Experts remind me that drug whitening is more assured_1

Experts remind me that drug whitening is more assured

In spring, when you look in the mirror, you will find that your skin tone is obviously dull or even black, and the spots on the nose and cheekbones are particularly dazzling.

Whitening has always been the highlight of skin care.

Among the whitening products launched this year, our skin experts have recommended several cosmeceutical products for everyone. Then friends will ask, what is cosmeceutical product?

  The difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics: What is the same “makeup” name, what is the difference between placing it in a pharmacy and placing it on the counter?

In fact, the biggest difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics is that their formulas always try to be streamlined and contain no pigments, fragrances, preservatives or even surfactants, and the content of active ingredients is higher, targeted and effective.Sale of cosmetics.

It is different from the cosmetics on the counter: 1) Pharmacy cosmetics are under the supervision of the drug regulatory agency and require stricter requirements. After multiple inspections, cosmetics of unknown origin cannot enter the drug store.

  2) As long as the pharmacy is equipped with a pharmacist, the practitioners are also graduated in medicine, and can provide consumers with free and professional medical and cosmetic consulting services.

  3) “Go to the pharmacy to buy skin care products”. Now some consumers may feel more confused, but some people have already begun to try, and even in some more open cities, they have become a fashion for urban women.

This has a lot to do with the promotion of manufacturers. The pharmacy itself is safe and a trustworthy image is also a key factor for consumers to accept it.

  4) Pharmacy cosmetics is a combination of “medicine” and “makeup”. This does not refer to its ingredients, but to its sales channels. Why is it that “medicine” and “makeup” are sold together?

Because many skin diseases can not be solved by external products alone, and some non-serious skin problems do not need or consumers are unwilling to go to the hospital, when buying cosmetics in the pharmacy, you can ask the pharmacist to recommend some drugs for internal use.
  Closer to home, let’s return to the problem of combating melanin. Tang mainly reminds everyone that while ensuring effectiveness, the current dark spot suppression products have given safety and naturalness first.

In order to avoid harm to the skin, the products for upgrading and prevention generally adopt natural ingredients that have no irritation to the skin and no complications. Active ingredients can be extracted from plants, which can be absorbed faster, and also have better metabolism.

5 types of skin problems to help you detox_1

5 types of skin problems to help you detox

Does our skin have many problems? When we don’t pay much attention to our habits in life, it will cause toxin accumulation.

Slowly there will be some kind of constipation, pigmentation and other problems.

When these problems occur, the first thing is to help the body detoxify.

  Constipation: Constipation can make the skin dull and dull. If there is no defecation for more than three to five days a week, the stool will accumulate in the intestinal wall.

Stomach accumulates in the large intestine and forms toxins, which are then absorbed by the body in large quantities.

If these toxins are absorbed by the body, it will reduce the body’s resistance and immunity.

  Excessive Overwork: Various problems that occur when people are overworked, such as general exertion, sluggish movement, and clumsiness, are all caused by lactic acid accumulation, which is caused by continuous work.

  Too many adults: Modern women are busy at work, often replacing processed meals with processed and ready-to-eat foods, and often lack vitamins and minerals in their diet, especially not eating breakfast or eating too much and too late for dinner, and preferenceFrying smoked and grilled foods can cause increased problems for your aunt.

  Acidic constitution: Those who absorb meat for a long time will cause the constitution to become acidic.

Acid constitution is the source of all diseases and one of the main causes of premature aging.

When we consume too much acidic foods, such as meat, fish, dairy products, etc., in the process of digestion, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and other elements will remain in the body, causing the body to become acidic and accelerate aging.

  Excessive cold drinks: Drinking too many cold drinks or eating a lot of cold foods will cause abnormal metabolism in the body, resulting in poor blood and blood in the body.

Drinking cold food often can cause water poisoning, which can cause abnormal urination and obesity.

Ball games to build smart babies

Ball games to build smart babies

If your 10-month-old baby is bored, feeling bad, and crying, give it a try, give him a ping-pong ball, let him throw it out, bounce it in, and let him throw it out;Show him the ball show, he will be attracted to your game, and finally break his tears and laugh.

Many babies like to play ball. Smaller babies can play table tennis, small balls, and older babies can play small basketball and small football.

