Dredge the stress source of middle-aged men

Dredge the “stress source” of middle-aged men

In the psychological clinic, the top source of stress for men aged 30-50 is work and interpersonal pressure, followed by economic pressure, marriage and family pressure.
In addition to these three mountains, one’s health and physical decline, the health of the elderly, and the pressure of children to study are all sources of stress for middle-aged men.
  There are also some middle-aged men who have been under pressure for a long time. Although no obvious source of stress can be found, some sudden life events can also be the trigger of mental illness.
Therefore, in this case, special attention should be paid to its emotional fluctuations and various physiological indicators.
  Form of “stress source” Workaholics The normal working time of an average person is 8-10 hours, which is the human health load.
If you work for more than 12 hours, it will cause stress to the human body.
  Extreme Loss The emotional response derived from feelings of loss can lead to pessimism, disappointment, lack of confidence, and even cynicism.
Career pressure is most harmful to white-collar men.
If you can’t withstand this pressure, you will often feel a sense of loss, which is often referred to as “gray psychology”.
  Difficult to bear high pressure white-collar men’s personality and the characteristics of the time marriage, breeding competition.
Being in an atmosphere of fierce competition for a long time will make them extremely nervous, distressed and disappointed, and cause their emotions to fall.
  Family crisis The working environment, social environment, and the value choices and emotional relationships among family members may hide and trigger family crises.
Even when there is no reason for conflict, stress can come to you through your family.
This makes many middle-aged men depressed and upset, and sometimes anxious and upset.
  Strike against disease Disease is the easiest to depress people’s minds, and some will lose their confidence in life.
The stress of illness comes from losing health concerns and losing confidence in recovery.
  贪欲过高   如果对金钱、财富之类心存过高欲望,那就是贪心,使脑神经长期紧张,正常的心脑运动节律加快,产生一种与正常生理机能不协调的节拍,就会伤Brain, sadness, hurt body.
  自我疏导”压力源”   工作张持有度   如果你被紧张的工作压得喘不过气来,最好立即把工作暂放,或者放慢一下,短时间的轻松休息后,可能你会做得更it is good.
  Reasonably arrange work and rest time Strictly implement the work and rest system established by yourself, so that life, study, and work can be carried out regularly.
  Pay attention to fostering a good mentality Strengthen psychological cultivation and develop the habit of psychoanalysis.
Consider making friends with a psychiatrist in order to get their help often.
  Get enough sleep Don’t offend the laws of nature, otherwise you will be avenged by the laws of nature.

How seven types of food make children smart

How seven types of food make children smart

Want to make your baby smarter?

Then you must not miss the following 7 foods that make your baby eat more and more clever: First, foods that can stimulate creativity: Ginger contains gingerol and volatile oils, which can replace blood in the human body and flow more smoothly.Providing more nutrients and oxygen to the brain helps stimulate one’s imagination and creativity.

  Second, foods that can enhance memory: Soy beans are rich in lecithin, can release acetylcholine in the human body, it is the axial direction of transmitting information between brain nerve cells, and it can greatly increase memory.

  Eating carrots synergistically strengthens the brain’s metabolism.

Pineapple contains a lot of vitamin C and trace elements, and it has little conversion, which helps improve memory.

  Third, foods that can increase sensitivity: Walnuts contain enough high-quality proteins and fatty acids, which are good for brain cell growth.

Chestnuts are rich in lecithin, protein, and zinc, which help improve thinking sensitivity.

  Fourth, foods that can concentrate intensity: Onions can replace blood and improve the blood supply to the brain, thereby eliminating psychological fatigue and excessive tension.

Eating half an onion every day can get good results.

  Fifth, foods that can improve the analysis ability: Peanuts contain amino acids necessary for the human body, which can prevent premature aging and improve intelligence, promote the metabolism of brain cells, protect blood vessels, and prevent brain function decline.

  6. Foods that can promote sleep: Xiaomi has a significant hypnotic effect. If you eat millet porridge in the right amount half an hour before bedtime, it can help you fall asleep.

  7. Foods that can improve efficiency: Sugar can be smoothly absorbed into brain tissue through various barriers of the brain and absorbed, which can improve people’s learning and work efficiency.

