Interpreting a lover’s character from a smile


Interpreting a lover’s character from a smile

From the radian of the corner of the mouth, you can see that when a character is crying or laughing, various expressions appear. This is due to the muscle movement of the jacket.

  Like other muscles, facial muscles become stronger as they are used more often.

The strength of the facial muscles can be polished from the usual corner of the mouth.

The person who usually rises at the corner of his mouth is a person who laughs often, is cheerful and lively, loves to speak and has a straightforward personality. The idea of “being with people” (affinity desire) is strong and social.

Because they are full of smiles, they are regarded as “enthusiastic people” and naturally attract many people.

Good temperament, can interact with people, but also has moody, not enough specific side.

  People with drooping corners often feel depressed.

Negative to everything, not interested in or caring for things around him, rarely showing moods of anger and sorrow.

It is difficult to be understood by others and be friends with them.

  People who mumbled hard at the corners of their mouths showed signs of depression.

Although it is not usually easy to speak, once you start criticizing or overcoming people, it will be like a flood dyke.

  A person with a sharp pointed mouth has a lot of things in his heart to say, and there is no way to not tell others. The content is mostly emotional or dissatisfied.

Even if you speak, it’s just playful words, there is nothing to say, and even important things, and the attitude is not very solemn.

  The corners of the mouth are slack and sag, which is a sign of no tension.

There is no quick response to the positive actions of others.

  Distinguishing happy laughter from false laughter is just “smile”, there are dozens of smiles, bitter smiles, mockery and so on.

“Laughter” was originally intended to relieve tension and tension, but like sneer or merciful laughter, it was “laugh” that appeared on unpleasant occasions.

According to different smiles, subtle psychological situations can be polished.

  ”Wow ha ha ha” who laughed, said that he was cheerful and relaxed.

This is also the case for bold and laughter.

It is just that laughing under unnatural circumstances can make people feel other consequences, such as intentionally showing that they are amazing and making them feel bold.

Some people look bold on the outside, but have a strong sense of inferiority and anxiety in their hearts. They want to hide with a big laugh, which is a twisted personality.

  Pouting laughter makes people feel his superiority.

This kind of laugh sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable.

This kind of person may be easy to despise others, and without any concealment, not subtle the subtlety of the psychological, is a person who is alone.

Even if you make a mistake, you will pretend to be “nothing to do with me.”

  The laughter is usually a docile person.

They are cautious and conservative and will help behind others.

If you laugh so informally, there is something to laugh at.

  Not surprisingly, people often laugh.

This complimentary smirk is an act of impressing others (called a catering action).

A smile with the meaning of “I will obey you” means feeling uneasy or worried, and the thoughts of “Please help me” and “Please care about me”.

In addition, there is the message of “I want to be your friend”.

  Is it a smile from the heart? You only need to pay attention to your eyes and your whole body.

Unnatural or purposeful smiles, usually with a smile on the corners of your mouth, but no eyes.

In addition, there was no excitement.

  Redness or whiteness in the face indicates anxiety. Redness in the bladder is evidence of anxiety.

May be upset because “the lie was broken down”, “shameful to say abominable words”, “struck by the pain” and startled . too many people suddenly have a red tide when speaking in front of others!!When you feel angry or disgusted, or when you are excited about something, your face turns red.

Once you find that your face turns red, or someone points out that your face is red, it usually turns redder.

When the face turns red, most of them will turn red from the ears.

Even if he could not see any change in his face, he could see whether his heart was shaking at the ears.

  People who are prone to reddening tend to shake their minds and are therefore likely to cringe.

If you create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, the advantages of being good at listening to others will be more obvious.

Maybe his temper is a little bit urgent.

People who find that their blushes will not hide, are lively and emotionally ups and downs, which is a relatively clear personality.

  Those who turned pale showed strong fear and anxiety in their hearts.

For example, when the situation that affects the lives of oneself and others or whether to stay or not is so serious, not only will the face turn red, it will turn pale.

If you feel uneasy, your face will turn pale.

If your face becomes white because you are angry, it is a symbol of anger. If you do n’t want a method, the consequences will be serious.