  Why do babies like to play ball so much?

The ball is an interesting “guy” in the eyes of the baby.

You see, as long as the round ball gently gives it a little external force, it will roll forward, and the direction of rolling changes according to the direction of the force, and it will bounce back when it touches something; you can make the flower ball rotate in place, likeA gyro, the pattern on the ball has many changes and colorful; you can learn to hold the ball. If you make a lot of effort, it will rebound high. With more effort, the ball will jump higher than the baby; in frontSet a few empty plastic drink bottles, let the baby point the direction, push the ball hard, and see how many are knocked down, who can hit it, haha, you can also play bowling at home . there are many ball gamesIt is the change that fascinates the baby. The baby can participate in this game. He can use his own power to influence the ball and have an effect, and the ball will react in a variety of ways.

After playing well, the baby will know how to do it and what kind of reaction the ball will produce, such as: how hard you want the ball to bounce back, how hard you want the ball to jump high, and if you want the ball to turnHow to work hard, how to aim to hit the target in front, etc. In the process, the baby’s operation and abilities of hand and eye coordination are also trained, and the baby is also required to use his brain. These games are really fun and very interesting for the baby.Useful.

  Among all kinds of balls, table tennis is the best toy for babies up to 1 year old.

Ping-pong ball is small in size and light in weight, suitable for baby’s small hand grip. When the table tennis touches the ground or hard objects, it will make a crisp and regular sound. The sound of “table tennis” will make the baby very happy, he will repeat it again and again.Throw the ball on the ground, deliberately create this sound effect, and enjoy it.

And even if the baby throws the ball randomly, it will not smash things, the sound will not be too loud, it will not affect the neighbors, and it is safer.

You can also exercise your baby’s arm strength.

  After the baby can walk, it may be a little bigger ball to let the baby kick and play. After the ball rolls far, let the baby walk over to pick it up, which can increase the baby’s interest in walking. The squat movement can also train the baby’s leg.power.

Prostate hyperplasia diet guide


Prostate hyperplasia diet guide

How to eat a prostate hyperplasia diet?

What are the precautions for prostate hyperplasia?

Male experts pointed out that: benign prostatic hyperplasia is a disease that is easy for middle-aged and elderly men. Male friends can pay more attention to the following contents and eat more food therapy methods of prostate hyperplasia introduced below, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Prostate hyperplasia diet guide one, prostate hyperplasia diet notes 1, try to avoid alcohol and tobacco, eat less spicy and fatty food, drink less coffee, eat less acidic food such as citrus.

2, eat more honey to keep the stool smooth.

3, seed food is very good for patients, such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and so on.

Eat daily, the amount is not limited.

4, you can usually cook mung bean porridge, eat it freely after cooling, it is hot to the bladder, especially for urinary pain.

5, do not reduce the amount of drinking water due to frequent urination, but can not endure the urine.

Drinking more water can reduce urine, prevent prostate urinary infections and form bladder stones.

Drinking water should be cold boiled water, remember to drink less tea.

Second, the prostatic hyperplasia of benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common complication of elderly men. For benign prostatic hyperplasia, the cream is thick, spicy and sweet, often causing dampness and endogenous, inhibiting blood and blood.

Therefore, the elderly suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia should pay attention to light diet, eat more green vegetables, quit smoking and less alcohol, eat spicy food, and keep the stool smooth.

1, Shenqi winter melon soup: Codonopsis 15 grams, 20 grams of Astragalus, 50 grams of melon, MSG, sesame oil, salt amount.

Add Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus membranaceus in a casserole and add water for 15 minutes to remove the juice from the slag. Add the melon to the cooked meat by hot, then add the seasoning and serve. Serve with the spleen and qi, and promote the diuretic effect.

2, diuretic cucumber soup: 1 cucumber, 10 grams of buckwheat, MSG, salt, sesame oil amount.

First fry the buckwheat, remove the juice from the slag, add boiled cucumber slices, add seasoning, and serve until warm.

Benefits of waterways.

3, pumpkin seeds: make snacks, usually eat more.

4, Yin Pu drink: 30 grams of dandelion, 60 grams of honeysuckle.