Bitter Gourd Soybean Chicken Pot Heat Relieves Heat

Bitter Gourd Soybean Chicken Pot Heat Relieves Heat

Cantonese people use bitter gourd as a soup in summer. Because of its bitterness, it is refreshing and not greasy. After eating, it feels cool and comfortable.

At the same time, it is bitter, but it does not pass on the bitterness to other materials that are added to the soup or sauce, and absorbs its odor, making the soup particularly refreshing and delicious.

Today’s soup is good for chicken feet with bitter gourd and soy beans. It also has the effect of clearing heat, cooling off heat and moisturizing, suitable for all ages.

  Materials: 500 grams of bitter gourd, 100 grams of soy beans, 3 pairs of chicken feet, 150 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking system: Wash everything.

Bitter gourd diced, soy beans soaked, chicken feet removed, cracked, pork lean cut into pieces.

Put the clay pot together and add 2500 ml of water (about 10 bowls). After boiling the fire, change to a clay pot for about 2 hours, then add salt.
For 4 people.

Fresh breathing method to lift belly and hips

Fresh breathing method to lift belly and hips

When doing fresh breathing method, you should try to contract the lower abdomen as much as possible, inhale fully and naturally, pay attention not to swell slightly when exhaling, the breathing rhythm should be harmonious and moderate, not too fast or too slow.

When you first start, don’t increase the breathing volume immediately, because the chest contour has not been fully expanded, the air will habitually absorb the lower abdomen, so the breathing volume should be increased appropriately.

  One of the yoga moves[inhale]Keep your legs straight and your ankles kept at a right angle.

Place your feet in the air too.

Hold your posture and inhale.[Exhale]Keep your body aligned and straightened. Hold your toes with both hands. While exhaling, stretch your upper body forward. Yoga action[Inhale]Sit with your legs open and slightly straighten your feet.

Straighten the coaxial while sticking to the ground, and inhale[exhale]to exhale. Imagine that the abdomen is against the ground and tilt your upper body forward until it bends and bends.

Repeat 3?
Three of the 4 yoga moves[Inhale]Bend your knees downwards and lie down with your face facing upwards. Inhale after putting your ankles against your buttocks.[Exhale]Imagine your pelvis opens to the left and right while exhaling.

That is, imagine that the lumbar bone is pulled upwards.[Inhale]After exhaling, imagine holding both heels with both hands and lifting upwards, slowly lift the heel, and then inhale[exhaling]with both hands on the soles of the feet, imagine the upper body.Pulled towards the head, exhale yoga movements five[inhale]legs open, knees bent, feet centered on the small toes, the hands are placed on both thighs, inhale[exhale]exhaleAt the same time, press down with your hand on the inside of the thigh, so that the outside of the thigh is on the ground

Summer health knowledge: sweating health treatment, correct perspiration is the key


Summer health knowledge: sweating health treatment, correct perspiration is the key

Guided by the theory of Chinese medicine, summer provides the best “dehumidification” opportunities for the human body.

After the fall of the cold, the winter cold, the spring wet, the body yang has been suppressed for more than half a year, accumulating a lot of cold, moisture.

Therefore, in the summer, through proper exercise, the temperature of the body surface rises, the sweat is properly applied, and the microcirculation of the distal end is opened to help the body to discharge these cold and wet.

Traditional Chinese medicine is more likely to be sweating than Western medicine. The physiological function of sweating is only used to “regulate body temperature”, because after sweating, the skin temperature can be reduced by about 4 degrees Celsius.

In comparison, Chinese medicine is sweating more than expected, and it determines whether the body is healthy or not based on the time and condition of sweating.

Since ancient times, China has said that it is “sweating and curing diseases”, such as drinking porridge, sweating, sweating, hot feet, sweating, etc.

Even advocated: free consultation: 15874853881 鈻?sweating can pass through the active, dredge blood.

“Khan is the heart of the heart”, experienced Chinese medicine practitioners can sweat the state of the human body, observe the rise and fall of the heart, because excessive sweating, electrolyte imbalance in the body, if the sodium ion is insufficient, it will cramp, heart weakness,The fact that you may even faint when you are serious.

