain. Ginger and red pepper are shredded, then immerse coriander, ginger, and red pepper in warm water for 30 minutes. Drain the water and add the salt. Add sesame oil and mix well.can.
Appetizing and refreshing spleen, and the effect of regulating qi.

  Coriander noodles: 100 grams of fresh coriander, 500 grams of noodles, 1 red pepper.

Wash the cilantro and drain the red peppers and shred them for later use. Boil 1500 ml of chicken or beef broth, add the noodles, and cook until they are cooked. Add the cilantro, red pepper, and salt to taste.

Appetizing and moderate, to increase appetite, suitable for abdominal distension, lack of diet, fatigue and other symptoms.

  Coriander pork liver soup: 100 grams of fresh coriander, 250 grams of fresh pork liver, ginger amount.

Wash the parsley, wash the liver slices, and chop the ginger; heat the essential oil and add 500 ml of water, boil it and add it to the liver, ginger, and liver.

It can nourish the liver and stomach, promote appetite, and is suitable for undesired diet and dizziness caused by spleen and stomach discomfort.

  Soy cilantro soup: 10 grams of soy beans, 30 grams of cilantro.

Soak the soybeans, wash them, add water to cook for 15 minutes, add coriander, and cook for 15 minutes.

Xinwenjie table, spleen and stomach, can prevent and assist the treatment of influenza.

  Coriander rice soup: 10 grams of cilantro, 5 grams of caramel, 50 grams of previous rice.

Wash the coriander, drain, cut into small pieces or chopped, and place in a bowl with brown sugar; rinse the rice, add 2 bowls of water to boil the porridge, filter out the rice soup, and then pour the rice soup into the coriander and brown sugar bowls.Cover and steam over water until the sugar is dissolved.

Scatter wind and cold, and eliminate evil poison.

  It should be noted that coriander is warm, bad breath, body odor and stomach ulcer patients should avoid taking.

  Coriander nutrition value Chinese medicine believes that coriander is warm and fragrant, and the heart is spleen inside, and the limbs are outside.

For daily consumption, it has the effects of digestion and refreshing the qi, replenishing the spleen, and strengthening the aphrodisiac. It can be used to swallow cold constitution, weak stomach constitution, and intestinal stagnation. It can treat cold stomach pain, indigestion, and impervious measles.
  Coriander is rich in minerals and vitamins, and is often consumed in small amounts, which is good for the body.

Xianglaixinwen, contains emu oil, has the effect of detoxifying wind and detoxifying, fragrant and stomach-strengthening. Human lungs and stomachs can detoxify and rash, evacuate wind chills, and promote blood circulation around the body. Therefore, rash drugs are often used.

Infants with rashes can be made into rubbing and rubbing, or frying with water. Smoke the nose while hot, or dip the noodles in the soup or above to speed up the outbreak of acne. If you have rash, stop using it.

  Coriander and digestive orange peel, warm stomach and cold ginger together with rice porridge, add coriander to make coriander porridge, can enhance cold and pain relief, Jianweixiaoshi effect, commonly used to treat cold headache, weak stomachEmphysema.

However, it is not suitable to eat colds caused by wind and cold.

Adding cloves, orange peel, Coptis chinensis and other decoctions can cure weak stomach and indigestion.

  Coriander can also lower blood pressure.

According to reports, 10 g of fresh lotus root and 10 g of decoction of Pueraria root are taken once in the morning and evening each time, taking 50 m1 each time, taking 10 days as a course of treatment, which has a curative effect on the treatment of hypertension.

In addition, coriander also has a cosmetic effect. “Compendium of Materia Medica” has a record of “washing sunspots with sautéed soup every day”.

芫荽 can also be seasoned in fish and meat, which has a detoxifying effect.

1 month thin 15 kg OL off work to lose weight


1 month thin 15 kg OL off work to lose weight

After giving birth to a child, I said that I lost weight for a few years, and I lost weight every year.

I have never eaten diet pills, and I have always believed that controlling diet and exercise is the king of weight loss, but there is always an excuse like this: I don’t have time to exercise, I think when I see snacks, it doesn’t matter if I eat it.

