5 Tips To Easily Settle Your Picky Baby

5 Tips To Easily Settle Your Picky Baby

1. Most parents who manage refrigerator cabinets know that food and nutrition affect health, but refusing to buy unhealthy food may require better self-control.

Don’t let your child be full of fried foods, pickled foods, processed foods, sweets, sugary drinks, etc., because these foods contain a lot of aunts, salt, sugar and additives, which will not only affect growth and development, but also become a child’s health killer.

Think about it, how can children refuse to be tempted when refrigerators and food cabinets are full of sweets, biscuits, soft drinks, and instant foods?

  Try to change the environment and place fresh and natural healthy foods, such as low-fat fresh milk, low-sugar yogurt, low-fat bread, sweet potatoes, multi-grain biscuits, whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, so that children naturally come into contact with fresh and natural ingredients, therebyBecome a habit that can overtake unhealthy food over time.

  2. Add creativity to food to prepare healthy food and bring creativity!

If the parents feel that the healthy diet is monotonous, boring and unpalatable, then the child may also have the same reaction. How can the child receive a healthy diet?

Parents can try to change the type, shape, color, cooking method, and even the choice of tableware, which may have unexpected results.

In addition, children like to decide things on their own. Involving children in food preparation and design can also improve food acceptance.

  3, adjust the atmosphere to arrange for some children to run around during breaks or play toys while watching TV, in this case, not only destroy the atmosphere created, and the child does not know what they ate, norKnow how much to eat.

This can easily lead to children not recognizing the need for meals and switching to snacks.

  After arranging the appropriate replacement time and fixed replacement space, parents should insist on but not destroy the atmosphere, ask the child to abide by the rules of substitution, let him understand the essence of substitution, and concentrate on eating.

  Correcting with your family is a good learning situation, but you must avoid criticizing food or picky eaters in front of your children, killing them to learn good alternative etiquette and imitating eating behaviors.

In the process of changing your child’s behavior, remember not to use snacks as a reward or exchange condition, such as giving a candy after eating, so as not to lose power and damage the healthy food environment that has been hard to build.

  4. Parents put down their preferences. The diet of young children has always been a big problem for many parents when they raised their children. If you can put down the pressure and face it with ease and correct attitude, you can avoid falling into a tense situation of parent-child relationship.

  In terms of food selection and cooking arrangements, please give up your preference for food first, and try to arrange 6 kinds of fresh and natural foods (milk, grain rhizomes, meat fish beans and eggs, vegetables, etc.) in your child’s environment.Fruits and fats), make healthy meals for kids to choose from.

If the food is rejected by the child, don’t be discouraged and angry, follow the child, use other foods of the same category first, and then use some creativity to change the supply model to increase the child’s acceptance of the food.

  It is the parent’s responsibility to create a pleasant and healthy eating environment for the child!

In such an environment, children have been exposed to a variety of healthy foods since childhood, and they have naturally developed a diet that is not partial to food, replacing the basis for future health.

  5, choose the green light food with the “go green light, stop red light, yellow light be careful” concept to remind you to choose healthy food.

  Green light foods contain essential nutrients for the human body, which are good for health and suitable for daily selection, including natural and original foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and rice.

  Yellow light food contains essential nutrients for the human body, but the content of sugar, oil or salt is slightly higher, and it should be replaced as appropriate, such as fried rice, burger, etc.

  Red light food only provides instant food, sugar, fat and salt are too high, and other nutrients are very small, which can only be satisfied occasionally, such as soda, chocolate, donuts, potato chips, etc.

Change skin care in spring and summer

Change skin care in spring and summer

The weather is not cold, but the skin always loves something wrong this season.

The reporter learned from the hospital’s dermatology department that the number of patients in the dermatology clinic increased, especially patients with skin allergies accounted for about 30% of the outpatients. Jiang Yi, director of the dermatology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, believed that the recentMore allergies.

Spring is blooming, and people who love beauty take off their heavy winter clothes.

After trying some clothes at the mall, some people developed allergies of varying degrees.

  As soon as the jeans are worn, the whole body is itchy and the weather is warm. When there are discount activities in the mall, many beauty people begin to put on summer clothes.

However, some people tried to wear panties in the mall, and it did n’t take long for their skin to start to itch. When they caught a piece of red, Miss Sun directly put on the newly bought jeans, and the next day they felt the skin below the waist, especially with theThe skin that touches the wrinkles of the legs of the jeans is the most itchy. Is it a new jeans allergy?