鈻?Sweating can clean pores, excrete lead, cockroaches and other carcinogens and other toxic substances and waste.

Western scientists have also recently discovered that immunoglobulin A is present in every sweat gland, which prevents external bacteria and viruses from entering the body from sweat glands.

Steaming and sweating, but not dripping Chinese medicine believes that the normal sweating is “steamed and sweaty, not sweating.”

That is to say: you can see sweat beads, but sweat can’t flow like rain.

Unusual sweating: Never too much or too little sweat is not good in winter, summer, total inactivity or slight activity.

Too much sweat 01 spontaneous sweat: unconsciously sweating during the day 鈼?Reason: “The actual gas is too strong” or “yang is too weak”, “the weak spirit.”

鈼廡reatment: “It is too strong”, it should be light, or eat watermelon, pear and other foods.

“Yang Qixu”, you should use qi medicine, such as ginseng, powder ginseng . and so on.

02 Night sweats: When you fall asleep at night, you will sweat. If you wake up, you will not sweat. 鈼廋ause: The body is not enough.

鈼?Treatment: Take “Danggui Liuhuang Tang”, or take some medicine to nourish Yin and reduce fire, such as Zhimu, Huangbai, Huanglian and so on.

Menopausal women can eat yam, wild radix, shrimp and oysters.

People who are nervous and stressed can use medicinal herbs such as chrysanthemum, peony, and Zhimu.

Too little or no sweat 鈼?Reason: 1.

Outside cold – caused by cold weather or the environment.


Inner cold – people are yang and unable to sweat.

鈼廡reatment: Moderately eat some “spicy medicine”, let the body’s “yang” declare.

In the summer, more natural sweating in winter to avoid excessive sweating, and the theory of TCM health care also pays attention to “sweating to follow the four seasons (season) to make adjustments”: spring and summer Yangyang, you can exercise sweat.

Yin and Yang in autumn and winter, should not be excessive exercise, sweat should flow less.

From the point of view of “normal sweating” and health, the recommended time for summer is 5 in the morning.
At 7 o’clock, when the sun just came out, and 3 in the afternoon?
7:00 yang is best when it starts to weaken.

After exercising sweating, one should adjust the breathing, inhale to the soles of the feet, spit out to the top of the head, and the speed is slow, it is best to breathe 6 times per minute, or even a breathing cycle for half a minute;Drink too much water right away.

People who do not sweat and are obese and form a vicious circle with a fat body are more likely to sweat because they are more likely to exercise in summer. They only want to stay in an air-conditioned room.

Chinese medicine practitioners advised the fat man to move more, so as not to form a vicious circle, the body will not only become more and more unhealthy, but the body will become more and more fat.

Most of the fat people belong to the physique of “yang deficiency”, and it is easy to accumulate “wet” into “鐥?.

Since the human body sweats, it must rely on the agitation of the yang, and the yang of the yang is already insufficient. Therefore, once sweating, it is easy to stop, and there is too much sweat.

As a result, a lot of sweating will bring an uncomfortable feeling, and shortening will consume too little yang (energy).

However, although fat people are exercising, they will pant because of yang deficiency, but exercise can really promote the circulation of yang, which is good for the health of the body.

Therefore, if a fat person wants to lose weight healthily, one must rely on exercise to persevere, and the other is to adjust the body through the method of “invigorating the air.”
It is predicted by sweating that Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the time, location, smell and color of a person’s sweating can trim the abnormalities of the body.

1, sweating time: abnormal sweating during the day belongs to “yang deficiency and self-sweat”; abnormal sweating at night belongs to “yin deficiency and night sweats.”
2, sweating parts: “head sweat” too much may be the spleen and stomach have damp heat, or “overage” after overeating; the elderly and women who are weak after childbirth, mostly because of qi deficiency.

鈻?”Hand sweating” is mostly yin deficiency, or it may be stomach heat or fever.

鈻?”Heart nest, sweating in the chest” is mostly due to the “spleen and weakness” caused by excessive thinking.