The result is getting fatter, and this year I finally made up my mind: to lose weight, the necessary tool for weight loss: weight scale.

銆€銆€It was 137 pounds more than two months ago, and now it is 107 pounds, with an average of 15 pounds in one month!

After losing weight successfully, many people asked me whether it is control diet or exercise weight loss. My feeling is that sports account for 60% and diet accounts for 40%.

銆€銆€Let’s talk about sports first. Some JM always say that they don’t have time to exercise. I think they are too lazy excuses.

You can’t walk 24 hours a day, not even 20 minutes.

Even by walking to and from work to successfully lose weight, and save the car money, save the depression of the car, save the harassment of the bus salt pig hand.

How smart!

It’s true that there is no one who has never come before, and will praise yourself!

銆€銆€My violent route: the whole journey 3-4 kilometers (3000 meters – 4000 meters) two, violent to lose weight to ask: 1, flat shoes.

銆€銆€2, the speed is a little faster, the step is bigger, if it is a walk, it can not consume too much, unfortunately, can not achieve weight loss.

銆€銆€3, when you go away, your subconscious abdomen should be tightened, which is very effective in reducing the excess meat in the abdomen.

銆€銆€4, the best state is to feel the breathing faster, a little breathing, but you can talk to people normally, if you can’t talk properly, it is beyond the limits, not good.

銆€銆€5, after the end of the storm, sit down and massage the thigh and calf, this is very important, so as not to become muscle.

銆€銆€Third, diet notes after the runaway: First, the meat can not eat?

Asked the dietitian, the meat can be eaten, the energy consumption during the runaway is not much worse than the running, the meat can replenish energy, but be careful, you can eat lean meat, fish, chicken, etc., can not eat fat.

And meat and staple foods must not be eaten together, especially for dinner.

銆€銆€Second, can’t eat snacks at all?

In fact, snacks can be eaten, can not exceed 50 grams, eat today, can not eat tomorrow, must eat the next day, give the body a buffer period, then eat 3 days, then eat 1 week, slowly quit this cute andHateful snacks.

And to stop eating puffed snacks, or fat you!

銆€銆€Third, don’t use some of the tormented N-day hungry diet, N-day only eat fruit to lose weight, too inhuman.

And the hungry figure, the rebound is very scary, the control can not control, and JM has got the stomach.

Ten weight loss exercises in the gym


Ten weight loss exercises in the gym

After waking up in the morning, first close your eyes and raise your mind, then slowly do a 10 minute health care exercise on the bed, which is good for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and enhancing various organ functions.


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銆€銆€Turn your eyes for one minute. The eyeball can be operated clockwise and counterclockwise. It can exercise your eye muscles and refresh your eyes.

銆€銆€Thumbs and noses gently rub the teeth and roll tongues for a minute, resetting the roots and gums to promote blood circulation and healthy teeth.

The tongue can move the tongue freely and increase its sensitivity.

銆€銆€Stretching and flexing the limbs for one minute and stretching and flexing, so that the blood can quickly return to the whole body, and supply enough oxygen and blood to the heart and brain system to prevent acute and chronic heart, cerebrovascular diseases, and strengthen the muscles of the joints of the limbs.

銆€銆€Lightly rub the navel for a minute with both palms alternately lightly rubbed the navel for a minute with both palms alternately lightly rubbed the navel for a minute with both palms alternately lightly rubbed the navel for a minute with both palms alternately lightly rubbed the navel for one minute with both palms alternately light navel one minuteAlternate with both palms

Light rubbing also has the effect of refreshing the qi.

銆€銆€Abdominal retraction of the anus for one minute, so that the anus can be lifted, can enhance the contraction of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

銆€銆€I felt my feet on my back for a minute and alternately stepped on my feet to make my feet feel warm.

After rubbing your feet, you can accelerate your body’s blood circulation, and you can use live meridians, spleen and stomach, and peace of mind.

銆€銆€Turn left and right for a minute and gently roll over on the bed, moving the spine joints and waist muscles.