Available in a tightly packed package and looks quite clean.

  Reason: Jiang Yi, director of the dermatology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, believes that the production and replacement of clothing is very cumbersome, such as cotton and linen in raw materials. In the planting process, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used to prevent pests and plant viruses.Various chemical residues will remain in cotton and hemp fibers.

Existing harmful substances such as phosphors and free formaldehyde in new clothes can cause skin irritation, eye discomfort, and cough.

  Suggestion: When you choose clothes, smell and look at the colors.

If the clothes emit a pungent odor, it means that the residual amount of harmful substances such as formaldehyde is relatively high, it is best not to buy.

When choosing colors, it may be best to use light tones, so that the risk of formaldehyde exceeding the standard will be less.

Citizens do n’t immediately put on new clothes when buying new clothes. No matter what kind of clothes they are, there is too much bacteria and harmful substances on them. It is best to open the new clothes in a timely manner to dry for 1-2 days, or soak in water, add clean and wash before wearingSo as not to cause allergic problems.

  Allergic reactions caused by pollen fly flocculation have recently declined. A layer of sycamore tree hairs is always paved on the ground of the main road in Nanjing. Just in the past few days, the tongs of French tongs have floated down and fell down. After some people were disturbed by the hairs, they felt their necks.The neck, face and eyes are uncomfortable. People who are allergic in nature suffer even more when they go out. Master Wu, a citizen, recently had rhinitis, pharyngitis and allergic dermatitis.

  Reason: At the turn of spring and summer, pollen, dust and flying flocculation in the air, Director Jiang Yi believes that these things generally cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, twisting, throat cough, or skin redness, itching, and other symptoms.

Especially at the beginning of the spring and summer alternation, the skin is often in a sensitive state to be excited. If you are not careful, you may have headaches, itching and tightness, and it may also cause erythema, wind masses, pimples, etc.Scratching can lead to rough skin and dandruff.

  Suggestions: Citizens should pay attention to the following aspects in their lives: drinking water regularly, maintaining adequate sleep, paying attention to strengthening nutrition, frequently massaging the skin and skin, maintaining a comfortable mood, and using appropriate cosmetics.

Once skin irritation occurs, first stop all cosmetics, allow the skin a buffer time, wash your face with water, do not use or try to use skin care products, generally, after a few days, the redness will disappear, if the situation does not improve, should be as soon as possibleSeek medical attention and don’t use drugs in disorder, so as to prevent your illness from worsening your life and work.

Let the children enjoy the adult bathing

Let the children enjoy the adult bathing

Recently, Xiaoping was quite distressed: The son of more than 2 years old seems to pay special attention to the body of the adult. If anyone in the family wants to take a bath, the son is worried about watching.

It doesn’t matter if you and your husband, but your son, even his uncle, has to watch the bath.

Xiaoping’s uncle is only in her 20s. Soon after her wedding, the son’s request really made everyone feel awkward.

  At the beginning, Xiaoping didn’t let the children watch, but the children kept on making troubles, so that Xiaoping’s family didn’t know what to do.

  In fact, the age of two and a half is the beginning of the child’s initial awareness of sex.

But this time the child was curious about the human body.

It’s just a simple exploration without purpose. In fact, he just eagerly wanted to know what kind of person is.

If the child’s needs are not met in this period, he will subconsciously cast a shadow in his heart, thinking that the human body is mysterious and shameful, and this consciousness is not good.

Therefore, the most correct way for parents at this time is to move the child to a small bench so that he can easily watch.

In fact, the child’s curiosity does not last long. As long as the curiosity is satisfied, you will ask him to watch him in the future.

Whole grains are the driving force of life


Whole grains are the driving force of life

The medicine is not as good as the food supplement, the day is getting colder, what do we take to defend against the cold?

Recently, Wangcai introduced a wealth of organic grains from the northeast. In addition to the effect of hunger and hunger, it also has the effect of replenishing the kidney and protecting the kidneys, which will make you more healthy this winter.

銆€銆€Whole grains are the driving force behind life.

“Our sages have profoundly recognized the major health care functions of the grain from the long-term life practice.”

The article in “Affordable Dietary Spectrum”: porridge rice is the first tonic in the world.

The poor people suffer from deficiency syndrome, and the rice soup is used to substitute the soup.

The patient is pregnant and the porridge is best.