3, the smell of sweat: sweaty smell and odor is related to heat syndrome or damp heat, generally belongs to “liver fever”.

4, the color of sweat: yellow sweat, red sweat or black sweat respectively represent the signs of unhealthy health.

What about sweating in the summer?

1, Chinese medicine massage antiperspirant method first use the thumb fingertips to force the Hegu point to 3 to 4 minutes, until the feeling of some pain, stop for a while, then press, so repeated 5 to 10 times.

Then use your thumb to bend the abdomen clockwise and squat back.
5 minutes until there is a slight soreness in the acupuncture points.

Hegu points in the hand’s tiger’s mouth three centimeters inward, the complex points in the foot between the offset tip and the posterior edge of the Achilles tendon up to about three horizontal fingers.

Note that the Hegu point should be focused on massage, and the complex should be scorned.

You should massage when you have time. It is better to have more than 20 times a day. If you insist on a week or so, you can have a good antiperspirant effect.

2, the correct use of toner If you sweat a lot, you can dry the sweat, smear the toner to the sweating part, you will feel cool, and will not continue to sweat.

It is best to use it after bathing, the effect is better.

Toners should be neutral, and they are more irritating to the skin. It is more convenient to replace the spray.

3, Ganmai jujube soup Ganmai jujube soup decoction method has been used since ancient Zhang Zhongjing, this formula is suitable for all types of people.

Can go to the pharmacy to buy wheat (the best effect on the surface of the water), licorice (when there is no honey can be used instead), jujube and other raw materials, take 30g of floating wheat, licorice 3?
5g, jujube 10 boiled water to drink, you can remove heat and sweat, peace of mind.

Summer greedy and easy to get sick how to blow air conditioning?

Summer greedy and easy to get sick how to blow air conditioning?

How to heat the air conditioner in summer? The most comfortable temperature in the summer is about 26 掳C. You should turn on the air conditioner 10 minutes after entering the house, and the air conditioner will blow up.

In addition, the window should be taken every 1 hour to protect the respiratory tract.

According to reports, the summer and autumn season, the human body feels the most comfortable temperature is about 26 掳 C, and then lower by 3 掳 C -4 掳 C, the human body will feel a little cold.

In addition, due to the different indoor and outdoor environments, the body’s ability to regulate is unregulated for a long time at a relatively extreme temperature. Over time, it will lead to a decline in immune function and various discomfort symptoms, which are medically known as air-conditioning diseases.

Therefore, it is recommended that under normal circumstances, it is best to adjust the air conditioner to about 26 掳C, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 7 掳C, otherwise it will increase the burden of the body temperature adjustment center.

Some friends have sweated, and when they get home, they turn on the air conditioner and blow it, which is harmful to health.

Because the pores are completely open at this time, it is too late to close, and it is easy to cause the body temperature to drop sharply, causing a sudden rise such as a cold.

Therefore, from the hot roof into the room, the air conditioner should be turned on at least 10 minutes later.

In addition, when the body temperature drops during sleep, if the figure is cool and air-conditioned all night, it is also easy to cause headaches, colds, etc., must turn off the air conditioner before going to bed, or set the timing to close.

When the air conditioner is turned on, the cold air sinks down, so the wind is best blown upwards to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly into the body.

People who are close to the air conditioner are better to sit in the air conditioner, because the cold wind blows your tail from the back, the waist, and the damage caused to the human body by the face wind.

Friends sitting in the office, if the seat can not move, it is best to prepare a small scarf to surround yourself.

If you are sitting in the office for a long time, such as typing, writing, etc., you can wear spare parts and wear convenient clothes. When wearing a skirt, you can use a shawl to protect your legs, especially cut.

Cold from the feet, should stand up from time to time activities to promote peripheral blood circulation.

In addition, the indoor air that is turned on is dried, and the environment is not improved because the air is not circulated, and it is easy to have nasal congestion, dry throat, sneezing, and the like.

Therefore, you should pay attention to frequent ventilation, it is recommended to open the window for about 1 hour, about 15 minutes each time.

Especially for some people with respiratory diseases, the time to open the air conditioner should be as short as possible.