[Dry-cooked Steak]_How to make_How to make

[Dry-cooked Steak]_How to make_How to make

Many people are not particularly familiar with dry-cooked steaks. This method originated in the United States, and he can try his best to maintain the taste and quality of beef.

When making dry-cooked steak, you need to process it. You need to air-dry the steak for 7 to 24 days. During the air-drying process, the color of the beef will gradually deepen, and its connective tissue will gradually soften.More important.

Preparing to store steaks for at least 7?
It is air-dried for 24 days. This process darkens the color of the beef and softens the knot tissue of the beef. At the same time, the meat tastes more mellow due to the evaporation of part of the water.

The constant temperature chamber is designed with a slanted surface. When air-drying, the oily part is placed on the top. After the fat melts, it flows along the slanted surface into the beef, ensuring that all valuable gravy is sealed in the beef.

The beef selected when making steaks is grain-fed beef for about 120-140 days. Only the naked eye, sirloin, and filet are selected. These parts are usually less than one tenth of a cow.

And after passing through the dry-cooking box, a part of the beef is discarded to ensure the quality.

Dry-cooked beef is generally available in restaurants and is limited daily. Reservations are required in advance.

I wish you all enjoy this delicious.

Wet maturation vs.

The term dry-cooked steak, which is often heard recently, is actually a term resulting from different ways of processing beef.

Beef aging may make the flavor more perfect. Usually it takes a period of standing fermentation and patience. This process is called aging. The concept of beef aging can be compared to red wine, cheese, and beef., To make its flavor more perfect, generally includes two types, namely wet and dry ripening.

Dry Aged: Origin of technology: In the early years, after residents of the United States and Canada caught dogs and went to bison, they could n’t finish eating the meat in the natural environment and air-dried. The local dry and cold climate is suitable for preservationAfter one more meal, the beef taste was better, and the dry-cooking technology was passed down.

Dry cooking requires energy and cost.

After cutting the beef, leave it unpacked and leave it at 0 ° C and 50 ° C.
85% of the constant temperature, constant humidity and air flow in the maturation room, using the enzymes of the beef itself and the external microorganisms to mature 20?
45 days; in a refrigerated maturation room with an ultraviolet sterilizer, rely on professionals to monitor the maturation status. When the maturity reaches the market, the overall weight will be reduced by about 30%, and only about 70% will be left for cooking.