Li Shizhen also said that rice oil is a poor ginseng soup, baby rice oil, and white for a hundred days.

銆€銆€Cereals are an important source of calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals as well as B vitamins.

In particular, coarse grains and miscellaneous grains have not been refined, and the aleurone layer can be retained, so that vitamins, residual fibers, minerals, etc. are also retained.

Chinese people are very prone to lack of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 can participate in metabolic metabolism as an auxiliary enzyme, promote appetite, enhance digestion, maintain normal operation of the nervous system, and is extremely beneficial to health, and miscellaneous grains can make up for this deficiency.
Precipitated fibers in miscellaneous grains have hypoglycemic properties, enhance disease resistance, detoxification, anti-cancer, lipid-lowering and laxative effects. Therefore, in order to achieve balance compensation and improve health, it is necessary to comply with 鈥渄ifferent foods and cereals鈥?in principle.

銆€銆€These grains and grains have almost the effect of fruit and abundance, and there are quite a lot of medicinal properties. For example, wheat has the function of nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, and the benefits of thick and intestines, and the famous Ganmai jujube soup in Zhang Zhongjing’s “Golden Dragonfly”., that is, using wheat, licorice, jujube, decoction, can treat depression due to emotional depression or excessive thinking, heart and spleen, causing anxiety, sadness and crying embolism is very effective; barley has stomach and stomachThe work, the barley noodles can be supplemented with a thin paste, can help the stomach, restore physical strength, can be used for dysphagia caused by esophageal cancer, etc.; buckwheat, can lower the wide intestine, eliminate appetite, can be used for gastrointestinal productsStagnation, chronic diarrhea, water and fire burns.

In recent years, anti-cancer experts have found that all kinds of whole grains contain some substances that play an auxiliary role in anti-cancer, such as flavonoids in soybeans, which can prevent colon cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer and other proliferation, and are nemesis of malignant tumors.
銆€銆€Eating whole grains can make Yang and protect the kidneys. The most vulnerable part of the winter is the kidney. When the earth is covered with ice and snow, when the whole thing withers, the kidney is most vulnerable.

What we can do is to take care of the disease during the season, and to supplement the yang in some winters to protect the kidney.

This is just a simple “early sleep late” move can be achieved.

In winter, the sun is short, and the body stays warm and warm to raise the body’s yang. Late night means getting up after the rising yang in the natural world. The body can supplement the yang and avoid the yin.

In this way, the yang collected by each organ collects into the kidney, and the kidney is full of fractures to resist the disease.

銆€銆€For normal people, the principle of 鈥渁utumn and nourish yin鈥?should be properly observed in winter, that is, eating nourishing yin, accumulating higher intake is appropriate, such as sputum, fungus, and flax are beneficial foods.

At the same time, the winter diet should not be sticky, cold food, because this kind of food is yin, easy to damage the yang of the spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€In addition, the developing countries are vast, and in terms of the diet in the south and the north, southerners eat more rice and are not accustomed to eating flour and coarse grains, while northerners are just the opposite.

In fact, these two feeding habits are not very reasonable.

Southerners should add some pasta, while northerners should add rice and all kinds of coarse grains.

This is beneficial to reasonable nutrition and enhance physical fitness.

In winter, the human spleen and stomach are weak. You should eat less irritating and undigestible foods, such as glutinous rice cakes and dough, to raise your temper.

銆€銆€The International Health Organization and the International Association of Older Persons have also investigated the eating habits of long-lived elderly people: 50% of long-lived elderly people often eat 鈥済rain grains鈥? and eating more grains is the standard of healthy and longevity!

How to relieve fatigue after the game by massage


How to relieve fatigue after the game by massage

Football is a high-intensity physical exercise. After football, the body function is very lost. Therefore, after the football, there is a lot of physical recovery. There are many ways to recover the body, for example, the supply of nutrition, adequate sleep andmassage.

銆€銆€Massage is a very effective way to recover the body. After the game, the massage can relieve the fatigue of the body, promote the normal circulation of the blood, improve the skin’s respiratory state, strengthen the activity of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, thereby accelerating metabolism and promoting the final decomposition of the substance.The product is excluded from the body.

There may be a lot of people who know about the role of massage, but they don’t know much about the massage technique. Therefore, in the following article, I will focus on the massage techniques and order, and hope to help everyone use reasonableThe massage technique achieves the effect of relieving fatigue.

銆€銆€First of all, there are many ways to massage.