Add 500 ml of water, decoction and juice 400 ml, on behalf of the tea.

This applies to patients with acute prostatitis and prostatic disease.

5, peach kernel porridge: 50 grams of walnuts, 80 grams of previous rice.

Previous rice porridge, walnuts peeled into the porridge, simmer cooked boiled, see porridge noodles with oil, add brown sugar to taste.

Warming yang, moistening and relieving itching.

Can be eaten sooner or later.

There is some type of female obesity –


Is there a certain type of female obesity?

Normal women’s subcutaneous aunts are more abundant than men, especially breasts, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. These plump aunts constitute a feminine beauty.

The development of female subcutaneous aunts is prone to excessive disease, which is related to genetic characteristics.

銆€銆€There are several different methods for classifying obesity types. Generally, women can be divided into the following types: bundle-type obesity 鈥?slight accumulation areas are mainly distributed at the top, lower jaw bone, buttocks, cheekbones and thighs, similar to the excess.The shape of the person who breeds the incompetent syndrome.

銆€銆€Large-scale obesity–a few are mainly distributed in the trochanter region of the femur and breast, abdomen, pubic sputum, etc. Most of the obesity after menopause belongs to this type.

銆€銆€Lower extremity obesity 鈥?The primary storage area ranges from the buttocks to the recombination, sometimes replacing the legs and replacements, such as progressive mild dystrophy, which forms the lower body extremely obese and the upper body extremely thin.

銆€銆€Upper extremity obesity – microscopic mainly distributed in the back, arms, breasts, neck, face and other areas, adrenal hyperplasia, tumor and pituitary basophiloma (Coke’s disease) caused by obesity belongs to this type.

銆€銆€Front-end obesity 鈥?Adults mainly accumulate in the tibia, forming a particularly large tibia, a characteristic of certain ethnic groups and a genetic disease.

Some merged breasts are slightly stacked, forming a huge breast excess.

Difficult to be confused to make you healthy and longevity!

“Difficult to be confused” to make you healthy and longevity!

Everyone will grow old, this is the natural law that cannot be controlled.
When faced with the threshold of retiring and retirement, the elderly who are well-adjusted psychologically, life is still interesting, and vice versa, it will produce loneliness and inferiority.
銆€銆€Long-lasting loneliness, especially for the elderly, has even metamorphosis, often called “old children.”
Therefore, the elderly friends who have retired should learn to follow suit and learn to be content with the music, so that they can enjoy a happy and happy life in their mental health.
銆€銆€Older people are more psychologically weak, memory and perception decline, reducing the judgment, control and responsiveness of the elderly, and reducing their ability to adapt to society.
These can make the elderly become eccentric in their personality, such as jealousy, self-willedness, stubbornness, jealousy, grievances and reluctance to accept new things, forming so-called depression, impulsive or suspicion.
Physiological aging also weakens the nerves and muscles of the elderly, making the movements clumsy and uncoordinated, prone to fatigue and prone to accidents.
Frail elderly people are more prone to anxiety, sadness and disappointment.
Older patients with refractory diseases may also have self-pity, suicide and other desperation.
銆€銆€The so-called accompaniment means that you can adapt yourself to the surrounding living environment. No matter how much change it takes, you can follow the customs as you go, and you will be round.
As the saying goes, “Only the blessings that can’t be enjoyed, the sins that can’t stand it” are just the same.
The elderly who can meet the needs of others can meet their high standards, good conditions, and good treatment. They can do it without eyesight; if they meet the flying squatter, they can enter and retreat, and they will fight to protect themselves; they will be jealous when they are happy, and they will be cheaper.People who are tolerant and modest; can not be infuriated when they encounter things they cannot understand: they are always satisfied with the status quo of themselves and their own lives.
The elderly who will meet with the situation will have a broad vision and a broad mind, and will see all the changes in the world as normal and calm.
Such an elderly person is inevitably balanced, usually laughing and opening, naturally healthy and longevity.
銆€銆€Zheng Banqiao has a four-character quote: “It’s hard to get confused.
“If you are old, you can’t help yourself. Sometimes you may be confused, close one eye, or close your eyes.”
As the title of the article says, learn to be comfortable with the situation, learn to be content with the music, in order to seek health and longevity.