Fried shrimp with cashew nut and kidney and spleen


Fried shrimp with cashew nut and kidney and spleen

As the saying goes, with its shape and shape, cashews have won the favor of many people because of their kidney-like appearance.

Chinese medicine believes that cashew nuts can nourish the lungs, reduce phlegm, and nourish the kidney and strengthen the spleen. Of course, the nutritive value of cashews is not only a kidney tonic. The rich protein and high-quality unsaturated fats in it bring great nutritional value.Introduce a dish made with cashew nuts — fried shrimp with cashew nuts.

Ingredients for cashew fried shrimp: 150 grams of shrimp, 100 grams of cashew, lily, celery, 1 egg white, a small amount of ginger and garlic, salt, cooking wine, water starch, broth, cooking oilAfter cleaning, add egg white and a small amount of salt. Scratch and marinate for a while. Peel the lilies and wash them. After washing the celery, unload the knife and cut into sections. Slice the ginger and garlic for later use.Lily simmer for 1 minute, remove and add cold water to soak; 3, pour oil in the pan and heat, add cashew nuts to fry until golden brown, remove, and put the shrimp gently to disperse, until the shrimp is fully cooked4. Put out the excess oil in the pot, leave a small amount of base oil, add garlic and ginger slices to sauté after heating, add celery, lily, stir fry, add shrimp, cooking wine, salt,Boil the broth and pour in water starch. 5. Sprinkle cashew nuts and stir well before serving.

1. Cashew nuts are high-quality fatty acids and vitamins that can restore vitality. Cashew nuts, also known as sassafras tree, chicken cashew nut, and siesta nut, are kidney-shaped nuts with rich nutritional value. They can be eaten as snacks and can also be prepared.It becomes a delicious dish and can also be used for medicinal purposes. It is one of the four famous dried fruits in the world.

Chinese medicine believes that cashews are sweet, flat and non-toxic.

Can cure cough, upset, thirst.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” cloud: cashew nuts treat thirst, moisturize the lungs, remove annoyance, and remove phlegm.

Cashew nuts are precious dried fruits and advanced additives. They contain 21% protein, 40% oil content, and high vitamin content.

Cashew nuts contain mostly unsaturated fatty acids, and unsaturated adults are mainly composed of monounsaturated fatty acids, of which oleic acid accounts for 67% of total fatty acids.

4%, linoleic acid accounted for 19.

8%, monounsaturated fatty acids can reduce the content of cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipoproteins in the blood, increase the content of high density lipoproteins, have no polyunsaturated fatty acids causing cancer, and promote potential adverse reactions such as lipid peroxidation.Very toxic to the heart and brain blood vessels.

In addition, the content of vitamin B1 is second only to sesame and peanut, which has the effect of replenishing energy and eliminating fatigue, and is suitable for people who are tired easily.

Second, cashews are mostly used for cooking and can also be used for soups. Cashews are sweet, crisp and delicious. The most common way is to eat snacks like peanuts. The most common way to eat cashews is to cook them in boiling oil.Dish.

For cooking, there are cashew chicken, cashew shrimp, cold cashew celery yuba, cashew fried scallops and so on.

It doesn’t seem to be common to use cashews for soup, but cashews are also a good soup material for too many vegetarians. They are commonly used like peanuts and chestnuts.

Such as vegetable cashew nut soup, pumpkin cashew nut soup, burdock cashew nut soup, lotus root cashew nut soup, gastrodia cashew nut mushroom soup and so on.

However, cashews are mainly accidental energy sources, so it is best not to eat more than 30 grams of cashews daily to avoid excessive energy intake.