The body can be massaged by pushing, kneading, rubbing and shaking.

Restorative massage should generally be performed within 1-3 hours of training or after the competition is completed, generally 25-35 minutes.

銆€銆€In fact, the massage should be chosen in a dark room. It is best to put some music while the massage is best. It is better to have softer music. This allows the athlete to relax while relaxing and interacting with each other.It is better to improve the axial relaxation of the relaxing massage.

銆€銆€Finally, the order of the massage is also very particular, first press the hips, then the back of the lower limbs, the front of the lower limbs, the arms and the head.

In the process of massage, some intensive and targeted massages can be performed on some parts according to the characteristics of the project and the state of the body.

This will improve the effect.

Holiday seafood Mo greedy, take care of measles


Holiday seafood Mo greedy, take care of measles

It is understood that after the National Day holiday, the number of patients in the dermatology department of the major hospitals has increased significantly.

This is because some people do not pay attention to adjusting their diet during the holidays, and they eat crabs, fish, shrimps, spicy foods, etc., causing skin diseases or causing aggravation.

The doctor introduced the number of patients with acute measles in the patients, many of whom were caused by eating seafood allergies.

The cause of acute measles is difficult to find. Acute measles is a common allergic skin disease. Temporary inflammatory hyperemia and massive fluid exudation of skin and mucous membranes are caused by various factors, causing local edema damage, which occurs rapidly.Regression, itching, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea or other systemic symptoms.

Can be divided into acute urticaria, chronic urticaria, angioedema and papular urticaria.

The most important feature of acute urticaria is that it can be eliminated from time to time and there is no rule to follow.

Experts remind patients to go to the hospital in time even if there are no symptoms during the day, the doctor will judge the condition according to the description.

Patients with severe illness may be accompanied by anaphylactic shock such as palpitation, irritability and even hypotension. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea may occur when the gastrointestinal mucosa is involved.

When you have a throat and a bronchi, you may have difficulty breathing or even suffocation.

Infections can cause symptoms of systemic poisoning such as chills, high fever, and rapid heart rate.

There are many causes of acute measles attacks, the cause is more complicated, about 3 / 4 patients become the cause, but generally serious acute measles episodes may find some reasons, such as touching something, or eating something.

Prevention of acute urticaria should be a key to avoid acute urticaria should pay attention to diet, patients should avoid taboos, fasting spicy, seafood and other food; chronic urticaria is not absolutely related to food, but some people are eating some food, such as seafood, pepperAfter mushrooms, bamboo shoots, wine, mango, and coriander, the condition is aggravated. Therefore, if some foods are found to aggravate acute measles episodes during drug-controlled acute measles episodes, these foods should be avoided.

Therefore, everyone is reminded that although seafood is delicious, it is also a cause of disease. For patients with allergies, be sure to eat carefully to avoid causing disease.

Once an acute attack of diabetes occurs, stop contact with allergic substances immediately. If the condition is serious, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Patients with chronic urticaria should strengthen their own defenses. If they find problems, they can go to the hospital to consult a specialist. Don’t blindly treat them and cause the disease to worsen.



What is the good effect of ginseng on the human body?

According to modern pharmacological research results, ginseng has the following effects on the human body: it can strengthen the excitatory process of the cerebral cortex, improve the analytical ability, improve work efficiency, and at the same time strengthen the inhibition process, improve the complications of the nerve activity process; and improve sleep and mood,Improve the mental and physical functions of people, and have significant anti-fatigue effects.

It can act on the pituitary gland and excite the pituitary-adrenal cortex system, thereby changing the body’s reactivity, improving the body’s resistance to external adverse conditions, enhancing the resistance to disease; enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to temperature changes, including tolerance to high temperatures,The ability to cool down.

It can improve digestion, absorption and metabolism, increase appetite, promote protein synthesis, increase body weight and accelerate growth.

There is a two-way adjustment function, and someone called “adapt to the original”-like effect, which can enhance the non-vertical defense ability of the body.

Such as lowering the blood pressure of patients with hypotension, but reducing it for patients with hypertension; can reduce the high blood sugar caused by diet or adrenal gland, but the hypoglycemia caused by insulin can make it rise.

It can regulate cholesterol metabolism and inhibit the occurrence of hypercholesterolemia.

Have a strong heart and promote hematopoietic function, improve the role of anemia.

It promotes gonadal function and antidiuretic effect.

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